[chaste_cock] Gay chastity as it is lived

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Re: [chaste_cock] Gay chastity as it is lived

Post by chaste_cock » Sun Apr 28, 2019 8:46 am

@KittensBoyToy No. Honestly it happened so fast that my mind was still reeling from shock. It just never dawned on me that I would be going through security. I will be more cognizant of that in the future and be prepared by just being truthful about it if it is ever detected. But I am glad that the chances of titanium being detected is quite low.
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Re: [chaste_cock] Gay chastity as it is lived

Post by Devoted2Her » Sun Apr 28, 2019 9:55 am

KittensBoyToy wrote:
Sun Apr 28, 2019 8:33 am
Did you think of what you would say had you set off the detector?
@KittensBoyToy and @chaste_cock ... this brings me to a conundrum ... It would be absolutely a terrifying to be in that position with security, but it is also kind of hot thinking about having gotten caught and having to explain ... I think the humiliation would be excitingly exquisite
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Re: [chaste_cock] Gay chastity as it is lived

Post by chaste_cock » Tue Apr 30, 2019 8:23 am

Days 4 though 7 - 24/7 chastity in real life

It has now been 7 days but not a lot to update so I will combined the last 4 days into this update.

Dom left on the morning of the 24th and that is when I was instructed by Dom to put the chastity cage back on. But in reality he had not allowed me to cum for three days prior to that. So now 10 days of no sexual release has put in a high degree of sexual frustration. Dom was gone for 6 days and got back late last night after I had gone to bed. I did not hear him when he got into bed last night.

During the 6 days of his absence my horniness increased everyday. By the 4th day of Dom being gone my pent up sexual frustration got the best of me. With my ass twitching and my nipples really sensitive, I got out the toy box. I pulled out every dildo we had and selected 3 and put the others back. The three I selected have proven to be good friends over the last couple of years. They are all different sizes and girths but all perform a specific function.

One is very flexible with an average girth that I use when I want to fill my mouth and throat. it is perfect for some deepthroating exercising. One is a bit more rigid but still has some flexiblity and has a pronouced mushroom head. This is the one that is my favorite to fill my ass. The last one is rigid but the exterior is softer, smoother, and more girthy that the other. The girth actually tapers to be the widest at the bottom of the dildo. This is the one I use when I feel like really filling my ass and stretching it. When I use this one, the ass twitch has really needed to be satisfied. But I digress.

Well on the 4th day of Dom's absence, i decided to use my favorite dildo and give my ass a nice fucking. I was already imagining the dildo to be Dom's cock and I was so ready for my ass to be fucked. So I got everything readied on the bed and got the dildo in position at the entrance to my asshole. I didn't want to rush this. I wanted this to go slow and really enjoy it.

I laid back and bent my right leg into a position so that I could put the heal of my foot at the base of the dildo to hold it in place and at the same time but slight pressure on the dildo which also put continual pressure on on my asshole. Then I started playing with my nipples. Oh god - a dildo pressuring at the entrance to my ass and my nipples being played with, had me floating. Instinctively when both nipples are played with my pelvis starts to thrust. I don't know why but it happens every time. So now with every thrust of my hips the dildo starts to invade my ass little by little. This in turns excites my nipples more, which makes me thrust more, which make the dildo mover further inside my ass moving toward the primary objective - to massage my prostate.

Once the head of the dildo rubbed up against its intended target a shiver ran through my whole body. Now I was in my grove. I would go from a slow thrusting with the dildo gently moving in and out to rapid fire thrusts causing my caged cock to be thrown violently back and forth in the process. When I had finally settled down, I notice that about 30 minutes had passed and I was feeling a lot less anxious. Later when cleaning up, I found out that I had actually milked a good amount of cum out of my cock and had not even noticed. I had cum dripping down my balls and found one strand of cum/precum on my stomach. So no doubt this was the reason I felt more at ease.

Day 5 of me being caged and Dom being gone, found me reaching for my nipples many, many times during the day. If you remember on of the rules we have is that I am to be nude in the house at all times. That is even when Dom is gone. I think one of the reasons he made this rule is that it always allows my body to be available - primarily for him to play with anytime he wants when he is at home, but also it keeps me on sexual edge because I can see my caged cock all the time and have access to my nipples without taking any clothes off.

