[Nonono6444] Talking the GF into it

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[Nonono6444] Talking the GF into it

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It started for me when I was living in a group house and scrolling pornhub looking for the next new hot thing to get me off. I was also smoking a good amount of weed at the time when I stumbled across male chastity. I still remember the first time I came to chastity porn, it was amazing. I knew I had to try this for myself one day. I continued to jerk off to chastity porn for the next couple years and entered a pretty serious relationship with now current fiance. I hid my fetish and continued to dream of locking my cock and her holding the key. It was something that would even help me get off when we were having sex. We moved in together and became engaged after 2 years, my fear/shame was slowly disolving and I now was thinking about telling her, and hoping she would be interested in taking part. I felt this was something I wanted to try in life, and she is my life partner she should know. I went from fantasizing about the act of being in chastity, to fantasizing about telling her and her reaction. I even remember one night while she was sleeping I slid out of bed and knelt down and watched chastity porn while jerking off while she was sleeping. I was 95% hoping she would catch me and I would have to explain everything right then and there and I would all be out in the open. I ended up waiting to tell her for a few more days, but it was ready to burst out from me every time we talked. It was a Friday night I remember when I finally got the courage to tell her. We were having a quiet evening in and she had a few drinks and I smoked a little to relax. I practiced this conversation in my head for weeks all the things she would say, all the things I would say back, and how I would read her reactions and try to answer as many questions as she had. I started the conversation about how since we are getting married we should tell each other our deepest darkest desires sexually. She of course had none, and I spent several mins trying to coax anything out of her. It was at this point she knew why I brought up the deepest darkest thing, I had something I wanted to say. I was hoping she would say anything about hers, but it was now or never she was asking, and I wanted to tell her. I remember taking on deep breath and just blurting it out. I want to lock my cock in a chastity cage, she seemed more confused then anything, and the first couple mins did not really have any emotions behind the questions they were all about the act itself.

I explained that this was something I found on the internet and intrigued me, and wanted to try it. But I then continued to explain that this is a submissive thing and I want to give up control of my orgasms to her. She does not ever act in a Dom fashion just to be clear. I told her the terms and that I felt I masturbated too much and I wanted to save my O’s for her. I bought her a couple books I had read myself, (mainly the ones from the wife’s perspective), and she asked to see some pictures and video. We ended up watching chastity videos on the couch for about 30 mins and I told her what I liked and didn’t in the videos. I am not into the cuckold thing at all, and I never ever want to share her, but the problem is lots of chastity videos are related to that. I tried to explain I remember. I was constantly asking her if she was ok, or she had any questions. This was honestly the second time I have asked for anything in the bedroom, and wasn’t sure how she was going to take it. She watched and listened throughout the night and to her credit she kept an open mind and never made me fell bad during this initial conversation. It was at this point I wanted to take the next steps, order a cage. I ask her how she was feeling and would you be willing to try this with me?

To my surprise and delight she said she was willing to try, and mainly asked about her involvement. I told her you can do whatever you are comfortable with and I don’t want to rush you. I even told her that I might hate this as it was new to me too, but I was still excited. I said thank you, and told her, “who know maybe this will be your thing and you will like it too. “ I immediately went on amazon and ordered the first timers cage, a CB6000 and it was even prime. The 2 or 3 days while I waited for it to show up was like waiting for Christmas when I was a kid, I had not been that excited in 20 years probably. When it showed up, I made a point to show it to her and hopefully she would pickup on the excitement in my eyes. She unfortunately did not, and that night we went to bed normally like we always do. Cage in a nightstand drawer in it’s velvet bag waiting for me to put it on.

I already knew she wasn’t as excited as I was, but I was hoping soon she would ask if I wanted to wear it. I wasn’t going to start down this path without her, and I wanted her to have control. I was thinking that for the weekend coming up I would have to ask to try it on, but still held out hope she would take the initiative before the weekend. That night we both started getting ready for bed and I was still brushing my teeth when she was already in bed and ask me without any warning, “do you want to wear your thing tonight” My heart stopped for a second. OMG, it was happening. I fumbled and said yes after I realized my deepest darkest desire was coming true.

I had watched a million chastity install videos so I knew immediacy how to install the CB6000. I slide the ring behind my balls, I was shaking I was so excited. My hands where having such a hard time putting it on that she asked if I was ok. I finally got my shaft in the cage and closed the lock. It felt great. I felt safe, I felt like my cock was protected like an iPhone in a case. I handed her ring with all 3 keys on it, and she put them on her night stand. She asked me how it felt and if it hurt. I told her not yet, but we will see what happens as I try and sleep. I got in the bed, and kissed her goodnight and turned out the lights. It was happening, I was wearing a cage and my GF knew about it. I never thought this day would come. I tried to sleep but I just kept lifting the sheets to look at my locked cock. I would get hard, feel the push back from the cage and then spend the next couple mins trying to think about anything else to make my cock go down in the cage. I finally felt I should try and sleep and see how the cage works when I sleep. I slept on my stomach so there was extra pressure pushing against my caged cock. About 3 hours later I wake to a horrible pain in my dick and shot out of bed and turned on the lights. My cage has snapped down the middle, the joint that ran down the middle of the shaft cage had come undone. It was at this point my GF woke up and saw me fumbling with my cage, I very calmly and quietly said “my cage broke” I need the keys. She never put them in a drawer even, they were just sitting out so I could have walked around and grabbed them without the lights on to avoid waking up my GF. I took off the cage inspected how poorly it was made, and decided that I wanted a metal one since a plastic one didn’t even make it a full night.

I will keep updating this post.
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Re: [Nonono6444] Talking the GF into it

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You are one lucky guy to have such an open-minded partner!

I'd recommend testing whatever you buy first, preferably without your lady around.

Metal cages seem to be the most popular option for long-termers, as they're easy to clean and are relatively difficult to break or escape.

Wait until she's away for a few days and lock yourself up then.

Amazon Prime?? Do you really want Jeff Bezos knowing that you like to wear chastity devices?
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Re: [Nonono6444] Talking the GF into it

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She's on board with the idea of chastity but not dominating. That's a good start. Kitten was the same way when we started but a few nights ago I heard her say she was enjoying the Dom role. She is now at the point of wanting us to go to a Femdom play party.

Continue to let her progress at her own pace and see where it takes you but..."Be Careful What You Wish For", you might just get it! :o
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