Date Night

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Date Night

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This date night had been planned for a couple of weeks, but I was especially looking forward to it. Ordinarily, date night meant leaving the kids at Grandma’s, coming home to shower and dress, off to dinner and then back home, followed by sex not tempered by the presence of children in the house. This one would be different, for a couple of reasons. For one, I’d been in the cage for almost four weeks without even a minute out. All of her orgasms had been from my fingers, my tongue, dildos and/ or vibrators. I was certain she’d let me out tonight. Even if she didn’t let me orgasm, she’d at least let me feel a real, unconstrained erection, and probably let me inside her to feel the warmth of her pussy wrapped around me.

Hoping to lend some guarantee to that, I’d planned some extras for her this evening. She was out shopping, so I’d already gotten the kids out of the house. The bedroom was setup with towels draped over the end of the bed where I would give her a massage before we started getting ready. I was anxious, waiting in the kitchen, knowing that in mere moments, the front door would open and I could begin surprising her with my extra plans for the evening. I was hard in the cage just thinking about her reaction.

When the door did open, finally, I actually jumped a little. I went to the door to greet her, helping her unload, and then a long embrace.

“Where are the kids?” she asked, looking around, and the first of my surprises took shape.

“Already dropped them off. I wanted some extra time before we went to dinner.”

She smiled, honestly and pleasantly surprised. “Why would we need extra time?” she asked, her smile turning devious as her hand ran along the front of my pants and gripped the cage through the material.

I had to sigh a little as I throbbed in the steel. “I wanted to give you a real massage. If you go into the bedroom, get undressed and lay down, I’ll warm up some oil.”

Her eyes went wide. “Oh, wow. That is a nice surprise.” She walked away toward the bedroom, leaving me standing there needing a minute to gather myself. Then I moved quickly into the kitchen, using the microwave to quickly heat a bottle of massage oil. When I brought that into the bedroom, she was wearing a robe and sitting on the towel. I smiled, moving through the bedroom and into our master bathroom, where I started the garden tub filling with hot water.

Back into the bedroom, I took a minute to light a few candles around the room, and then some soft music. “You should lay down,” I said as I approached the bed.

“I think my massage boy should be naked,” she smirked, and her eyes looked me up and down.

The cage began to feel even tighter as I stripped down until it was all that was left. She pulled off the robe, and then lifted the chain holding the key to my cage over her head. She held it out to me, and I had a moment of head rushing euphoria before she said, “That’s not for you to use. Just put it on the table over there.”

Taking it from her, but not allowed to use it, was itself a submissive rush. I set it down, and brought the massage oil over to her. For the next hour, I gave her a real massage, working her muscles gently at first to warm her up, and then firmly, finding the knots and kneading them out. I worked her back, her butt, her arms and her legs, just like a real massage. I didn’t try anything sexual, but the tension was absolutely there the whole time for me. Working her naked body, while I was naked and caged, trying to make sure it wasn’t sexual; it was like ignoring the elephant in the room.

Once I was done, and the tub was filled, I took her hand and led my now sleepy wife into the bathroom. She stepped into and sank into the tub, letting out a long, luxurious sigh. “This is awesome.”

“I’m glad you like it. I’ll go get ready for our date now?”

“No, servant boy,” she smiled, getting into the role, “you need to wash that oil off my body.”

My heart skipped a beat. This was just the kind of submissive act that she never let me do. This was her gift to me, and I wasn’t going to pass. I started with the pitcher, gently pouring water over her hair, and then moving through the steps of washing, rinsing and conditioning. After that, a sponge and body wash, and slowly working over every piece of her body.

Once she was clean, she stood up, and I grabbed a couple of towels. I handed one to her, and used the other to start drying her off as she stepped out of the bath. When I was done, I wrapped the towel around her.

“Bring me the key to your cage,” she said. I went into the bedroom and brought it back to her, hoping. She put the chain over her head and the key fell to its place between her breasts. “Now you can go get ready for our date,” she said as she firmly gripped the cage. “Get your clothes out of the bedroom, and anything else you need, and take your shower and get ready in the guest bathroom. I want to surprise you.”

She let go of the cage and I exhaled deeply, and then followed her instructions. I gathered my razor and toothbrush from the bathroom, and then my clothes from the closet, and she followed me to the bedroom door. I heard it lock behind me, and then I was off to get showered and dressed.

Of course I was ready before her. I was so anxious that I couldn’t be slowed. When she finally appeared, the wait was worth it. Her blouse was definitely open an extra button more than normal, and her skirt was short enough to show off a lot of her amazing legs. The high heels and dark hose complimented the look, making her elegant and sexy. She crossed the room to embrace me, and nestled there between her breasts was the key to my cage, drawing my eye to her cleavage before the hug.

And then it was out the door and off to dinner. Of course, I held doors for her, car and otherwise. I was enamored to begin with, and out of my mind with denial and chastity. Dinner was awesome, an intimate evening with my oldest friend, good food and wine shared and enjoyed without the normal dating anxiety. The security and comfort of a long marriage paying itself back with a wonderful evening.

After dinner, we went straight back to the house, and I was almost shaking in anticipation. I’d put myself so far out there, I was certain my reward was coming. Once inside the front door, we began kissing, slowly at first, and then more and more passionately, pressing our bodies together as our lips embraced and our tongues danced.

