Turnabout Is Fair Play - Deepthroat Mix

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Turnabout Is Fair Play - Deepthroat Mix

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The following is based on a true story. It’s offered here in Fiction because, though the events depicted here did happen more or less as presented, I have written them from memory, and memory is somewhat untrustworthy at the best of times. In this case, given the surprising direction and completely unexpected intensity of events, I suspect my memory has unintentionally embellished them. At least, in looking back on what I’ve written, I have a hard time believing I haven’t embellished something in here, though I can’t quite sort out what.

My wife is my Keyholder and has been for some years now. As I assume is common, we started out dabbling, me locked for a few days at a time and long periods between “play time.” But in the last few years, we’ve settled into a “lifestyle chastity” groove. I am locked 24/7 and the cage only comes off when she wants her toys unlocked. We are not in anything I would call an FLR, I am neither submissive enough nor my wife dominant enough for that, but we have adopted what you might call a Female Led Bedroom. Or maybe it’s an FLR with the R standing for Romance instead of Relationship.

When it comes to sex, she has total authority. I can attempt to initiate things – and I do! - but she has the final say in how far anything goes. As far as I’m concerned, it’s been that way since the start of our chastity play, but it’s taken her a while to realize her power. But, well, we’ve been doing this long enough that now she has. She finally realized that tease and denial isn’t some unforgivable crime she should feel guilty about, but something that brings me great pleasure and joy.

She also knows how kinky I am and how much I enjoy sexual submission. I said above I am not submissive enough for an FLR, but that really only applies to life outside the bedroom. By bedroom of course I just mean “sex” because we don’t always limit our sex to the bedroom! (though with three kids still in the house, “don’t always” doesn’t mean “frequently”). From a sexual standpoint, the few limits I have conveniently overlap with those of my wife’s, so it is safe for me to have a consensual non-consent relationship with her. She has permission to do whatever she wants and we agree that my body is her property to use as she sees fit. It’s really role-play writ large. In ordinary moments, we are a vanilla couple with jobs and kids and a pretty traditional marriage where I take the lead. But, she has the power to snap her fingers and put me in “slave mode” whenever she wants. She has been doing that more often lately, and I am both excited and nervous.

It used to be the other way around. For some time before chastity, she was my slave girl in the same sort of CNC dynamic. Most of her time as my slave she found fun, but some of it she described as “more tolerable than fun.” Now that the collar is on the other neck, so to speak (she doesn’t actually make me wear a collar 24/7 as I did her, since she says the cage serves that purpose) , both the “fun” and the “tolerable” aspects are now coming full circle. “Turnabout is fair play” is a phrase she has started using, when she has me re-creating some aspect of her slavery. I can hardly argue, can I, when she’s just doing with me what I did with her, right?

We were some time into the lifestyle aspects, and she had progressed to keeping me locked weeks at a time. I wanted to try introducing her to me fucking her with a strap-on while I remained caged. I ordered a nice Vixskin dildo (they’re expensive, but I wanted to ensure every chance she would like this and want to keep doing it). Selecting which one to buy was a bit of a challenge, they have several in different sizes. I figured the safest thing would be to start with something around my own size. I’m just short of 7 inches erect, so that part was easy, but the girth was another story. How big around was I? It wasn’t like I could measure, I was locked in a chastity cage. So I guessed. I built a harness for it when it arrived. I’m handy and like making things, especially kinky things.

As I pondered how I wanted to raise the idea with her, the perfect opportunity suddenly presented itself, karma-like. One Friday night, a rarity of rarities occurred – all the kids were out of the house for the entire night, either at camp or with friends. So we were going skinny-dipping in our hot tub.

In the bedroom I stripped, but put the harness on and then my robe over that without letting her see the harness or dildo. We walked out to the hot tub, and I said “Hey, I have something we could try” as I took the robe off. She laughed. Not in a bad way, more of a surprised way, and said “well, okay, we can try that” with a tone of voice that told me she was intrigued by the idea. Foreplay in the hot tub was a lot like me not being caged. We kissed, groped each other, and eventually she grabbed ahold of my new cock and slipped it into her. Here my choice of size turned out to be wrong. I thought I’d ordered a medium sized one, but it turns out my wife is NOT a size queen. She complained that the dildo was too big and hurt a bit, so we didn’t really go for very long.

