going back into chastity, need advice

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Re: going back into chastity, need advice

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It does NOT slip forward. Even with an erection a cell tower company would be proud of! That's a large part of the beauty of it. It holds the testicles together and forward and just doesn't allow the device to slip forward. I would still wear the DC but I need a ring size "in between" the standard sizes to keep from slipping a testicle back out. The ring is anatomically designed and very comfortable! More so than my HTv2, Bon4, or even Jailbird oval ring. The HTv2 and Bon 4 do not have adjustable gaps. The JB does; and hygiene is easier during extended (weeks/months) of wear.

The DC is not 'easy' to put on. One must push one's testicles forward, through the "ring" ("cuff" would be more accurate) and this takes some practice to learn to do with less frustration. Taking off is easier - just go slowly!

I wore it under my lycra bike shorts (actually two pair the first time to 'hide' it from the other rider) and it was not noticeable. One pair - well it's noticeable, but not so bad. Cover the lock and you'll be fine. If the chamois lining of your shorts comes up high in the front, it may cover the lock - in which case the device is not obvious. Or use a plastic security tag if it's really important in your play.

Additionally, off topic, I wore it through a metal detector at a prison. The brass lock did not trigger an alarm.

Hope this helps in your decision making process.
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Re: going back into chastity, need advice

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bendi wrote: I'm getting back together with my ex after about a year of being apart, and chastity is a BIG thing for her.
Curious about the backstory to how chastity is so important to her. How did that come up and evolve?
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