KittensBoyToy Hospitalized

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Re: KittensBoyToy Hospitalized

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I apologize. I was so startled by the heart attack news that I missed the second paragraph. I am deeply sorry for your loss of your brother in law. You have our condolences.
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Re: KittensBoyToy Hospitalized

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One handed...this is going to be fun!

The procedure went well and I should go home tomorrow. There was in some blockage and they put 2 stints paired up in 2 locations. Not supposed to lift over 5-10 pounds for a week and avoid any strenuous activity for 48 hours. Worst part is getting the pool up yesterday and can't get the wrist where they went in for 5-7 days. Water should be like bath water by then! On the plus side a lot of my tiring easily may have been because of the blocked arteries so I may have more energy now.

As to my brother's passing, thanks for all the the wishes. Stan was more than my brother, he was my best friend. Like Kitten said he has lived with us since his wife died 10 years ago. He had stage 4 kidney failure and decided a few weeks ago to stop dialysis. Last week he asked to be put in hospice care. Without treatment we knew he wouldn't last long but not being able to be with him because of the virus made it worse. Being in here I can't do anything to help and everything is falling on his son to take care of final arrangements. Really frustrating for me.
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Re: KittensBoyToy Hospitalized

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I want to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

So far the insertion of the stints will be a great success. He's already a lot more feisty!
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Re: KittensBoyToy Hospitalized

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So pleased you’re on the mend KBT ...but sad too that you lost Stan under such circumstances. I wish you a speedy recovery back to health and renewed energy along with the improved blood flow 👍😁
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Re: KittensBoyToy Hospitalized

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Hey, back in action already. Good to see.
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Re: KittensBoyToy Hospitalized

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Great to hear your updates, marvellous what modern medical procedures can do. All the best.

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Re: KittensBoyToy Hospitalized

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Just seeing this. Speedy recovery KBT and condolences from Keeperof55 and I on the lost of your best friend.
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Re: KittensBoyToy Hospitalized

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Get well soon!
Sorry to hear of your brother.
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Re: KittensBoyToy Hospitalized

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Oh damn. I adore the two of you, and what you have together. He’s in good hands with you by his side. Thank you for letting us know.
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Re: KittensBoyToy Hospitalized

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Oh boy! Thanks for letting us know! Sending prayers
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