But the good news was she liked the general idea, so I bought another slightly smaller dildo. It showed up and we used it – in bed this time - and she was an instant fan. Using info gleaned from Tom Allen, I poured boiling water into a large thermos, put the dildo in, and closed the lid. A half hour later, when I pulled it out, it was noticeably warmer than body temperature (one of these days I need to use a laser thermometer to see just how hot). She’d been warming herself up with her Womanizer and already had an orgasm, so she was very wet and I didn’t use much lube after I got the dildo harnessed up. I climbed up on the bed and – Missionary position – slid the dildo into her. She shuddered and I thought maybe she’d had another orgasm on the first stroke. She later said no, but that that hot poker sliding into her nearly did get her off on one stroke. Which would have been astonishing as she has never orgasmed from penetration alone before in her entire life. She didn’t come from penetration this time either, but she very much enjoyed it. The hotter-than-body-temp feeling was something she later said was “Devine.”

I thrust in that position for a while. It felt so strange. Well, it didn’t feel, I guess is the point. It was an odd sensation to be thrusting into my wife, hearing her moan, feeling the motion in my hips, knowing I was fucking her, but with absolutely no feeling of being inside of her. I couldn’t even tell if I was inside her without looking. At one point, I even asked her “am I inside you?”

She smiled and whispered “oh, yes.”

Later, while I was cleaning the dildo, she asked what happened to the other one, the first one that was too big. I said it was in the toy box. Didn’t seem like the sort of thing you could return, especially after using it. I asked if she thought she wanted to try the bigger one again. She said no, she liked the new one just fine, then said “maybe I should try it on you.”

I wasn’t sure if she was serious or not. We’ll do things like that, throw out ideas that might be pushing boundaries to see what response they get. This one sent a silent shiver down my spine – being pegged by my wife was something that thrilled and frightened me. Which made it a perfect idea.
“I think usually the Keyholder gets the bigger one and pegs her guy with the smaller one,” I replied. “But you’re in charge, Your Majesty.”

She smiled, and out came that phrase. “Turnabout is fair play. You always wanted to fuck me in the ass.”

She never liked being fucked in the ass. It was one of those “tolerable” things, and just barely, so one we didn’t do often at all, because I knew she wasn’t a fan of it. But it was something I frequently threatened to do as a bit of mind-fuckery, often pressing the tip of my cock up against her hole and talking about how good it will feel to push inside her, before going on to doing something else. I’d tell her “You’ve been such an obedient slave, I guess I don’t need to fuck you in the ass to remind you that I own you.”

Nothing happened that night, or for several more. Then I got a little lackadaisical about some of my chores. We don’t have an FLR, but I did ask my wife to use her Keyholder authority to assign chores around the house. As I explained, doing the dishes or cleaning the toilet is usually just a chore that needs to be done and doesn’t provide much enjoyment beyond just getting it done. But cleaning the toilet because your Keyholder has ordered you to, well, now that’s foreplay. Suddenly a routine household chore has sexual connotations and becomes much more enjoyable. Not to mention, picking up more of the load around the house let’s her have more energy to put into playtime. Unsurprisingly, she was more than happy to oblige.

So I have some chores. Quite a few, really, and I fell behind because I’d gotten a new 3D printer and was spending too much time playing around with it. So on Saturday night, we have a “performance review” ritual where she grades my performance over the last week.

It wasn’t a satisfactory rating. And that meant some sort of punishment. We’d been struggling with that. We want to incorporate some Domestic Discipline, but there are obstacles. For one, I enjoy being spanked, and for her to beat me hard enough I don’t enjoy it would get rather loud, and we have kids in the house. The most common form of punishment's is denying me teasing. This is actually a very powerful incentive, I crave teasing and want to make sure I earn it, but withholding it has it’s problems as a punishment. Mostly, we both really enjoy the teasing, it really helps keep me in the right mindset, and she can’t help herself doing it anyway.

