How Male Chastity Led Us To Swinging...

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How Male Chastity Led Us To Swinging...

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...and being completely open about male chastity with our friends.

I haven't been on here much since I haven't been in chastity much for some time. I've been catching up since I think we'll be taking it up again here soon. I'm glad to see so many enjoying this wonderful kink!

If you've ever read my earlier posts then you may remember how male chastity led to a new world of communication, understanding, and experimentation. This is true for most who try it.

The most surprising place chastity led us was to begin playing with others.

It was the communication that did it. And the porn. It was sharing with each other what we liked when we saw it. And it was learning to love one another without jealousy and then, surprisingly, seeing how excited we both became at the thought of being with others - together. The intimacy that comes along with chastity gave us the freedom to say anything without fear or judgment.

My wife's good friend from high school is a lesbian and married to a bisexual woman. We started going out together a lot and they are quite open and frank when talking about intimate things. Before we knew it, we were sharing with them our experiences with chastity. They were fascinated and asked many questions. It felt amazing for us to be able to be so open about it. (And after the swinger party - see below - Melissa shared with another friend, her best friend, all about chastity and the party and showed her the pics of us and so a third woman knows all too).

Shortly after that conversation I got to see Melissa's first same sex experience, ever, and with her good friend to boot, happen in the back seat of our car while I sat up front with her wife and the two of us played a bit.

And then we learned that my friend's wife used to swing and they were thinking about it again and then, not long after, there was a small group of us in a cabin overnight and much, much fun was had by all of us (the one limit was penetration, but other than that...).

I - we - felt absolutely no jealousy watching each other pleasuring and/or being pleasured by others. And I credit male chastity and the intimacy it has brought us for that. Yes, I know it doesn't make sense on the face of it. Chastity is all about devotion, right? But for us that's just it. We know that it's the two of us - always - and that's what gave us the freedom to do what we did. We've talked at length about it since it happened and we are happy about all of it.

So, I know it's not for everyone, but for us male chastity has led us in ways we never imagined.

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Re: How Male Chastity Led Us To Swinging...

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Hey, nice to see you back. Glad things have been going in a way you like.
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Re: How Male Chastity Led Us To Swinging...

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Nice to see you back, Michael. Think I mentioned long ago that our plans for MC seldom go the way we think they will. For you they led in a direction you could have never dreamed of in the beginning. As long as it's consensual, fun, safe, and both of you are happy, it's all good. Best of luck to both of you. Again, welcome back!!......................Now, if we could just find out what happened to Dev??????????
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