invisible chastitybelt

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invisible chastitybelt

Post by Fat_guy »


any members used this and how is it?
how do you adjust it?
can you wear it with the plug for a long amount of time?
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Re: invisible chastitybelt

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i don’t believe you can wear them for more than a few hours max, for a start how do you take a dump ?? particularly with the plug in huh ?? i have no idea how it adjusts, while i’ve always thought these are very exciting i think they’re completely impractical and no more than toys.

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Re: invisible chastitybelt

Post by TwistedMister »

Never saw one before. I'll second the 'doesn't look practical', and I can't tell if it *is* adjustable, let alone how to do it.
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Re: invisible chastitybelt

Post by Skip »

I've read a review of this one on a foreign size once. It is adjustable there at the "Y" shaped part on the back, the wires can extend out. For sure the plug is not usable for long-term wear, that's just there for short-term play with the keys nearby for sure. As for practicality, I think all belts are impractical. This one you have to pull the wires "aside" and hold it "on your cheek" to go number 2.
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