[Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Saturday evening, C made sure I was back in my "proper place" which is with a locked cock and my head between her legs.

Any chance of coming out had been blown this morning, I wasn't going to think of asking. But I went all out, holding C's orgasm just on and off the edge to ensure a powerfull orgasm, and also to make the most of it.

OK, I was hoping for something, but not holding my breath.

I looked into C's eyes, still full of the orgasm she had just enjoyed.

C said (while stroking the bulge above the cage) "There you go Mr P. You certainly seemed to enjoy that. I'm so impressed. I'll keep 'that' locked up and let you enjoy being horny and frustrated as well"

In other words, I've let you have that, and now I'm treating you to this as well.

Me "Thank you honey, you make me so horny"

I'm seeing this as a step forward. I was denied after oral on Tuesday, again on Saturday, which is quite a short period of time for C.
C seems very comfortable doing this now rather feeling she has to do me in return.

Do I miss out? Absolutely Not.

C used to thank me for giving her an orgasm, now it's expected that I will and it's what I want to do.
Now, I always thank C

I had los of lucid dreams. Woke C a few times.

I was edged Sunday morning for a while. Maybe taken to the edge 7 or 8 times, rock solid. But not allowed to come, which I was fine with now as I'd been told i might be able to do C later.

As it happens I was edged again.
C said she wanted me to edge on her breasts and let 'some' out, simply because she wanted to make me clean them up.

C kept saying, you're going to lick them clean, I'm going to pull your head down and force you to clean the cum off my breast. It was pretty hot.
C did exactly this

I let more out than intended which makes it harder for me, better for C.

C said "clean this one, now this one, make sure you get every drop, I will check and punish you if you don't".

C then advised me it might be a while before I'm let out again.

So tonight I asked "I wondered if.."
. No. Don't ask, or I'll add days.

This is of course is all for me.

Thanks C x x
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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It seems I have something to say every day, something I just don't want to forget.
Monday was as expected, a day off from sex.. Kind of.
Although no I didn't do C, C didn't do me and we didn't do each other, the air was full of mischief. I got a few comments relating to "oh dear, its locked" one reference to "sloppy creampie" and was flashed. That's very rare.
C was tired at bed time but wtf I thought I'd push it any way, and C responded with "No. Don't ask, or I'll add days" .

The bait was just too good, I did ask for something less and promptly had a day added.

OK, so now I know.
Thing is, we don't have a day or number of days, so I have no idea what that means if anything?

Today I was flashed again. Wow!
And just as I'd finished work and sat down, C said to me "Just so you know. I'm sending you down there later"

It really is none stop, I can't belive this is really happening most of the time, me, us.. Like this? And its all so natural, fun, wonderful.

But so many people would look at us and think we were odd, weird, insane even.

If anybody ever asked me "did you ever regret convincing your wife to lock you up like that"

Holy shit No, never, I only regret not having realised this sooner, life could have been so much more productive.

So Mrs C. later it is, and I will do all I can to please you x x
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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I am so fucking horny this morning. The strength behind that cock is incredible and
It's been that way pretty much all night, straining against the bars, wake me up, breath relax, think about something else. Sleep, dream about C, strain against bars wakeup. Rince and repeat.

So last night, after a day of subtle teasing, C sent me down again. However my pre warning didn't say I would be 'staying locked' which means C will decide afterwards what/if anything will happen next.
This is a kind of deal we have agreed upon so I either know my place and what is expected of me or I know what I will be doing but there might be more,. C decides.
I knew it was going to happen, and with the possibility of some bonus play, so it really builds things up quickly.

I love servicing pussy. Every time is different, same toys tongue and pussy, but never the same, last night I was ravenous.
The longer C denies me, the more hungry I get. The more C teases, the more ferral I become.

C had shaved lips, Brazilian front and a heart shaped bald patch in the center of her Brazilian triangle, so another first, C dressed her pubic area for the occasion.

C got into bed started telling me about something, and then stopped, looked at me and said "are you still here? You don't need a tongue to listen, get on with it"

At the end of the day, when tired, C wants zero build up or foreplay, I would much rather she did, but I do as expected.
Yes, C prefers 'instant pussy attention'

So off I went and took in my fill, it was incredible because I was so horny already.
C came massively and came down while having her breast squeezed and sucked.
When the orgasm finally settled C said "ahhhh! Very nice, I'm going to sleep now"
I must have looked desperate because C said "hmmmm? I was going to...", lifted the covers to examine me.
The bulge was huge, so hard it hurt, with a 2 inch precum soaked caged cock sat on top.
C "oh my, that does look uncomfortable"

Me "oh god I want you so much, please let me out"

C "Nope. I'm tired I'm going to sleep"

Me "pleeease, I mean, You get tongued, clit vibed and toy fucked to a massive orgasm and I'm not even allowed to touch my own penis"?