So, I guess she thought back to her time as my slave girl and remembered the bit about anal sex as a threatened punishment for lack of obedience. And I heard that phrase. “Turnabout is fair play, maybe you need to be fucked in the ass to teach you to get your chores done.”

I never really expected her to want to do something like that. I was excited by the possibility, but I wasn’t sure I wanted a fake cock in my ass. I definitely never want a real one in there, and didn’t know how I’d feel about a fake one. But I did know that at least the part about my wife doing it to me as my Keyholder would be exciting.

She told me to get the harness and the “big” dildo. She didn’t want to get hers – the one that goes in her pussy that is - “dirty” so we would have to use the bigger one. Convenient logic, right? I got the harness and fished the big Vixskin out of the bottom of the toy box where it had languished since that first failed use. I knelt in front of her, naked but for my cage, and helped her put it on. After I had the straps connected and adjusted, there I was with it waving in my face. And I was about to experience another of those turnabout moments.

“What’s the first rule of cocks?” she asked.

I gulped. And opened my mouth. I remembered.

As my slave girl, I taught her that the “first rule of cocks” was if mine was in front of her face, she was to open her mouth and take it in. So, now I did the same thing with this strap-on dildo.

“And you remember the second rule, don’t you?”

I nodded, the head of the thing in my mouth. The second rule of cocks was, once a cock was in your mouth, you couldn’t take it out without permission.

“Show me how far you can take it,” she said. I’d said those words to her many times before. Turnabout. I moved my head forward until I felt the first twinges of a gag reflex. I think maybe half of the thing was in my mouth. “Maybe we should do some deepthroat training before you get it in your ass,” she said.

We’d tried that with her, years ago. I would try to gradually get more of my cock into her mouth, but we were never able to get very far. She had much too strong a gag reflex, and I didn’t want to push her. I’d have felt horrible if I made her throw up.

“Let’s go in the bathroom, just in case you have a problem,” she said, pulling the dildo out of my mouth. I followed her, on hands and knees, since she hadn’t given me permission to get up, and once she had me in our walk-in shower, she put the thing back in front of my face.

I took it in and kept going until I felt it towards my throat. She fucked my face in that position for a little bit, gently, not going past where I’d gone, but still eliciting a couple of gagging noises from me. Then she stopped and told me to show her how far I could take it again. I slid forward on it, and got a little farther this time. She held it there, said she wanted me to practice letting it sit right at the gag point. This was all right out of the playbook I’d used with her, only, for some reason, it was working better with me. I guess I just have more control over my gag reflex, and honestly, it did take concentration to suppress it.

We played like that for a while, and when she finally pulled the dildo out of my mouth and told me to stand up, I could see an exciting look in her eyes. She was really enjoying this.

“I’ve changed my mind,” she said. “I’m not going to fuck you in the ass tonight. You’re going to do deepthroat training instead as your punishment. Stay here, I’ll be right back.”

She left and returned shortly with her phone. She brought up an interval training app. We both have it and use it for workouts and stretching. It’s really flexible to set up different programs, and she created one on the spot for me. It was twenty seconds on, and ten seconds rest, with ten repetitions to the cycle.

“Here,” she said, taking the harness off, removing the dildo and handing it to me. “I’m going to start the time. When it says ‘start’, you put that in your mouth as far as you can take it and hold it there until you hear ‘stop.’ Got it?”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” I said.

I heard the synthesized female voice of the app say “Prepare.” Then there were three beeps one second apart, and it said “Start.”

I put the dildo in and took it as far back as I could. I held it there, fighting the gag reflex and focusing on relaxing. That first cycle was hard, but the second cycle was easier. On the third, I got the idea of turning the dildo the other way, so the curve pointed down my throat instead of up at the roof of my mouth. I also tilted my head back a little. Both those two things allowed it to go in further. It was just starting to enter my throat, and it took a lot of concentration not to gag.

“I like that,” I heard her say. “Very good, you’re doing good.”