So to keep my sexual edge going I found myself playing with my nipples all during the day just for moments at a time. Usually just long enough to get my cock inflated. Playing with my nipples would just give me little moments of sensuousness that would cause my cock to enlarge, sliding along the urethra insert, filling my cage ever so slightly. When my cage was feeling tight i would stop the nipple play and return to whatever I was doing.

Day 6 was excruciating. I could not wait for Dom to get home. The day passed so slow. I continued to play with my nipples off and on during the day when I was at home. Which sent little electrical impulses down to my cock and prostate. My version of self edging . And of course the dildos got action. This time it was the deepthroat dildo. I don't know what it is but I love the feel of a cock - fake or real - going down my throat. It is such a turn on for me. Then later in the evening I get a call from Dom that his flight has been delayed. He was not expecting to get to the house until the wee hours of the morning. So any thought I had of and kind of sex when he got home went flying out the window - pun intended.

Day 7 Dom is home and finds me waking up with Dom's arm laying on my chest. I immediately turn over and bury my nose under his arm to inhale his scent. I missed that. In the first deep inhale I totally relax and my body melts on to his. We are back together. I instinctively reach down and start playing with his cock. It is already hard. I think someone missed me as much as I missed him. After a little welcome home kissing, he says, "I want your ass now". I said, "yes Sir", and turn over to get the lube out of the nightstand. I back up into him in a spooning position and he claims what is already his. Oh my god he feels wonderful inside of me. He reaches around and starts to play with my nipples and once again my ass starts thrusting. I am not sure who is fucking who - him fucking my ass or my ass fucking his cock.

After a few minutes of that he flips me on my back and now with my ass fully open and accessible he really starts showing me how much he missed my ass. He gave me a good ass pounding. All the while my caged cock is just flopping back and forth with each of his thrusts into my ass. He says he is about to cum and I tell him, "Sir please fill my ass with your cum". That is all he needed to hear. I got three more very pronounced ass slams and then his body was rigid and perfectly still, except his pulsing cock emptying its load in my ass. God that felt so good.

After he came down from his orgasmic high, he bent down and kissed me deeply, and then rolled over onto his back. He might have been finished, but I was not yet completely satisfied. I still needed to get pent up energy out and the only way to do that is to give attention to him. I started licking his nipples and gently biting them. For him this action could go either way - after his climax he might totally be against any further stimulation or he might still be in the mood. This time I was lucky - he was loving my attention. So I continued and went over to the other nipple and spent an equal time on that. Then I started down his stomach and licked all the way to his balls. He was squirming. I licked his balls all the while inhaling deeply to get all I could of his scent. Then I took his softening cock in my mouth and sucked it down my throat giving it extra attention with my tongue on his sensitive head. While cleaning his cock i tasted both his cum and my ass juices. I was in overdrive. After making sure his cock was clean I continued to lick around his pubes, once again getting as much of his scent as I could. It had been way too long.

Then everything came to an end when his alarm clock goes off. He is now showered and out the door to go to an appointment and I am laying here finishing this update and I find that my hands have absentmindedly gone to my nipples two or three times. I guess this is a new norm. If Dom were here, and he was ready, I could so go and repeat this all over again right now. That is the thing about chastity. You are always ready and you learn to never give up a chance to have sex.

Now back to the real world, but now for the next three weeks at least, the world is a happy place because Dom is home. Life is good.
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Re: [chaste_cock] Gay chastity as it is lived

Post by chaste_cock » Sat May 11, 2019 8:18 am

A review of my chaste and no-cum time line. It has been 18 days chaste 24/7 and 22 days of not being able to cum. Dom is still on vacation and still has about another 10 days before returning to work.

Wow - what an amazing 11 days of Dom being on vacation it has been. We have had sex in some fashion - oral or anal - every day except one. I am not sure but I think Dom has finally been able to get his fill of sex to the point where now I am wanting it everyday but he is fulfilled and will sometimes brush me off. My have the tables have turned with me being in chastity. That used to never happen. Prior to my cock being locked up, I was the one that would routinely brush him off. But now I am so freaky horny all the time that I basically throw myself at him any chance I get. Sometimes I actually feel pretty pathetic doing it, but once I get him hard and he starts to pound my ass, then my feeling of being pathetic goes out the window.

So this is day 18 of me being locked, day 22 of me not cumming, and day 11 of him being home. So this is what happened this morning as we were waking up. He woke me up briefly earlier this morning by poking his hard cock at the entrance of my ass. It is something he does fairly often early in the morning with his morning erection like clockwork. He poked at my ass a couple of times but then turned back over and we both went back to sleep.

