After 11 years, the HT Nub is the one for me.

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After 11 years, the HT Nub is the one for me.

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I have spent about $2K on chastity devices. Some custom, many well known brands and most cheap ones to try out the style. I wear a cage 24/7/365. It came off twice when I was sent to the emergency room for surgery. Other than that I wear it 99% of the time. I no longer am allowed to remove it for cleaning so I use a hand held shower head with a sponge swab.

I have a real small cock. Not the 4 or 5 inch ones you see in porn. I am about 1.5" flaccid and not much more erect. The nub works perfect and is so comfortable with Boy Shorts underwear for support that since switching to it I am so unaware that I am locked.

I live in the nub an it is a perfect fit for me and no pull out. It took a lot of money and testing but this is my cage of choice. I do buy a new one every two years though as they are not metal. I also use a new lock every 3 months since I had one fail on me. Not the fail that oil could fix. The end part just spun an no longer connected the rest of the lock so no way to turn it. Now I have bold cutters and tested them on my old Nub and they do cut through the cage.

I do recommend the Holy Trainer Nub for the under endowed like me. This is my third or forth year wearing one..
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