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@ lee_floridaboy « Fri 12:15 pm »
FYI to any and all...I am an old farm boy and have found that using a product called "Vermont’s Original Bag Balm Ointment ’ works very well to keep the metal cage from chaffing
@ lee_floridaboy « Fri 12:05 pm »
and more time can be added at any time to the K-Safe if I am bad
@ lee_floridaboy « Fri 12:04 pm »
am not in the cage all the time. We use a K-Safe timed release up to 10 day settings available and no way to get key out until time is up is good for me to endure my lock up time and enjoy my freedom
@ lee_floridaboy « Fri 12:00 pm »
I know...but still a hard topic and especally if with all my MRI and ultrasound tests for cancer all negative praise God...was wondering if maybe those night involintary errections is what could be putting stress on the prostate blood test in 2 months will see how it goes before I tell
@ KittensBoyToy « Fri 11:57 am »
@lee_floridaboy, I am under the care of a psychiatrist at the VA for various issues, many of which center around home life. I discussed the chastity situation with her at our last visit in a matter-of-fact manner She wa not only not judgemental but congratulated me/us for taking action to help our marraige. I would feel the same about discussing it with my GP or a urologist. They need all the informaton available to properly treat you. BTW, my PSA levels are slightly elevated but it started long before my entry in to chastity.
@ Lady M « Fri 11:34 am »
Don’t make it out to be some forbidden fetish, instead be very matter of fact about talking to them about it.
@ Lady M « Fri 11:34 am »
@lee we have not had any issues with the prostate at all but I would think, if you have a good urologist, you should tell them. They are your doctor and their job is to serve you.
@ lee_floridaboy « Fri 11:01 am »
sorry for the
@ lee_floridaboy « Fri 11:00 am »
Good Morning! New to this site and I a looking for advice to see if anyone has experienced any prostate high PSA from long term chastity ware for I am not sure if tat is that case with me, but don’t want to tell my Doc that I am in chastity Help?
@ Kitten « Fri 10:36 am »
Mornin’ y’all
@ Tullyboy « Fri 10:25 am »
Good morning!
@ Lady M « Fri 7:53 am »
Morning and happy Friday!!!
@ easy going « Thu 2:15 pm »
seems chatty now .and I got a couple welcome messages...I’m still learning where the buttons are here so please excuse me if I post something weird somewhere
@ Schnoff « Thu 2:14 pm »
There’s a Discord linked that is much more active.
@ Schnoff « Thu 2:13 pm »
I don’t have "approximately", we don’t keep metrics about that. And --- it’s not a hopping chat
@ Schnoff « Thu 2:13 pm »
@easy going - between 0 and 2, anecdotally?
@ easy going « Thu 1:54 pm »
how many folks come here to chat? approximately
@ Schnoff « Thu 1:19 pm »
Where this chat lives can be changed in your user settings. Above or below the forum bits.
@ Schnoff « Thu 1:18 pm »
Heya @Finn :)
@ easy going « Thu 1:16 pm »
I’m referrig to a different chat site
@ Finn « Thu 1:14 pm »
I’ve not seen the chat function before....Interesting.
@ easy going « Thu 1:12 pm »
I prefer one place to chat, I hate when there’s 20people on line and the chat room is blank or all "hellos" because everyone is pming
@ easy going « Thu 1:11 pm »
I just didn’t want to offend if there was different places to go .
@ Kitten « Thu 1:10 pm »
😂 Schnoff. Me either.
@ Kitten « Thu 1:09 pm »
We were unsure of the correct ring size in the beginning so we bought a set of sizing rings from Mature Metal. They worked great.
@ Schnoff « Thu 1:08 pm »
Haha @easygoing about the unshaven bits. It took me a couple years to acclimate to "don’t you dare shave even a single hair". I thought at least grooming some was best. My D-type disagrees. I can say one can change even deeply held preferences :)
@ Schnoff « Thu 1:06 pm »
There is only this one chat area. We can create rooms open only to members, or only to keyholders. That requires some backend work. There hasn’t been demand up until literally "now", so the "admin team" consensus was to leave it be for the moment.
