The Pen Deluxe

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The Pen Deluxe

Post by Devoted2Her » Sun Feb 10, 2019 4:45 am

So I got my metal cage yesterday and I was immediately intimidated by how large it appeared as I tend to be a grower not a shower.

An image of the Pen Deluxe can be found here ... Affiliates

In a way I am glad that I bought it cold without reading through any forums because I think I may have found the perfect device for me without any bias based on what seems popular and most universally adopted by 'the community' because, for me, the fit seems perfect.

When we unboxed it and put it together before putting it on we did not even try the smallest ring 1.5" diameter because it did not look like I could even begin to get my balls and cock through and be able to realistically lock the cage in place without seriously pinching the skin of my ball sack there simply was almost no clearance whatsoever. So we went with the medium ring, 1.75", however, I couldn't comfortably squeeze my clock through once my balls were in. So off to the large, 2.0" ring we went. We were able to get it on and get the cage in place but had a bit of a hard time getting the pins fully engaged so the integrated locking mechanism would line up correctly. At which point @IveGotTheKey told me "we may never take this off" because she was frustrated trying to lock it.

Since I only have had it on for a few hours at this point I can just give you my first impressions.

It is very solidly made but finished well, I have not felt a single rough edge wearing it.

I am impressed with the comfort, I had no issue falling asleep in it, and I sleep on my stomach and did not feel binding or pinching as I had a few times with the plastic cage.

Even at my most flaccid I am close enough to the end and the cage is open enough that I can pee standing and have an unfettered stream. This was the most concerning part of wearing the CB type made of plastic, because at my most flaccid I hated that it was deflected back up and in even if I sat down to go.

We have not fooled around in it yet, but I know @IveGotTheKey is already excited because she will be able to feel the skin of my glans through the cage, she even commented 'I can't wait to grind on this'. I myself am curious as to how this will feel as in the plastic even when I was as excited as it physically allowed me to be there was so little skin exposed that I had very little sensation there at all.

Finally, it is very simple and Spartan, efficiently designed and only has 3 pieces when worn: the ring, the cage (the pins are physically part of the cage, no losing them) and the locking mechanism

I will update as my experience grows with the device
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Re: The Pen Deluxe

Post by KittensBoyToy » Sun Feb 10, 2019 1:19 pm

Decent looking cage and good initial review. You will probably find that you need to go down to a smaller ring after you get used to being caged.
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