New Domme Guidance Needed

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carla young386
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New Domme Guidance Needed

Post by carla young386 »

We are fairly new, I have been caged for 9 months and the wife has "slowly" gotten onboard. She is new (4 months in) and reluctant to Dominate, punish and spank or discipline. This question is more directed at the Femdom's (ladies) on the Forum. Is there a book or website that helped you to become the Domme you are now. Was or is there any mentoring to be had? How can I best help her comfortably assume her role?
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Re: New Domme Guidance Needed

Post by mrrigid »

Husband here, not a domme, but my wife and I both liked "The Hesitant Mistress"

It's short and funny and very vanilla-female-friendly, but it doesn't shy away from the "Does he really want that? -- Yes!" -- type questions.
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Re: New Domme Guidance Needed

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Although there is a lot of information out there and no doubt others will make recommendations, for me the biggest eye opener has specifically been the "Hot things your keyholder has said" thread in this forum. I have found no better window into the chastity-minded male psyche anywhere else, and really helped me appreciate the situation, the potential expectations and desires, and in all honesty it's just an entertaining read.

If I could meet myself in the past (even before my man apporached me originally), I would point myself at that as a mind-expanding read!

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