C "I didn't force you? would you rather not do that? Up to you. And actually. it's my penis. I'm going to sleep now, don't wake me up. And
'That' is staying locked until I feel the need for it.

So, like I said earlier, I'm fucking horny and the night was long.

This morning I was woken by the sound of keys being jangled, C dangled the keys in front of me.
I reached out, C pulled them back.
I said "pretty please?"
C "Awww, poor baby" so C put he keys nearer and i went to get them. I really did feel desperate enough to play or wank or whatever I was allowed, even if it was solo. Anything.
C promptly snatched the keys away, "ha! You wish, but maybe later"

C showed one breast, "maybe I'll let you do this, or this" the other breast. Then C paused to consider.. "Maybe, well see"

It's like living on a roller-coaster.

So, obviously very excited, maybe too much so. I've just been told off. C said if I don't shut up and see her as more than a sex object I will be getting nothing at all.

So.I shut up and try not to say one more thing that would be sexualy Indicative.

It really doesn't help that C then takes great delight in bending in front of me (very tight, round ass, and she knows it), or bend over to show me something on my phone and brushing her breast against my cheeks, (also firm,, bouncy, round and she is very proud of them).

I just break out in hot sweats and tremble.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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C really seems to be getting into this now, enjoying it possibly.

I have been making a very deliberate effort not to influence or steer anything, and accepting C's decisions without fuss or complaint and especially, not be annoying (this is the most difficult, who knows what annoys a woman? ) .
Because, after reading other journals, particularly those which don't succeed or are strained, I have made a few very strict self imposed rules which should curb this and path the way for C.

Making it work means not putting C under preasure, quite the opposite in fact.

This I belive this allowing C to take the reigns rather than having them thrust at her.
I have to prep myself, especially when feeling desperate or hopeful. I tell myself "this is for C, what ever she asked for is what I want, if she decides to keep me locked that is fine, it's what she needs. C will reward me. And C is the reward.

As a result I don't feel disappointed if I'm told I'm locked, only if ignored completely, which shouldn't happen.

So on Wednesday.
There was lots of flirting from C, I'm not allowed to mention sex related things. But still Lots of flirting, teasing.. From C.

As I was walking into the kitchen trying to decide how to fix the heater and said "I was just thinking.."

C came bouncing up to me, eyes bright, Giggling, jiggling and started breast rubbing up against me, then ass grinding me whilst saying.
"Thinking What? That I have the key and keep you locked up" ?
"Your locked and can't come out" ?
"That I just use I you for sex" ?
"If I'm happy I let you out but when I'm moody you stay locked up?"
C then did impressions of her self being happy and making sucking noises on her breast followed by impressions of herself being moody and throwing the key away.

"Or that I'm tired, so I just use you to get a goood night's sleep"

Impression of holding my head against her crotch and saying "oh yes, oh, oh yeeesss.. Good night" and then she kissed me, very passionatey.

I said," You, Mrs C. Are getting good at this"

"Yes" , kisses me, cheeky smile ", I know"

"I mean Very good."

"Yes, I know" and she pouts "I do know what I'm doing to you, I'm doing what I want instead of what you want." holds my balls, "It's so much better"

Me "Yes, you seem more relaxed about it."

C "Well... There is no preasure on me, I I don't feel guilty for saying No because I've seen the effect it has on you. So I'm doing this for me now, so I'm happy, which is good for you I think"
Another ball squeeze and tease assault.

So. I asked again, "don't you ever think your being unfair when I do all that to you, and even though you know I'm desperate, you don't even let me So much as touch it?

" Nope, and I really do mean it. I don't want you to touch it".

So I kissed her, and that kiss was as good as any orgasm I could wish to have "I wouldn't want it any other other way" .

"Good, because It was bothering me that you got away with too much, so it's better If don't allow anything if I'm not sure"

I wasn't sure about that one? Must have showed.

C "Better for me you understand?
it makes me feel... Stronger, more in control?, I know you miss it, so. maybe later you can... Well, let's say I have lots of plans for you"

"Yes my beautiful wife, what ever you say, and please. Don't ever change" x x

So later came, it got later still as the kids had last minute homework emergencies.

So C got in bed and said, "I had lots of things planned for you tonight, you must be so desperate now. Is it a week?"

"Yes" .

"It's too late now, I'll edge you a few times, then lock it up until morning" .

Morning came, more kids home schooling emergencies.

C had tucked the keyfob of the keyring between her breasts, so all I could see was a perfect cleavage with the key on display right where I wanted to Bury my face.

