Three Devices for Sale - Lancelot (Small)

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Three Devices for Sale - Lancelot (Small)

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Lancelot Deluxe (Small) from Madame Dura (2013)

$600 - Like New condition. A beautiful, precise, superbly built device that is truly unique with its fine chainmail tube - sure to be the envy of every Dom and sub.

316L Stainless Steel. Madame Dura described all components of the Lancelot to be 316L except for the brass lock, or course.

Dimensions (metric as specified):
  • 44mm ID x 8mm CS Base-Ring - ordinary (not anatomical) and solid (not hinged) - this is a 5/16” thick ring just a teeny-tiny bit smaller than 1-¾” ID
  • 35mm ID x 6mm CS Cock-Ring - “small” - this is a ¼” thick ring about 1-⅜” inside diameter
  • 55mm Tube Length - about 2-¼” long including the cock-ring - just a little shorter if you “fill the tube”
  • 10mm Top Gap - standard gap - about ⅜”
  • 14mm Widest Gap - about 9/16” - the “diagonal” distance at the bottom between the edges of the rings
  • 75mm H - 3” from end to end hanging in air, and a little shorter when the tube is full and taut
  • 2.5mm ID x 0.55mm CS Closed Ring Mesh Tube - each ring in the mesh is about ⅛” across
  • 124g / 4.4 oz
ID is Internal Diameter; CS is Cross Section; W is Width; H is Height; Oz is ounce; g is gram; “ is inch; mm is millimeter, 1 oz = 28g; 1” = 25.4mm

Features and Extras:
  • Integrated “Tight” Lock with a barrel lock and three keys
  • 1 Additional Lock with 3 keys
  • Optional Solid Anatomical Back-Ring 44mm ID x 8mm CS in addition to the ordinary ring - the anatomical ring pushes the testicles slightly forward at the bottom and widens the gap at the sides
  • Rounded Tube End with no end hole
Worn for only about 6 months total time. I normally wear this device continuously for only a week to 10 days at a time. Washing in the shower is fairly easy while wearing this device. If you pull out, it is very difficult to get back into the tube. You must sit to pee. The anatomical ring is comfy in the winter. It is showy and pretty - perfect for a “kink” party!.

This is chastity “jewelry” - the most attractive chastity device I have ever seen or worn. The chainmail is distinctive, and the flexible tube makes this device undetectable under clothing. This device constantly reminds you that you are wearing it, and it may be difficult to become accustomed to this device for longterm wear. You can feel the tiny rings of the tube move across your flaccid penis and glans, and the tube applies pressure to the entire penis when partially erect - a very unique sensation that is quite different from a conventional tube. When partially erect the rings cannot move because the entire chainmail tube is taut, so “cheating” is consequently difficult. Your fingers can feel the penis under the tube, but very little sensation from touching gets through the rings of the tube to the penis when partially erect.

A very high quality stainless steel device with unique style and personality - elegant and sophisticated!

Lancelot Oblique View
Lancelot Oblique View
Lancelot1.jpeg (105.38 KiB) Viewed 620 times
Lancelot Profile View
Lancelot Profile View
Lancelot-Profile.jpeg (56.01 KiB) Viewed 620 times
Lancelot in Pieces
Lancelot in Pieces
Lancelot-3Pieces.jpeg (93.87 KiB) Viewed 620 times
Lancelot with Everything that Ships
Lancelot with Everything that Ships
Lancelot-All.jpeg (94.49 KiB) Viewed 620 times
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