I tried over the remaining cycles to get it further in, but I couldn’t. I did however, realize it was getting easier to keep it at the entrance to my throat without reflex. After the last cycle, she took the dildo and said “Very good. I think we’ll do more tomorrow night.”

We went to bed and she teased my captive balls, fondling and squeezing them until I was at the edge of orgasm, then she said “okay, enough,” and stopped. We talked about what we’d just done, and I said that – much like never wanting a real cock in my ass – I was repulsed by the idea of giving another guy a blowjob, but was incredibly turned on by having my wife’s strap-on in my mouth. She said she’d enjoyed it too, mostly as a little bit of a payback for all the blowjobs she’d given me. Before falling asleep, we agreed we’d do more.

So Sunday night I was back in the shower, naked but for the cage, and my wife started up the timer again. The first one I struggled with a bit. The second one felt okay. The third one, she was encouraging me to push farther, and I did. I managed to hit the back of my throat, which stopped the dildo going in further, but I was able to completely suppress my gag reflex. The next one I got to the same place and, pushing a little harder, suddenly the head of the dildo just… popped down my throat and the base of the dildo was up against my teeth.

It was all the way in! I heard my wife gasp a bit, and when the timer said “stop” and I pulled it out, I was gasping and spluttering a bit, but she asked if I really just deepthroated it. I nodded yes, and said I was surprised. I’d assumed it would be impossible, or maybe possible but would take weeks of training. She just shook her head and mumbled something about “no gag reflex” and “I could never do that.”

She told me to do it again, to keep going with the timer. I got in all the way in again. I gagged a couple of time, had to pull it out once before the timer went off, but got it right back down. After a couple more, she said “wait, we’re going to restart this, but I want the harness.”

She left, came back with the harness, and – just like last night had started – I was on my knees getting her strapped in. Only this time, she stopped and cuffed my hands together behind my back, and when the dildo waved in front of my face, I took it in and all the way down it went. It was pointed up this time, and caught briefly at the back of my throat, but she pushed and it bent down and slid all the way into me.

So now, there I was, on my knees with my nose buried in my wife’s pubic hair and 7 inches of artificial cock down my throat. I was focused on keeping my throat still, not spasming. I couldn’t really breathe. I could take a little air in around the dildo, but I couldn’t exhale. Air flowing up made my throat close around the dildo. I was just plugged and no air came out. She was using the timer app again, and lightly pressing her hand against the back of my head. This was a new sensation, and very trippy. My throat had a couple of involuntary spasms, trying to push the dildo out. Each time that happened, my wife’s hand came off the back of my head. She wasn’t forcing me onto it, but I wanted to keep it down, to prove I could do it.

And honestly, though I have less than zero desire to ever suck a real cock, having my wife’s fake cock down my throat was an amazing experience. I was getting into subspace, and forced myself to hold it down until the timer went off.

I finally heard the countdown beeps, and then the voice said “Stop.” I came off of the dildo, gasping and swallowing hard. I looked up at my wife, and she was looking at me with a slightly wide-eyed look in her eyes. She looked like she was power-tripping a little, something she rarely does. The countdown beeps came again, and the voice said “Start.”

She gently pushed on the back of my head, and I took the dildo back into my mouth. It stuck briefly on the way in. The dildo had a pronounced curve up, and the head didn’t want to easily turn the other direction to go down my throat. I took another try and got it pointed down. I had another minor hesitation as it slid into my throat and another spasm came, but I pushed – literally – past that and it was all the way in again.

Her pubic hair tickled my nose. She wasn’t moving her hips at all, she was leaving it up to me to control everything. I was thankful for that, it made it easier for me to keep control of myself. I gagged pretty hard, but kept it down. I still couldn’t breathe. Twenty seconds seemed like forever. I made a couple of involuntary noises, and each time I did her hand would move away, then settle back gently onto my head after a moment.

Beep, beep, beep, Stop.