"Staying locked, maybe later"

I have spent the last two days chanting and telling myself this must happen in order for C to be comfortable.

The feelings come in waves, I get through them one at a time.
Hot sweats, cold swests, palpations and this time an aching feeling in my prostate area. This is new, usually I'm milked, this time I haven't been allowed apart from small amounts on nipples.

But I feel it is getting easier, I can manage for longer.

Is this normal, my body adapting or am I getting used to it?

Either way, I'm planning on having a chastity break soon, I've been locked since November with a week break, so it might be nice to have a bit of normal. I wonder how C will react?

but not yet, not while C is finding her way. It's just too rewarding.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Thursday night I was tired. I came, but was too tired to enjoy it.

Also, something online had irked C so she was no longer in a playful mood.

The lots of things was turned into a "I'm too tired for that now, but you need to do something , pop it in and let some steam off"

Not what I had expected.

I did sleep better.

So, that was my second week as a 7 day man, it worked quite well, but I think 6 might suit me more.

Friday morning, an email confirmed that whatever had irked C was not in fact irksome, so now C likes me again, even thought this is all about some handbag off the net, that I had no idea about. But part of my duties is to take the brunt of it.

So. In light of this new info C has informed me I will be going down again later, but quite likes the idea of serving a creampie, so I'm bear that in mind.

I had to explain about how her letting me come last night might have spoilt her plans, and I felt disappointed at possibly missing out on this due to that.

"Oh well, you'll just have to go down there and stay locked then. I'll be shaved and smooth and expect a huge orgasm thank you" .

"Um.. No thanks necessary.
I might have some in reserve, don't count me out yet.. Please, even if its just a bit out please?"

"Well, it depends now I know you're not desperate? I might not want to wait? I'm feeling very, Very horny for a tongue and toys"

"Oh. Erm.. "

C "Hmmm.. Did I just say I was horney?. OK, I'll let it out before if I can wait, or after if I'm not too relaxed to sleep. OK?"

Yes dear of course. Thank you very much x

And so.. I wait.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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The evening came and turned into midnight, it was late and C was tired. I know this because C said "I'm very tired, but I'm not going to sleep until I've been satisfied"

OK, so now I can assume there will be no me involved, but I'm going to try anyway.

C got into bed, without the key, which confirms her plans do not include releasing me, and set me to work straight away, I paused when C started to moan softly and said "will I be able to come out for a bit, I'm very cramped"

C, obvuisly caught in the moment surprised me by getting the key and passing it to me.

I was Not wasting this opportunity, I lept up and buried my cock in C's pussy and started pounding, long deep strokes. Once upon a time this would have brought C to multiple orgasm, all I had to do is keep going.
Well, that was then, not now.

C said, "what are you doing? This wasnt part of my plan"

'you let me out, I'm fucking you"

"I don't want you to do this now you've started down there? I let you out because you said you were uncomfortable"

I just kept going, surely C' s tight pussy will react soon and C will give in and start enjoying it. Well I certainly was. I was happy as Larry.

"Oh my god! Your grinning like a Cheshire cat, your being very naughty" .

" Am I? I'm sure you want me to do this though.. Right? "

" No. I didn't say you could do this"

"Ah, but you did let me out, what did you expect?"

Still pounding, still not getting results.

"you're being very Rebellious, I didn't let you out so you could do this, get back to what you were doing. And stop smiling like that.
This is supposed to be for me"

Still pounding, getting tiring now, losing momentum.

C "This isn't for me, it's for you!
Your still doing. It. Stop it, do what your supposed to be doing.

And so I stopped, a bit miffed and got back to where I obvuisly should be, this has been a lesson already.

C" Oh Yes.. that's better"

While toy fucking C I thought 'oh well, I might as well try to make the most of it, so I started talking in my sexiest voice
"I'd love to strapon fuck you with this toy, make you cum while I fuck yoi with it, and squeeze y..

" Stop Talking! You're thinking about you again, this is supposed to be for me".

So I shut up and carried on.

"Oh yes, oh oh.. Geeze, I won't make that mistake again, oh oh Oh fuuuuckkk!!!

So. I'm still uncaged, hard as a rock, big enough to make it noticed and very fucking horny.

So, instead Caressing C while her orgasm ripped through her, I pounced again.

" this, uh, is, for, uh me" bang bang bang. And..

Yes, C came again, and again and again, and then we came together. Phew!

C said, "Ok Mr rebel, I'm going to sleep, I'm disappointed in your behaviour tonight, I wanted it all for me, I'll have to think of an appropriate punishment for you"

So, once again, I wait, but Oooh yeah! Some punishment is worth earning.
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Well, the weekend was a complete blank. I don't think this has happened before.

