Netflix is messing with me

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Netflix is messing with me

Post by sirmebane »

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I explored the series and it one of these painful reality TV series where they check all the boxes of "modern youth" and create artificial acrimony. Nah, I won't be watching it but if I was going to produce a series about chastity, that would be my cover art for sure.

Sad thing is... the premise of the show is about "Can you hold off from sex to win $100,000?"
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Re: Netflix is messing with me

Post by Skip »

Yeah, I also got caught. It's dumb fun actually, of course it's completely stupid and the people there are such caricatures that it is indeed almost painful... and unrelated to our interests unfortunately.

I was messed with by the radio in our office before this whole Covid-19 crisis started, this was playing:

Also totally unrelated, but part of the lyrics:
"So what a man gotta do?
What a man gotta do?
To be totally locked up by you"

:lol: I guess this hobby of ours can really sometimes mess with our heads...
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