3D printed resin chastity cagers make chastity affordable.

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3D printed resin chastity cagers make chastity affordable.

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It was time to get a new chastity cage. Got bored with ther old one. I usually bought the expensive name brands we all know. Then I ventured into the inexpensive metal ones selling for about $75. They were well built but heavy so I gave up on them. Recently I bought a resin one for $40. Figured what have I got to lose.To my surprise it was lightweight and very comfortable. The best part is that you could use the typical cabinet keys (yes they are made for cabinet draws/doors) but something I wish others would do. They put a small hole at the opposite end of the cage. So you can use the key/lock or insert a plastic plug shaped like a key that went through the keyhole and allowed you to put a plastic lock through the plug and it was a solid fit. I understand that some think that chastity is about having the meanest and hardest one to escape from. Preferable with a glued lock that can never be opened again. I get it but for me, chastity is not about my cage. I remained chaste for years before I even saw a chastity cage. Chastity is about the promise that you make to your key holder. If you have no key holder you are in a different fetish called Celibacy which is a much different, but no less valid, fetish. The cornerstone of chastity is the power exchange between the man and key holder. Without that it is not chastity and the experience is different due to the lack of a key holder. There is a lot of sex in Chastity and none in celibacy. Big difference and goals. It may be a better experience. but it is not chastity no more than wife swapping is cuckolding. I know because I did both.

Back to the main topic. There are some very good resin 3D printed chastity cages out there for low prices if you shop around. I bought one for $42 that two other places were selling for $60 and $79. Same name, same quality. With 3D printing all you need is the program to make the cage and that can be given our stolen form others and you can maker the same things they make. What it has done is make good quality and lightweight cages affordable to almost everyone. I know some who are into the cage and pretending they cannot cum while locked, something real chastity players know is not true, may not like lightweight cages. We all have different tastes. However, for those who are locked 24/7 for many months or years, a lightweight cage is comfy and you hardly know it is there. I can jerk off in any of my 14 cages. That sort of defeats the purpose of chastity the same way someone into pain play does not like to be hurt. :)

Even Amazon sells them and I read a few mainstream magazines with articles are chastity and its benefits to spice up you sex life. Now you can get any type you want that will be comfortable to wear for extended times. However, if you lack self control, no cage will prevent you from having an orgasm. Just hold a vibrator up to it someday and see for yourselves. As I said, chastity is all about the power exchange and promise you make not to give yourself an orgasm without permission.

If you have not looked for a new cager lately, I urge you to do so. They are stylish and comfy too. I just ordered what is called a minus cage because the cage part does not stick out. Rather it is within the ring. A lot of guys like to pretend they have a small cock. I really do. Much penis does not actually fit into any cage and when I pee it goes all over my balls and stomach. A small cock never bothered me because I enjoyed oral more and a lot of guys in my day thought oral sex was gay so they never did it. I did and word of mouth brought the girls to my bed. I also did analingus which they all liked. I even made some have an orgasm that their boyfriends could not do. I was more into BDSM anyway where intercourse was not a part of it. One other perk was that girls preferred to blow me than fuck me and let me do anal sex with them since it would not hurt. I was good looking and girls were attracted to me so that was an advantage. I also had only bi lovers who were not into cocks as much as pussies so I had a lot of fun and no one left my bed unsatisfied. Plus I am sterile so no pregnancy worries. I had over 30 women in my bed which is more than there average guy with a big dick. :)

I got off topic. In short getting a stylist and comfy chastity cage is now available. For $40, if you shop around, you can be chaste in comfort and like me buy a few different styles for all occasions. You would do better off buying from someone in the US selling on eBay or else you have to wait weeks to get it mailed to you from China. Even with Amazon has to get it from China.

OK. All these words to say that now there are inexpensive and good chastity cages made by 3D printing to keep the cost down. I work from home and have no one to talk to so I write on forums. :)
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