Locktober 2020 for the veterans

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Locktober 2020 for the veterans

Post by sirmebane »

A lot of people look at Locktober as an initiation for the "newly locked" or a renewal period for those that have gotten off track. Full disclosure, it is NOT my intent to start the whole discussion about whether you can ever unlock a cage or even orgasm in October. Feel free to fight that battle of what you think oughta happen in another thread.

What about the veterans who spend most of their days locked and denied?

Do you make a big deal out of Locktober? Plan games, challenges, dates? Relationships can use a reason to celebrate and this is as good as any of them out there. Whether you're unlocked daily, monthly or never... what do you do differently in October?
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Re: Locktober 2020 for the veterans

Post by Clearstatic »

Nothing special that I know of. Just another month locked up and denied.
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Re: Locktober 2020 for the veterans

Post by locked4her55 »

It's just another month for us. Honestly if I don't bring it up, or she doesn't log in here as she does from time to time, we would slide right into NOvember without her even kNOwing. :lol:
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Re: Locktober 2020 for the veterans

Post by slave d »

Nothing, same as, locktober was never on our calendar. We have enough activity without needing a special month for it.

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Re: Locktober 2020 for the veterans

Post by LockedByBD »

She usually asks me what I want for my birthday. Since my birthday comes in early October I surprised her a few years ago by asking to be locked for the whole month "just to see what it was like." We'd only played with a cage a sporadically over the previous year. The longest I'd been continuously locked was about two weeks. She said OK to my request and I was locked for 5 weeks. Now whenever October comes... I don't!

Last year was different. I had been locked since the end of August when she asked about my birthday present. So I was locked 4 days in August, all of September and October... then she kept it me locked in November... and finally released me December 1. It was intense. I'm currently locked and expect the yearly question in about 10 days. My answer will be the same: keep me locked in October.
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Re: Locktober 2020 for the veterans

Post by TwistedMister »

I'm hoping I'll get UNlocked for the same reason. Except for one day in July (no O, no playing) for a Dr. appointment, I haven't been 'out' since March...I think(?). I'm debating on whether to mention what she did for my b-day a couple of years ago, to see if it would inspire her to do it again...
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Re: Locktober 2020 for the veterans

Post by tiemeupalso »

you people are sooooooooo lucky to actually have a keyholder.im jealous
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Re: Locktober 2020 for the veterans

Post by Tom Allen »

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