I pulled my head back, gasping. The dildo was covered in slobber and a bunch poured out onto my chin. My hands were still cuffed behind my back so I couldn’t wipe my face. It seemed like I’d only had time to take a couple of breaths before the 10 second rest time expired and I heard “Start.”
It went down in one smooth glide this time, all the way down. I could still feel my gag reflex on the verge of triggering, and I still had to focus on relaxing so it didn’t trigger. This time, the involuntary action from my body was a couple of attempts to swallow. Since I’d gotten it down quicker this time, the twenty seconds felt longer. It was down there for pretty much the entire time, and I felt a little panic rising as the beeps came, and when I heard “Stop” and came off it, I was trying to gasp and swallow and spit all at the same time. I heard Her Majesty say “Wow, you’re doing great. That doesn’t look easy.”

I had to finish swallowing before I could answer her, but before I could do that, I heard beeps and “Start” again.

It went straight down. My nose actually hit her pubic mound hard enough I noticed it. She must have been getting more comfortable with the situation, more confident I wasn’t going to up-chuck or choke (well, I was choking, but with a lot of mental effort suppressing any physical response pretty damn well by now). She put her hand on the back of my head with more force now. She was holding my head against her, holding me on her dildo.

When the timer went off and I started to pull off of the dildo, her hand held me down briefly, and I felt a sudden rush of panic, arousal, lust, a massive surge of subspace feelings, before she let go and I got the dildo out of my throat.

At this point, I’d lost track of how many cycles I’d gone through. Looking back at this writeup, I’m not sure I didn’t miss a cycle or two, but these are the highlights as I remember it. I knew the timer program was set for ten start-stop cycles, but at this point, gasping for air with slobber all over my chin and my not-usually-assertive wife starting to get rather aggressive about my “deepthroat training”, I had no idea how many more times I needed to get that dildo down my throat.

She began pushing my head down onto the dildo and holding it there. Not every time was smooth, I still gagged or got the head stuck at the entrance to my throat sometimes. I felt bad when it happened, that I was cheating or falling behind if I took more than a second or two to get it down, since I was supposed to hold it down for twenty seconds at a time. It was amazing how much I was enjoying this. I always thought the idea of my wife forcing me to give her a blowjob while she was wearing a strap-on would be hot and push my submissive buttons, but I never realized how hot it would be to have her strap-on all the way down my throat.

Well, honestly, I never thought I could get it down, I figured I would hit a gag-reflex problem long before then. But here I was, on my knees in front of my wife, hands tied behind my back, and literally choking on the dildo she was wearing while I tried my hardest to get it even farther down, opening my jaws and pressing against her flesh around the strap-on. I was actually surprised at how easy it was to deepthroat it. And I was surprised at how into it my wife was getting.

Like I said, I’d lost track of the cycles, so I didn’t realize when I was on the last cycle, but I was hoping it was getting close. As much as I was into it, I was hitting a bit of a wall and needed a break soon. Anyway, beep, beep, beep, Start, and down it went. I was managing to keep my throat relaxed and to ignore the fact I couldn’t breathe. I had a couple of small gag responses, nothing more than a “gurk” noise. But this time, instead of taking her hand off the back of my head, my wife pressed even harder when I gagged. I held out, and felt a wave of relief when the timer beeps started.

Beep, beep, beep, Stop.

Only, she didn’t let me off the dildo. Her hand pressed even more firmly on the back of my head as I started trying to pull off. “Keep it down,” she said, holding my head firmly against her with both hands now. “Ten more seconds, you can do it.”

I gagged hard, surprised, but I fought to do what she said. The panic of not being able to breathe, the panic of having something rammed down my throat, I was close to losing the battle and those ten seconds took forever. When she finally let go and I pulled myself off the dildo, I was a mess.

While I knelt there, trying to gather myself, suddenly my wife was kneeling next to me, kissing my neck and whispering “that was so hot, I can’t believe it.” into my ear. She took the harness off, gave it to me and said “go put it on with my cock, I want to be fucked by you.”

She did get fucked. And came twice with the Womanizer. I stayed locked, but she did edge me three times, which was complete bliss for me. It took a while for me to fall asleep after, and I was laying there thinking about the feeling of that dildo down my throat, the feeling of it pushing past the entrance, of having it there. It was also the first thing I thought about when I woke up the next morning, and I began to think I might have a new, rather embarrassing, addiction.

