Titanium Cage

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Re: Titanium Cage

Post by Tom Allen »

I found it. The Tumblr was called:

Sadly, with the way NSFW Tumblr posts are now displayed, you can't hunt in the archives anymore.
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Re: Titanium Cage

Post by zorglub »

If I remember correctly, it was a tube-style device that he drew in CAD and got printed on a Direct Laser Sintering 3D printer. It was a pretty nice looking fairly open design and was locked via a countersunk screw that secured the PA hook. Then one day his wife ordered him to make it permanent and he locktite'd it (they made a clip of the process where you could see the cage in-situ as well as her high-heeled stocking'ed legs and a peremptory pointing finger...)

Then many months later, he posted a thread (not here I think) titled something like "the great escape". There were some pics/clips showing the process involving a drill press and vise, drills and screw extractor bits... he said something to the effect that his wife had changed her mind and wanted to use him, so he was ordered to figure it out and fix the problem!
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Re: Titanium Cage

Post by fancybondage »

happilylockedman wrote:
Sat Mar 02, 2019 1:55 pm
I recently saw a reference to a custom titanium cage in the forum. Could someone please write who the maker is? I'm interested in the light weight. Thanks.
If you have design picture,maybe I can make it for you.
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Re: Titanium Cage

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I have the Looker 01 in titanium from Steelworxx, and I have to say, it's great and very lightweight.
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Re: Titanium Cage

Post by Chastelifexxx »

I have a Looker 01 Titanium chastity device with removable urethra tube insert. It is made by Steelworxx. I have been wearing it for the last month. The most comfortable chastity device I have worn to date. My first was a CB-2000, then a HolyTrainer v2 and now the Looker 01 Titanium. I wanted the titanium because I have a metal allergy. I can't wear any jewelry that has any percentage of nickle in it. Almost all jewelry does. Since the urethra tube would be inserted in to my most sensitive part of my body, I needed to make sure the metal would be pure titanium. I even wrote the manufacture and had him tell me the grade of titanium he used.

I can tell you that other posters are correct about the vibrations you feel when peeing. It does not happen evey time but most of the time. Like one person stated, I think it is a combination of the force of your stream as well as the way the tube and your penis is all aligned. To me that is the only negative about the device.

My Dom husband loves the Looker 01 over the Holy Trainer because he can actually see my penis and even feel it if he wants to. He loves teasing me.

The titanium Looker 01 weighs just about the same as the Holy Trainer v2. It is very light. And the look of the Looker 01 is really sexier than either the CB2000 or HT.

It did take longer to get used to wearing it than the other devices I have worn. I started out on the first day with about 6 hours. The next day about 12 hours. The next day about 18 hours and over night. And then fourth day was on and did not come off for 10 days. We went on an international trip so took it off for traveling. It is now back on and will be on for at least a month according to my Dom husband. That is another thing he likes about the Looker 01. It can stay on longer without having to take it off to do a through cleaning.

If you have any questions, send me a message.
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