Earliest Chastity memories?

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Re: Earliest Chastity memories?

Post by Naljeans »

Whoa, I ordered a Gates of Hell from Stockroom over 15 years ago. Totally forgot since it didn’t even remotely fit.
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Re: Earliest Chastity memories?

Post by cuyahoga »

I cut my Gates of Hell apart and used the rings as cock and head rings. 😁
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Re: Earliest Chastity memories?

Post by sirmebane »

Yep, I still have a Stallion guard in a bag somewhere. I bought it from the Stockroom back when they were known a JTT Toys.

It didn't see much use and was a waste of money but it was a start.
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Re: Earliest Chastity memories?

Post by danj »

Probably 2001-2002. I saw something on orgasm denial online. I think it may have been a Yahoo group where I first saw chastity devices and I was intrigued. From there, I read more and my interest continued though it took some years before I bought my first device, even though my wife knew of my interest (and my submissive sexual tendencies).
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Re: Earliest Chastity memories?

Post by slave d »

i made my first device about 15 years ago as what was available here in NZ was very hard to come by and extremely expensive. i made it out of aluminium with a leather strap for the A-ring, it could have been easily bent and removed but i found it extremely exciting to play with (alone). About 8 years ago or so I found a CB6000 knock off for sale on a local auction site and purchased one to trial (still without including MsM) and later still a CB6000S which was a much better fit. After lots of trials and play i finally got up the courage to send an email to my Wife outlining an "idea to improve our marriage" which in large part revolved around chastity. We had reached the stage where She seldom had an orgasm at all while i was masturbating several times many days. On 11/2/14 my Wife saw and locked the CB6000S in place for the first time and our journey started from there. 5 years later we are largely in an FLR, i am locked 24/7/365 and have not been "allowed" an orgasm in over 800 days now, instead i get spanked and caned regularly and teased to the point of milking some semen three times a week. MsM now has as many orgasms as She desires, usually 3 sessions of 4 plus at a time each week. So, a complete life turn around and we have never been happier. This year we will have been married 45 years and i have little doubt that chastity and orgasm control are the main reason we remain together.

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Re: Earliest Chastity memories?

Post by filltee »

It is 20 years ago my then wife and I were browsing the internet together looking at anything and everythng.
We ended op on the Altairboy site explored that and went and had an incredible fuck...and from then we started searching for male chastity and readin everything. We had no idea before then that is was a thing. I was into looking at the devices she was much more into the tales of guys getting locked

We decided ... although I'm sure that it was she decided and persuaded me though it took her little effort....we ought to try it for ourselves. We sent for a cb2000 they were a brand new thing...a big mistake as it turns out, I have never worn a worse device since. But it got us started and although we didn't last the kink stayed with me.
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