Monday night, as I was brushing my teeth getting ready for bed, my wife said something about me being used to having stuff in my mouth now. I smiled, rinsed out the toothpaste, and asked her if she was going to deepthroat me again tonight. She thought for a moment, indicated the tooth brush and asked “are you all done?”

“Yes,” I nodded.

“Yes, what?” she asked.

“Oh,” I said, and knelt in front of her. “Yes, Your Highness.”

She smiled. “That’s better. Now strip and go fetch the dildo. Just the dildo, not the harness.”

I did as instructed, including fetching a pair of handcuffs she added to the list as I stripped. She cuffed my hands behind my back, and instead of wearing the dildo in the harness, she used the suction base to stick it to the glass block shower wall at mouth height for me. “Get warmed up while I go get my phone.”

I stepped up to the dildo and took it in my mouth. It was pointed up, higher difficulty level I guess, and I started down on it. It stuck pretty hard at the entrance to my throat and I couldn’t get it to go down. As I backed off, my throat felt much more violated than then night before, and it hadn’t even gone in yet. Suddenly it dawned on me, it was dry, I needed to get some lubrication on the tip. I worked back and forth on the dildo, slathering it with my tongue, and before my Keyhoder returned, I’d managed to get it all the way down and hold it a couple of times.

“Okay,” she said. “Same training as last night, except use it against the wall. Oh, and I set the timer for 30 seconds down.”

“Thirty seconds?” I asked. “You know, I can’t breathe while it’s down there.”

She looked at me. “Really?” she asked. “I didn’t know that. Makes sense. But you can hold your breath for thirty seconds easy. And you forgot to call me your Queen.” she slapped my balls rather hard with her hand

“I’m sorry, Your Majesty,” I quickly said, grunting a bit from the pain. ‘Yes, Your Majesty, I can hold my breath that long.”

“Good,” she said, and hit start on the timer.

Beep, beep, beep, Start. I took the dildo down again, almost in one single motion. Thirty seconds was an eternity though. It was getting very hard not to gag towards the end, and I was very relieved when I heard the countdown beeps.

The second time wasn’t any easier. The difference between twenty and thirty seconds with a 7 inch dildo down my throat was very noticiable. At twenty seconds, when I came off the dildo, there was a lot of saliva and I had to swallow two or three times to clear it, but somewhere between twenty and thirty seconds, I started to drool. Profusely. I could feel it pouring down my chin and dripping onto my chest. By the fifth cycle, the drool had run down my body and I could feel it running along the base of my caged cock.

When I came off the dildo after the fifth cycle, it lost some suction and began to slide down. My wife reached up and grabbed it, reattaching it to the block wall. Only this time, she moved it a few inches higher so I was going to have to stand on my tip toes to reach it. She did, however, turn it around so the curve was pointing down making for an easier entrance.

Beep, beep, beep, start. I rose onto my toes as I took the head into my mouth and, with the curve pointing down, slid it directly in with no difficulty, no hesitation, nothing, just one smooth motion. I felt the corona of the head pop into my throat and then down and then my nose was pressed up against the wall. On my toes, my balance was a little shaky at first, and I accidentally leaned forward, driving it a fraction of an inch deeper as I flattened my nose a little against the glass block.

At that moment, I felt something deep in my groin. In an instant, with a sense of extreme shock, I knew I was over the threshold and suddenly I was having an orgasm. No hands, no toys, no vibrator touching my cock or balls, everything still tightly caged, just standing on my tip toes in order to deepthroat a large dildo for my wife’s entertainment. And cum pumping out of me like crazy.

And boy, was she ever entertained. She cut short my training session and asked about what just happened. I, still trying to swallow the large amount of saliva in my mouth, struggled to apologize for having an orgasm without permission, but that I didn’t feel it coming on, it just exploded out of no-where.

