Does your doctor know?

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Re: Does your doctor know?

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Chastelifexxx: i think the answer here is “it depends” !! Personally i think we’re all taught that pretty much anything to do with our genitals is “personal and private” to at least some degree and the person with genital piercings would not be expected to show them in public for example where they would of course if the piercings were on their face. In the end my feeling is that you need to be respectful of one another, a doctor should respect your right to wear a chastity device and you should respect the doctor by at least telling them what is there and why should the occasion arise. That said, many people for example have tattoos that they cover and nobody except their partner usually see. So it’s the old horses for courses, do what you feel is right for you but respect anybody else’s right to be involved or not when given the choice !! If the doctor said “I’d rather not see that thanks” when told what is about to be “revealed” then that’s their right, as is yours to go somewhere else if you wish. The point i’m trying to make is “respect” is the important factor and I for one would not consider it respectful to my doctor to assume he would be happy to see and deal with my chastity device .... whether it’s a kink or not is an entire other story and i’m pretty sure there’s already a thread on that !!

Phew, sitting inside as NZ is in lockdown for four weeks hasn’t cured my verbal diarrhoea has it lol.

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Re: Does your doctor know?

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Chastelifexxx wrote:
Thu Mar 26, 2020 8:35 am
This is what I was hoping for - some really good conversation about the question if you shared your chastity with your doctor. One under lying theme I get is there is a preponderance of - don't flaunt your chastity in front of others, because they didn't ask for it. I think someone even used the word kink. Don't flaunt your kink in front of others. This is what I don't understand. Maybe all of you can shed some light on this for me.
You asked what we thought and we replied - and all the replies pretty much agree with each other.

I call what we do a kink because that is exactly what it is. I don't use the term disparagingly or judgementally, but it is a sexual practice that's "off the beaten track" and that's proved by the tight membership of this forum. It may be integral to your life and lifestyle - it is to many if not most of us, but that doesn't change what it is.

No-one here's saying don't tell your doctor; what we're saying is, introduce him/her to your chastity in a diplomatic and considerate manner. Whether your doctor has never come across such a thing before (unlikely) or whether they wear a device themselves is neither here nor there. I really don't see your problem with giving your doctor a bit of warning - unless what you really want to do is a bit of exhibitionism under the guise of clinical necessity.

Is your 24/7/365 lifestyle choice something your friends know about? Your work colleagues? Your sons/daughters/siblings/parents? If you wouldn't give them an eyeful without warning then surely your doctor deserves the same consideration.

Of course, this is a moot point now because your appointment has happened. What did you do?
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Re: Does your doctor know?

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Chastelifexxx wrote:
Thu Mar 26, 2020 8:35 am
then why should I be the one to have to change my lifestyle, and take it off
I see my regular set of doctors annually for check-ups. When I visit my Dermatologist and PCP I want them to see everything and check everything. If my dick is secured behind solid stainless steel then they are not checking everything. If one of my doctors saw something on my penis they were concerned about I then could choose to enlighten them as to what may have caused it. I would not hide my lifestyle just in the same way I am not hiding my dick from their examination.

I would also not choose to wear my device to the exam and then remove it in front of them so that I could be checked properly. No need to put them or me through that ordeal. Much less I doubt my wife would allow me to have the key that she is very protective of.

After 10 years, wearing a chastity device is still a big part of my life but they're certain things my wife and I are willing to take it off for.
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Re: Does your doctor know?

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That is a very good point you bring up @locked4her55, about the doctor being able to check whats under the chastity device. That is probably the best reason I have heard for not wearing your device to the doctors office.

So with all this conversation, and it has been all great information, I have decided to tell my doctor at my next appointment that I do wear a chastity device so he does have the knowledge if treatment should ever be needed, but I won't wear the device to the office for an annual physical.

Thanks again to everyone for your input. It has definitely been a good conversation.
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Re: Does your doctor know?

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... if treatment should ever be needed...
If treatment is not needed, then the knowledge is not necessary.
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