Chastity newbie worries

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Chastity newbie worries

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Hey guys (and gals, and nb pals), a few weeks ago I had dipped my toe in and got an OxBalls CockLock. I really found myself enjoying wearing it, but sadly it broke on my 4th day of daily wear, it that as enough to know the bug bit me. Fast forward a couple weeks and I jumped in the deep end and ordered a holy trainer, after trying a friends at a local convention. His was the medium and a 40 mm ring, and I really struggled to get into it and it pretty much immediately came back off.

So I ordered myself a small tube with both the 45 and 50 mm rings. Suffice to say, it felt like the rings were too small (or at least the gap) and the tube too big (when I was fully soft, and at my smallest, my head was like halfway in the tube). My balls got cold and sore within 5 or 10 minutes, so it came back off and I gave it a few more attempts with the same result.

Fast forward again and got myself the nub and a 55mm ring last week and success! It fits snug as a bug. That said, after wearing it for Thursday, Friday, and Sunday taking it off at night and a break on Saturday I decided to take a break because while it seemed like I had no circulation issues or anything, I’d noticed a growing ache in my which even here two days later is still there, though it feels like it could be more than just my balls since I haven’t came since popping in my cage Friday night, and before that Monday night, and lots of teasing in between.

I did thy the small tube with the 55mm ring, but it still felt like it squished my balls too much, because they ride relatively high. It probably doesn’t help matters that I’m on the fluffier side of body types so there’s probably less room for things to shift about. So is this ache something I need to worry about? Is it just the pain of being locked and getting all backed up? I went for 5 weeks on willpower alone, which I’m pretty sure was the longest I’d gone probably since puberty, and I don’t think I had this kind of ache.

It’s all new territory for me so any sagely advice y’all might have you a newbie would be appreciated! I’d love to get back in to my cage tomorrow morning, but I want to know I’m being safe.
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Re: Chastity newbie worries

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i also find the occasional ache though it’s less common now (i’m in a nub with 36mm ring) and i think it’s a kind of deep bruising usually caused when i sleep in an unusual position. i would not think there’s anything wrong if you’re not getting any visible injury or cutting off blood supply etc (i think that sort of pain would be pretty obvious). So my view fwiw is that you’re just in the getting used to it stage.

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