C came on her cycle again 9 days after the last one finished and she is very unhappy about it, "it's not fair", and it makes her very tired.
Also, there is some big stuff going on with a property purchase and some life changes we decided to make as result of this virus.

C's confidence is growing, which is a good sign, A bit of encouragement and space to work things out, plus a sack full of patience seems to be the way to go.
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Well, by Tuesday I'd worked out what the punishment was l. Nothing. And nothing really sucks.
I've done everything I can and more to earn a treat, anything would be good right now. Every time I try to hint, I'm shut down.
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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By Tuesday evening I was really feeling it, aching balls, not horny, just a deep down need for some kind of penis attention, even if I had to do it myself.
Today I paid for an 8 bedroom house 100 yards from the beach with an exchange date on Friday, it was not cheap. I still have no idea why or how I was talked into this, it is less than 3 years since I bought the one we live in now which I finished working on 10 months ago. The one before this took 7 years, now that really was a dream house. but times change and we move on. A change is as good as a rest C always says, but C isn't the one who spends the next few years rebuilding it.

Each time it's C's new version of the dream house we need. To me it's a load more work. But making C proud, Making C's and the kids dreams come true. That's what motivates me, what I love for. It would be nice if we could relax and enjoy it for a while mind you.

So, with this in mind, and all else I had done, I thought I was in with a pretty good shout. I felt proud. I felt deserved.
So I appealed to C for some time out, maybe a stroke, I got a firm Nope.
"I really would like to" .
"No, I let you out and you just misbehave"
"I feel I've done more than enough to earn something"
C "Oh, OK, Ill let you kiss these".
C's breast are thing of beauty, of course I kissed them.

C then said, "You got out yesterday for few minutes when you need to readjust and clean anyway. "

"that can't count? It was literally 1 minute to clean the cage, it was smelling because of all the pre cum leaking?"

C didn't look up from facebook

"just 5 min please".
"No. And if you ask again you'll stay locked again tomorrow and have to wait 2 days" .

This was at least an indication this drout was coming to an end.
"OK, I'll not ask again"


Thing is, I really do want to come out, I'm tired, I would like to hold it for a while, but I ain't going to ask and it ain't gonna happen.

Wednesday, I didn't get much sleep. This seems to be a regular thing 5 days after an orgasm, it's like my brain is wired, last time I looked at the clock was 3am, I woke at 6.
When C woke around 7 she must have noticed a look? I hadn't said a thing but she new what I was thinking. The first words out of C's mouth was "If you moan I'll extend it"

So, day 6 after my orgasm is always a miserable tired day. Its a day I make mistakes or can't get motivated. Worst of all, if I'm treated at the end of the day, I'm too tired to enjoy it.
Today im on a stone walling job, I have about 5 tonnes to shift.

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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Same day.. How things change.


Making breakfast Wednesday morning, kids have gone to school. So I say "This is the first time in ages we have had the house to ourselves" .

"Awww. Are you feeling all frustrated" .

" Um.. Yes, I'm actually verging on desperate" .

"Oooohhh, Mwahaha" , and walked out of the room.

When C came back she said
"I'm enjoying watching you squirm. All horny and frustrated"

"It's hard not to be when your married to such a sexy lady"

"why thank you kind sir."

So I started my hard day's graft. The job is close by so after about 2 tones of stone work I came home for lunch.

I had to ask, couldn't help myself.
"were you serious about enjoying my frustration? It just sounds so wrong"

"Yes, I really, really Really enjoy watching you suffer like that. Knowing your horny and desperate to have me, and Im the one with the power to instigate it or end it"

"Your right about having the power, Inside I'm dying to beg, but your threats got me stumped. I'm pretty helpless".

"yes, I know" and then C started to imitate me

"Please, pleeeeease, I'm so desperate." "Oooh what should I ask for.." "anything, I'll give you anything just pleeeesae let me have you".. "Oh this power is such a turn on"
"What on earth could I ask for next?"

Me "oh bollocks, what have I done"

C "exactly what you were told to do. And as it happens you have been very patient, no moods and no pestering. So I'm going to reward you with a free golden ticket for later".

"Holy crap. really? I was leaking before, I'm practically wetting myself now" .

"Good. I wondered if could find a way to make you suffer in silence. And I have, and I've really enjoyed it. "

So I went back to work stunned.
C has been manipulating or training me to behave in a certain way.
I realised the only real way forward was to Let C find her own way.
Well.. It didn't take long did it?

I'm really looking forward to later, hope I'm not too knackered to enjoy it.
I'm happy,. I'm being unlocked for a ball suck and BJ.

C is happy, she gets a new house.

Which saying would fit this I wonder

All fair in love and war?
A fair trade is no robbery?

Who cares lol
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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