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come eating

Post by kata »

Sorry for posting 3 topics in a row but questions need to be answered.
Since donning the chastity life my KH wants me to lick her pussy clean each time I come inside her.
Now I think that I had done this once in our 13 year relationship but lately (the 3 months that we have been on our chastity journey) she thinks that every time I am allowed to cum that I must eat it.
I have told her that I do not like it and that it feels wrong but she insists that if I am fortunate enough to cum I must pay the small price of cleanup duty.
Obviously I do not want to upset her and obviously I enjoy being allowed to come when she next lets me, be it in 2 days time or 32 days time, but what am I to do.
Are there any trick to the clean up duty and is it normal for KH to assume we chastity males will carry out this task ever time we are allowed to cum for punishment of the crime
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Re: come eating

Post by cumsteves »

Yes it's completely normal to cleanup and you should be honoured that she wants you to. Learn to like it.
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Re: come eating

Post by locked4her55 »

kata wrote:she insists that if I am fortunate enough to cum I must pay the small price of cleanup duty.
I have mentioned this to my wife recently and she replied "Really?" Though it hasn't happened to me yet I have to admit that I'm a bit turned-on by the prospect.
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Re: come eating

Post by slaveg2000 »

I guess everyone is different. One of my biggest turn ons is the idea of forced cum eating. Mine, someone elses it doesn't matter. Once I get relief though, I have absolutely no interest in it. My wife, on the other hand doesn't like the idea one way or the other.
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Re: come eating

Post by mrfelix »

I have suggested this to my KH, but she was kind of grossed out by it. It sounds so exciting to me before the orgasm, but like Tom Allen said, about 10 seconds later it don't sound so good anymore. We joked about it the last time I was given release, and I was somewhat releived that She was laughing and joking about it. I still crave it when I am being denied though, and would happily do my Ladys bidding if She so chose. I think it's an agressive move and I would like my KH to be as agressive as she can allow herself to truly be.
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Re: come eating

Post by TwistedMister »

slaveg2000 wrote:I guess everyone is different. One of my biggest turn ons is the idea of forced cum eating. Mine, someone elses it doesn't matter. Once I get relief though, I have absolutely no interest in it. My wife, on the other hand doesn't like the idea one way or the other.
Mrs. Twisted greatly enjoys making me lick her clean after cumming inside her, she says it [physically] feels much better than the usual pussy-eating, a better sensation...she also likes the feeling that she is doing something 'naughty' (making me lick cum out of her pussy), and she also feels that since *she* has swallowed so much of my cum in the past (blowjobs) there is no reason why *I* shouldn't be expected to do it now.

Mrs. Twisted is the one who started doing this, to my considerable surprise, without any prompting from me. I had previously had some fantasies about being forced to do this but I never mentioned this to her, she apparently came up with it all by herself. 'Horny' me found the fantasy erotic but after cumming the idea would be completely repellent (after masturbating to the fantasy, with the intention of seeing what it might be like, a couple of times I smelled the result and found myself completely unable bring myself to taste it).

However, at the end of our first real run at MC (30 days) I found myself tied to the bed, the CD removed, and after much teasing and pussy-licking she climbed on top and and slid herself down on my fully erect and hair-trigger cock. She was smiling and her eyes were full of mischief when she said "You are not allowed to cum. If you cum inside me, I am going to sit on your face and make you eat it all back out."

It was a fantasy that had suddenly become real. We had not discussed safewords, there was no way for me to stop her if she *really* meant to do it. I almost shot my load right then and there, only with the greatest of effort was I able to prevent it. I *knew* that I wouldn't like it, but the fact that I had no control and no way to stop her turned me on incredibly.

And then, she started to move. Up, down, up...and as she started the second down-stroke my hips slammed upward to meet her, and I was squirting...and squirting and squirting. There was a *lot*.

After I finished, she sat there for a moment, still smiling. I thought she would just get off and clean up, and she would laugh about 'getting' me. But then, she put her hand between her legs and, clamping her pussy lips together so that none of my cum would leak out, she slid up and off...and 'knee-walked' up to my face.

I was stupefied. She was really doing it. She planted her pussy on my face, wrapped her fingers in my hair and demanded that I start licking. When I hesitated, she started pulling on my hair, harder and harder until I *did* start licking. It tasted terrible, it was just as nasty and humiliating as I thought it would be...even more humiliating was the fact that after a bit I realized that I was getting hard again...

I don't 'like' doing it, but the thought of being *forced* to do it still turns me on. And I *do* need to be forced, no matter how erotic the fantasy is, once I get my rocks off there is no way I'm going to lick that nasty shit out of her pussy of my own free will.

In a new twist this year, she has begun 'teasing' me by suggesting that I could be licking even *more* cum out of her pussy...but not my own- making me watch her getting fucked by one, two, or three other guys and then sitting on my face and forcing me to lick her clean after...

I'm not sure that she would really do it, but it makes my cock hard and she *knows* it...she *could* do it if she wanted to (no rules or limits against it). I don't *think* she will do it...but then, I didn't think she would do it the first time...

And I have to wonder just how embarrassingly, humiliatingly hard my cock would be if she were forcing me to eat cum out of her pussy and I *hadn't* just got my rocks off. (The idea of watching someone else's cock fucking her and licking her pussy after just for the hell of it does absolutely nothing for me, only the element of force and having no choice in the matter makes it erotic.)
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Re: come eating

Post by conorg »

I have licked up my cum plenty of times, after a proper orgasm though it always takes some will power to do it and have only ever done it twice after a proper orgasm with the wife and never out of her pussy.
After a ruined orgasm though it's a different story, I'm super horny and have no hesitation. The wife has fed me my cum a couple of times after a ruined orgasm and she seemed to enjoy doing it, I wish she would do it more often. I've told her she is welcome to feed it to me more often.
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Re: come eating

Post by Jeffnicely »

In the past, I have always cum first, since I cum so easily. I then eat her pussy till she cums and the result is I always get a mouthfull of both our ceamy milk. I enjoy it, and she seems to as well.
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Re: come eating

Post by csp807 »

Wow, all of these stories are super hot. I would love to eat my cum out of my girlfriend's pussy or lick it off of her. I am actually not sure how she would feel about it, but get the impression she may think it is gross. It is funny though, because she has no problem tasting her own pussy or my cum.
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Re: come eating

Post by extendedram »

If eating your cum is a hard limit then tell her. I have never done it, and it sounds unpleasant. (well eating it out of her sounded more inviting).
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