Is PA A solution for me?

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Is PA A solution for me?

Post by lockednreal »

Hi there,

I have a question I've been trying to answer for some months now. I've been in chastity a few times now, sometimes just by myself, and sometimes with a keyholder. I've used the CB3000 and similar metal cages. Some come very close to being longterm-able for me. I have a large selection of cages, mostly cheap online versions for fun, one custom made.

However if we take any of the major style of cage that looks like the looker 01/02 (Without the insertable tube) I've tried multiple variations but none can be worn long-term. The problems I experience are this:
  • Pinching and pain in the testes when doing even light doing physical work.
  • Slipping out of the device if the ring is too big (50) but pinching if too small (45)
  • Swelling in the drapey parts behind the testes.
  • Shrinkage of penis / pulling out
So I was considering if a piercing might be a solution to this. My objective is to reduce masturbation and become more submissive. It doesn't have to be impossible to cum (Since that's not realistic anyway) but it should be secure enough to prevent casual removal.

Ideally I'd like something that could pass as kinky jewellery, think ... ucts/ba-30

or similar, with no base ring.

Since pinching around testes and swelling in scrotum is a problem for me I was hoping this would get rid of that problem entirely.

The only reason I'm pondering so much is that this would mean getting a PA piercing and working on getting a fit over a few months.

But when I search for answers I cannot get a clear read on whether this is a good practical and realistic approach.

Are there problems I'm not seeing that might leave me with a PA but still not locked up?

Any perspectives would be welcome.
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Re: Is PA A solution for me?

Post by Whynot »

Yes, these devices work. I can't masturbate in a tube device, and I find it more comfortable than a conventional cock cage. BTW, Steelworxx also makes similar a device, the Tube Jacket, in three different versions: Please note you'll have to wait about 6 months for a custom made device from Steelworx.

Other points you need to consider:
1. If you get a PA, it will take some considerable time until you can use it to secure a tube with it. If you search the forum, you'll find some information on that. Most piercers over here do the initial piercing with 3mm (8ga), you need at least 5mm (4ga) to support any chastity device, so your initial piercing will need to be stretched. To get to 5mm will take some time, so I'd say you'll need to wait about 6 months until the piercing is fully healed.

2. You need to get the measurements just right. The tube must be tight enough for the friction between the tube and the penis to take the weight off the piercing. There are some pretty good posts on this in the forum, especially this one: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=61971&p=111684&hili ... er#p111684

3. I think it's also pretty important to keep the weight of the tube device down as much as possible. I think a simple device (i.e. without the bars over the top of the penis) may well be better or at least be more comfortable than a more complex device. In an ideal world such a device would be made of titanium. Plastics might also be an alternative to metal. However, stainless steel definitely looks a lot nicer than plastics ... :D
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Jon Descer
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Re: Is PA A solution for me?

Post by Jon Descer »

Eh, I have a custom made one of those, or fairly similar; no, it doesn't really work well. First off, you can get fully erect; I know that seems obvious, but it takes away part of the unique sensation of a cage. Second, it's easy to rub yourself through the top of the cage. Third, you can use the cage almost like a sex toy; with the only thing holding it on being the piercing on one side, you can twist and pivot the cage around for easy stimulation--yes, this is possible with any cage device, but it's much easier with this sort of design. So put it all together and you can get normal erections and stimulate yourself easily; it actually IS nothing more than kinky jewelry. Which is fine but I don't think that's what you want. I also found that mine was unexpectedly uncomfortable because it was smushed into the boys--obviously depends on how you are built, but worth considering.

However, I will say that if you get a PA, it still helps with normal cages; you obviously can't pull out and don't have to worry about a super-tight ring to prevent it, or any kind of anti-pullout tabs or anything. If you can't find a good sized ring, you could try a different shape; or, use the bigger ring but get a smaller gap so the twins can't pull through. And if you're willing to commit to a longer process, I've always wondered if testicle stretching would help in cases like yours--if they hung lower, maybe you wouldn't have those problems. Just a thought.
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