I’m not into humiliation play, though perhaps these events might make me question that belief, but wow was this embarrassing. That I was so turned on by having a dildo down my mouth that I had a spontaneous orgasm. Without permission. I suppose the fact it had been nearly three months since my last full orgasm might have had something to do with it, but still, both of us were surprised. And after talking a little more, both very amused, excited, and happy.

As I cleaned up the dildo, she said “This worked out well. Honestly, I wasn’t completely looking forward to pegging you.”

“You weren’t? I mean, I’m not surprised I guess, or I was surprised when you talked about it. I didn’t think you’d do that.”

“I thought I should try it,” she said. “And I have to admit, when I saw that strap-on sticking out from me, it was a total power trip. I got a little buzzy thinking about pounding you with it.”

I smiled, maybe a little nervously. I was a little buzzy thinking about it too.

“But I think I liked putting in your mouth instead,” she said. “For one thing, that,” she pointed at me cleaning the dildo, “would be a lot more disgusting if it had been in your ass.”

I nodded. “Yeah, I was actually wondering about that while I was strapping this onto you. Should I do an enema or something first.”

“Well,” she said. “I got plenty of a power trip putting that down your throat. God! Amazing, and I don’t even have any nerve endings in it. No wonder you always wanted me to do that. I suppose I forgive you for trying to get your cock down my throat back then.”

“That’s good news for me?” I asked.

“Of course,” she said. “Well, but I think that ‘forgiveness’ comes at the cost of me doing that to you on a regular basis now. But, it seems like you rather enjoyed it, didn’t you? And I still have to punish you for that, don’t I?”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” I said. And remembering to show gratitude, “Thank you for it, your Highness.”

“You’re welcome, slave,” she said, and then made an offhand comment wondering if they make bigger dildos.

“Oh, yes, much bigger,” I said. She smiled. She didn’t say anything else and we went to bed, but now it’s the next day and I have a browser window open, looking at an 8 1/2 inch long, 2 inch thick Vixskin Outlaw. I haven’t worked up the nerve to push the buy button yet, but if I do, I’m quite certain that monster will be down my throat shortly after it shows up. And I cannot believe how excited that makes me.
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Re: Turnabout Is Fair Play - Deepthroat Mix

Post by Tom Allen »

Good tale, and well written.
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Re: Turnabout Is Fair Play - Deepthroat Mix

Post by WifeIsVanilla »

I really enjoyed this. Like you, I am a devout heterosexual, but the idea of turnabout-is-fair-play / blow-job-revenge via my wife's fake cock . . . WOW!

Thank you for writing and posting this!!
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Re: Turnabout Is Fair Play - Deepthroat Mix

Post by whoami »

Great story! Thanks for posting it. Definitely pushed my buttons.
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Re: Turnabout Is Fair Play - Deepthroat Mix

Post by lockedforfun »

Thanks for the encouragement. I have a couple more chapters of "Turnabout" in the works, but I'm going to take a diversion into Science Fiction for a bit. I'll get back to this, though it's obviously more of a Power Exchange trip than a pure Chastitseriy trip. Well, so is the Amazon Dominatrixes from Space series I'm currently captivated by, but...
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Re: Turnabout Is Fair Play - Deepthroat Mix

Post by WifeIsVanilla »

You write VERY well, and the the power exchange thing pushed my buttons too.
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Past Devices: Curve & CB 6000s. Both broke, were repaired; then broke beyond repair.
Current Devices: MM Jail Bird, Cobra, MM Watchful Mistress, Holy Trainer v3, a new Curve & the dreaded Spiked Chamber.
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Re: Turnabout Is Fair Play - Deepthroat Mix

Post by MissyBsBitch »

I too enjoyed this story and found myself relating to your story on many instances.
I'm a big fan of the "turnabout is fair play". I know of the struggle with the curve in the Vixskin dildo when the curve is up vs down. I have also experienced a spontaneous orgasm from nothing more than gaging on a dildo.
I do encourage you and your wife to give pegging a couple of goes. You will probably find the first couple of attempts awkward and uncomfortable, but I love being pegged now and as you say, "turnabout is fair play".
Once again loved your story.
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