Locks operated via computer

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Re: Locks operated via computer

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I remember seeing such a device that hooked directly to a PC. It was a plastic base with a plastic locking hemisphere cover that could hold a key or some other tiny objects. It was exorbitantly expensive however.
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Re: Locks operated via computer

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Tom Allen wrote:
Mon Jun 24, 2019 3:15 am
But if the KH is not nearby, then the BT is useless, no?
Only the person unlocking the lock has to be within BT range. Both the keyholder has an online account. And, the Lockee has an online account. The keyholder can then grant access to the Lockee's account. He logs into his account that checks online to see if he is allowed to access the lockbox or not. If he is allowed to access it, then he can connect to it via BT and unlock the box.

The "Owner" account allows the keyholder to monitor all usage of the box. She can give him permission to use the box. Or, she can set up a window of time when he will be allowed to use the box. She can also check activity logs. So, she can tell IF/WHEN he accessed the box. And... when he put the key back.
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