@ easy going « Thu 1:05 pm »
thing I hate...all the pinch points! and it seems there is always one hair out there left unshven!
@ easy going « Thu 1:04 pm »
Ithe thought of shoving my testicles through a small hole frietens me, and usually my penis gets erect while I’m pushing things around, that’s what I like about the cb series, two piece ring
@ easy going « Thu 1:00 pm »
so is this the only chat area or is there a private area, or specialized rooms
@ Schnoff « Thu 12:58 pm »
I’m not sure I entirely follow @Kitten’s measurement idea here, I only know to measure circumference around the base of the penis behind the balls, which doesn’t include the testicles themselves ... and yes, you’d want to be sure you’re measuring the right thing. My response to you assumed you did.
@ Kitten « Thu 12:52 pm »
Hi & welcome C-Curious. Was the 57mm both of your testicles? If that’s the case, you only need to get one through the ring at a time.
@ Schnoff « Thu 12:50 pm »
@c-curious I responded to your threat. Congratulations, you get to go custom from the word "go".
@ Schnoff « Thu 12:49 pm »
@reinest Initial pain is small. Healing is a bit faster at initial 8ga, but, same difference. My experience was that sexual activity still "pinched" at these smaller gauges. That may not be a concern of yours :)
@ C-Curious « Thu 8:25 am »
Hey, I’m new and have been looking for my first chastity. After taking my measurements tho, I’ve discovered that I’m a little larger than I thought. My concern is about the ring behind the scrotum. On my smallest measurement, I took multiple to make sure, I come to a diameter of 57mm. Does anyone know where I may be able to find cages with rings that large?
@ Reinest « Thu 7:50 am »
Had mine done at 10ga, hurt slightly less than I thought it would
@ Schnoff « Thu 7:16 am »
@Reinest I predict you’ll love it. I’m very happy with mine. It became truly comfortable at 2ga. 4ga was okay; 6ga still pinched.
@ Lockedforwife « Wed 8:42 pm »
That’s awesome. I’ve loved having mine. Only complaint is peeing while in a device sometimes. I need one of those pee-through curved barbells. lol
@ Lady M « Wed 8:40 pm »
Wow, commitment :)
@ Reinest « Wed 6:41 pm »
Took the dive and got a PA. definitely nothing fun for me for a few weeks.
@ Lady M « Wed 5:54 pm »
Good boy!
@ fuzzydunlop « Wed 1:11 pm »
At end of August, it will be 6 months since my last MB. Last time O without permission.
@ Lady M « Wed 11:50 am »
We have it... Was waiting on a friend to post but I might just have to post ours and add links in later :)
@ Lady M « Wed 11:49 am »
@ Lady M « Wed 11:49 am »
@CagedbyGoddess E
@ CagedbyGoddess E « Wed 9:48 am »
@Lady M, new podcast?
@ Lockedforwife « Wed 6:30 am »
Sure is. Happy humping!
@ Lady M « Wed 6:24 am »
It’s, yet another, Hump day!!!
@ Lady M « Wed 6:24 am »
@ Lady M « Tue 9:51 pm »
23yrs wow!
@ FlyBoyCFI « Tue 9:28 pm »
First time chat, 23 years practicing chastity
@ Lady M « Tue 10:52 am »
Morning! Hope you’re well
@ Lockedforwife « Tue 6:26 am »
Good morning everyone, and ditto to that Lady M.
@ Lady M « Mon 7:23 am »
Morning all, hope you had a great weekend and have a great start to your week!!
@ Lady M « Sat 2:53 pm »
@lockedforwife it’s not a bad thing. It’s to give our girl better quality of life.
@ Lockedforwife « Sat 9:32 am »
Good morning y’all! Happy Saturday. Bummer about the surgery for whatever is going on Lady M
@ Lady M « Fri 7:07 pm »
@sherulestherooster yay!!
@ Lady M « Fri 7:06 pm »
Looks like a major surgery in the future though.
@ Lady M « Fri 7:05 pm »
Thanks guys, just a follow up from the stay a couple weeks ago
@ sherulestherooster « Fri 10:14 am »
role reversal - she’s left her mark on me! I almost don’t want to shower!

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