Honor system vs. wearing a device

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Re: Honor system vs. wearing a device

Post by David »

danj wrote:What has worked wonders for me is I now wear a metal cockring all day...not overly tight (2"). It signifies to both of us that it is her cock, and serves as a constant reminder of that fact for me.
Dan, I agree with you that a cock ring is an excellent virtual chastity device, and a good compromise between no device and full lock up. I have been wearing one 24/7 fo a number of months for this reason, and have only had it off (with permission) for air travel. I shower with it on, ensuring that I get a finger aound the inside to clean it thoroughly.

My wife loves the look and the feel of the steel and what it symbolises, and the fact that the ring makes my balls more prominent whether naked or wearing tight clothing. It also gives me a firmer and longer lasting erection.

I have recently 'upgraded' to a tighter one, which provides a more constant reminder and avoids the problem of the previous one occasionally slipping off. It is also more difficult to get on and off, giving it a greater sense of permanence. Another advantage is that when I am permitted to cum, the orgasm feels more restricted and therfefore that my wife remains totally in control even at that moment.
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Re: Honor system vs. wearing a device

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This is an old post I came across. I like the honor system best. I bought several chastity devices in the past. I even bought a couple custom chastity devices. I could easily slip out of all of them and they were uncomfortable to wear. Even if I got a piercing I could still orgasm using a vibrator. I think everyone is on the honor system even if they wear a chastity device. I also like wearing small panties and g-strings and they don't fit well over a chastity device. My wife also wants to do the honor system. Only my wife makes me cum - I never masturbate or cum on my own so I must have good will power. Right now it's approaching 3 weeks since she brought me to orgasm and I can feel my balls ache but I still won't orgasm unless my wife does it with the vibrator. My wife has only been serious about this for about 4 months and in that time I have not cheated. I want this to go on forever (her teasing and denying me)
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Re: Honor system vs. wearing a device

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Being forced to be locked in a cage is what pushes my buttons, not being in control and unable to even touch myself. And it's not just 'honor system'- our rules say that she has the right to check at any time, and if I can't/don't get hard she can assume that I have cheated...the 'penalty' is extremely unpleasant (to me) which causes me not to risk it. She seems to really like teasing me and making me swell inside the cage, knowing that I can't do anything about it.
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Re: Honor system vs. wearing a device

Post by kunst »

I can tell about my experience: I started chastity through wearing various devices, in the end I settled with a Steelworxx. However I gradually went for the honor method, as I cannot tolerate the device when I am outside.
Now I am used to this, I do not feel any need for a device. Also, my work is very creative and requires a lot of concentration and mental effort, so I do not feel the "pressure" from erections. I think it is a psychological thing: in the beginning it was like as impossible, now it is normal to go without the device. The only "diverse" situation is when I travel for my job. But in that case we have an agreement: I count the number of times that I give myself an orgasm (this never happens when I am not traveling) and when I am back, chastity is extended in proportion to the number of unauthorized orgasms.
I also have to say that we do not play chastity all the year, but roughly we alternate 1 month with and 1 without it. But we are flexible...
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Re: Honor system vs. wearing a device

Post by Naljeans »

Interesting topic. I suppose my first 15 months in a cage were still based on an honor system, as I always had a key that could be used for approved purposes or emergency.

When we found a cage I would never have to remove for work, she took my key. No more honor system.

The day-to-day is completely unchanged. The mental effects are sometimes more powerful, knowing I can’t get out of the cage at any given time. My owner enjoys having the keys, and knowing with absolute certainty that I’m locked away. Win win
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Re: Honor system vs. wearing a device

Post by Grwl »

Im new to thirs. I tried out once, was supposed to go for 3 weeks but barely made it. I was anxious and whiney, very insecure the entire time. The final week, I spiraled down into depression. Didn't help that Master was out of the country. We got back on track.

Now, many months later ive asked to try it again. It's total honor system. I can't orgasm using my hands. Ive never been able to. Si I have put ALL my tits in a bag, and duct taped it. It's in my garage, which I never use so the door is buried in snow. I haven't orgasmed since jan 3rd, and haven't masturbated since dec. 30th. On feb 3rd, Master says we'll see if I'm allowed to cum again or if I'l go longer.

My girlfriend really likes it but she wants ti get me off. I give her ask the pleasure, and ive never envied giving before! I also find im feeling more submissive, and really owned. I am not quick to fet frustrated anymore and not feeling ad aggressive.

Im trans, FtM, so I'm sure that has something ti do with it. Befor transition, I only masturbated a few times a month, and i had a lot of emotional hang ups. Now that I'm in transition, i have had to cum EVERY night. Someones twice a day. I thought I'd be so desperate at this point! I am off i allow myself to think about it, but honestly im really enjoying this journey.

In the end, i hope i will earn piercings, so my labia can be locked in rings that hold both sides together and my cock covered in a shield held on by a piercing. Ive fantasized about that, but I won't get it on my own for myself.
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