Emergency keys - revisited

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Re: Emergency keys - revisited

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Critter228 wrote:
Fri Sep 21, 2018 12:48 pm
I’m not too worried about an emergency key anymore once I found I could pick the lock we usually use. I only have done it one time to avoid a metal detector. Now If she changes the lock I might be screwed.
If she finds out why the lock needs to be changed you might not be screwed for a long time! :lol:
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Re: Emergency keys - revisited

Post by filltee »

I had a magic ( integral lock ) HT style lock go fial on me and would not operate withthe key basically when I got it off it turned out inside it was FUBAR and just came apart.

With the PA Padlock padlog? the lock has its moving and corresponding stationary parts exposed I simply gripped the two parts with a pair of these
http://www.spear-and-jackson.com/produc ... ers-pliers
and squoze them together in the same way as the key makes the two parts line up so did the pliers.
Then just used some rag and gripped it in a vice forced it out by tapping it with a chisel.

The PA padlock is fine and works ok with a replacement lock.

How you would deal with a lock that was enclosed like with the HT2 is for someone else...with brains ...to figure out
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Re: Emergency keys - revisited

Post by CagedKC »

We have abandoned having an emergency key. It was decided I would have to cut lock off or confess to whoever needs to know.
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Re: Emergency keys - revisited

Post by Critter228 »

Well I freaked out like crazy the first time I lost my emergency key. I look back on it and laugh but at the time I was terrified. A stranger basically had my original key and I couldn’t get it from them until after work and a doctor appt and dummy me dropped my emergency key down the sink. I flipped out. Mostly my anxiety went into high gear and think I scared off my potential key holder at the time.

But in reality I’ve never needed the emergency key. There was once I was locked and going to a concert. Luckily I thought ahead and realized there may be a metal detector. There was. But unbeknownst to my keyholder I can pick the lock. And then I hid the cage until I got home. I didn’t cheat but I never told her. It has taken some of the “scary fun” out of It knowing I can get out if need be. But I’d also need a Bobby pin and a few minutes alone, which is easier said than done.
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Re: Emergency keys - revisited

Post by FLRob »

We have a key safe, like what realtors use, with the emergency key(s) in it. I don't normally take it with me "in case of an accident" but it's nice to know it's there. She has the primary key(s) in her purse at all times. Times when I've taken the cage off include travel, but also rock concerts and museumes where metal detectors are commonplace. And I get to remove it for riding the lawn tractor around. Usually in that case, she'll leave me the primary key chain and we work on trust. So far, I've behaved. Some of the locks we've used are more decorative than secure. Easliy picked or forced open. But then, that's not the point, right?
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