Then I wake up around 6:30 and I am horny. My morning erection is straining in my cage making my cock skin protrude around the metal bars of the Looker 01. Actually i have grown to like it when I get a hardon and it does that because I am able to get a bit of stimulation on my cock when this happens; no where enough stimulation to cum but it still feels good. It is now that I reach over and start playing with Dom's cock. His morning erection has lost a little hardness but it is still hard enough to invade my ass.

After a few minutes it has returned to full hardness and he begins to wake up. He turns over to face me and starts rubbing his right hand all over my stomach, chest and nipples. He doesn't know yet that I am hard in my cage.

He continues to rub and he inches his hand down toward my pubic area and starts playing with my pubic hair, twirling it and pulling it slightly between his fingers. As he does this one of his fingers slides over the cage and rubs across the skin of my cock that is protruding out of the bars. My cock gives one of those uncontrolled jerks caused by the stimulation. Now his whole attention refocuses on my cock. His hand envelops my cage and just starts twisting on it sending currents of stimulation through my cock and causing it to jerk repetitively. Now I start to squirm. And this is when I become pathetic. His hand feels so good when he makes those little connections with my skin that I start involuntarily thrusting my caged cock into his hands. God it feels so good.

I think he enjoys doing this to me and wants to see how far I will go and what I will do to keep that amazing feeling going. He knows that the stimulation isn't enough to make me cum so he doesn't have to worry about me going over that threshold, and he uses that to his advantage. I have two voices in my head that one is going, " oh please stop it is driving me crazy". The other voice says, "please don't stop because this feels so fucking amazing". The two are at battle with each other in my head.

After seeing me squirm and flailing all over the bed at his touch, he knows he has me. He whispers in my ear, "get the lube". That is all I need to hear. There is no delay in my actions. I reach over into the nightstand and I get the lube and and apply some between my as cheeks at the entrance to my asshole and then I apply some to his hard and pulsing cock. I don't even get the lid snapped back on and he is already poking at my ass. God he feels so amazing. As he pushes into my ass I start backing up on his cock. I meet him thrust for pushback until my ass was pressing against his pubic bone. He is now burried in my ass and it feels so good. Now he really gets going and I am just riding along beside him, accepting his pounding of my ass with outbursts of, "fuck", "pound it harder", "fuck my ass", "oh god".

After a few minutes of him pounding my ass in this position of us laying on our sides he says, "on our knees". i don't think I have ever gotten on my knees any faster than I did this morning. I didn't want to waste one single second of getting my ass fucked.

Once I am on my knees, he places his cock at the entrance to my ass and just pushes. Normally I can't handle that and he has to make short thrusts making a little headway with each one, but not this time. He just pushes in one hard thrust and he is back in the game and my ass took it like a champ. Now he starts really pounding my ass because he has his full weight that he uses to come down hard with each thrust. I reach back and pull my ass cheeks apart so he has a good visual of what his cock looks like as it fucks my ass. That is it. That is all it takes. He cums and he cums hard. After a minute he starts to pull out and i start to turn over and he says, "ah look at that". And when I looked he was pointing at his cum that was still on his cock after he just pulled it out of my ass. And I said, "well we can't have you having cum on your cock", so I bent over and started sucking and cleaning his deflating cock to get all the cum off. As I started licking and sucking he got hard again. Well I took that as an invitation and since I am always horny even after a good ass pounding like the one I just got, I sat on his cock and rode it. The lube consisted of my spit and his cum still in my ass. It felt amazing. He was actually astonished that his cock got hard again just after 2 minutes from cumming. So I rode his cock and played with my nipples while he had his hand wrapped around my cage giving my cock all those sensations again with each thrust my ass took on his cock. He finally lost his erection and I felt his cock slowing slide out of my ass. I just love that feeling.

So now he has gone to do some errands and i am laying here remembering all those good feelings as I write this in my blog. I wanted to get it down while the details were fresh.

We are so thankful to have found chastity and being able to enjoy the benefits of it in our relationship. Both of us are finding out new things about us every day - What we like, What we want to explore. And that sex does not have to boring.

Thanks to those who have told me they enjoy my writing. I like sex and I like writing so I am definitely enjoying combining the two and I really like the fact that others are enjoying my blog as well.

Now back to the real world. Until next time.
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