She broke away first. “I had a really amazing evening,” she said. “Massage, bath, dinner, everything was just perfect. You deserve a little something in return. I think you should get naked and sit down on the couch.”

My eyes went wide. Sex in the living room never happened, at our age and point in our relationship. I tried not to rush, tried to be cool, as I moved toward the couch and began to take off my clothes. She just watched as I carefully folded everything and put it aside, and then sat down in the middle of the couch.

She put some music on the sound system, and then came to stand in front of me. She leaned over, the key dangling between us as her hands rested on the back of the couch, and she kissed me. She stood back up, and unzipped her skirt, wiggling to drop it to the floor.

“It’s been a while since I gave you a good lap dance, huh?”

My cock was now fully engorged to the limits of the steel. As she slowly unbuttoned the blouse, I took in the sight of the black stockings, held up by a traditional black garter belt and sexy straps, framing a lacy pair of black panties. The blouse was shrugged off to reveal a sexy black bra, barely able to do its job.

She began to sway seductively back and forth in front of me, her hands roaming along the curves of her body. “Don’t forget … no touching the dancer without permission,” she whispered. She spun slowly, the panties turned out to be a thong with a thin string, and her ass was exquisitely framed by the garters. My mind was melting. As she spun back around, her hands still roaming, her fingers found the key to my cage at the end of its chain, and played with it for a minute.

She dropped it as she crouched down and put her hands on my knees, spreading her legs, her pussy almost visible through the thin panties, her hands roaming up my thighs to almost, almost touch my caged cock. She stood again, and this time, she kicked off the heels and then knelt on the couch, straddling me. One of her hands wrapped around the back of my neck as the other kept rubbing her body, taking a long minute to rub along the outside of her panties, making herself moan quietly.

She brought her other hand up to my neck as well, and then I could feel the soft silk of the panties grinding into my cage as she began to kiss me again. The kiss was passionate, extended, her hips working back and forth across the cage, the silk caressing the small pieces of my cock swelling through the bars of the cage. When she broke the kiss, I was literally whimpering, and whispered a soft but sincere, “please.”

“Oh, baby … I know you love this. I know what you really need,” she whispered as she pulled my head forward to nestle in her breasts. The key to my cage was right there, as I gave soft kisses to the exposed tops of her breasts. She let me go, and I sank back with a long and pained exhalation. She moved one of her knees across me so she was on all fours across my lap, wiggling her ass. “Rub it,” she said.

I moved a hand up to her ass and began to caress her. She moved and leaned down until her mouth was next to the cage, and began to blow on the cage, and then lick and kiss my balls. I let a finger glide down her crack, feeling the very thin material of the thong, and pressed gently against her asshole. She moaned, and sucked hard on one ball, causing me to gasp with the slight pain.

She crawled forward, straddling me again, but this time facing away from me. Now it was her amazing butt cheeks wrapped around my caged and throbbing cock. She was grinding, driving me crazy, as she leaned forward and reached back to unclasp her bra. She shrugged it off, tossing it aside, and grabbed one my hands, wrapping it around her body to one of her breasts.

She moaned and ground a little harder as I began kneading the flesh and rubbing the nipple. She leaned back, her head beside mine, and I could feel her hand reaching down between her legs, and finding my balls, gently caressing them. Then, she stood in front of me, swaying to the music again, running her hands along her body, bending over, teasing me with her ass.

“Kiss it,” she said as she looked back at me, bent over, pointing to one cheek. I leaned forward and planted a gentle peck where she was pointing, and then leaned back. She worked fingers under the top of her panties, and without turning around, worked them down over her ass, and down her legs. She turned around as she stepped out of them, and now she was before me again, naked, rubbing more focused areas, moaning as she found her clit and pinched her own nipple.

My cock throbbed and ached so much. “Please,” I whispered again.

She straddled my lap again, and when her pussy touched the cage, I could feel how wet and hot she was. That just made it hurt more. She rubbed it very gently back and forth, exciting and teasing herself as she answered me, “Baby, I know you think you want out of that cage,” she hit a good spot for herself and her eyes rolled and she sighed, and then went on, “but I also know how much you love the denial, the frustration,” I moaned loudly this time, pleading with my eyes, “… oh, I know,” she soothed, starting to grind harder, “you hate to love it sooo much.”

She held one of her breasts, cradling it as she wrapped her other hand around my neck, and pulled my mouth to her nipple. I began to suck gently, and she ground against the cage a little harder.

“But I know what always makes it feel better,” she offered, breathing much heavier now, grinding faster. “I know that my orgasms always help.”

I whimpered loudly as she moved my hand to the breast that I wasn’t sucking on. I grabbed a handful, sucking harder, and her movements got even faster. Suddenly, she pulled away, seeming to hate having to do it, but she turned around quickly on my lap, reached down, and now she actually guided my cage to the lips of her pussy, and slowly sank on to it.

I let out a loud cry now, but she ignored me, grabbing both of my hands, guiding one to her clit, and the other to her breast. I kneaded both breasts, pulling and pinching the nipples as my other hand worked her clit. She was barely moving on the cage, but it was more than enough to drive me insane, feeling how wet she was, how excited she was, but even worse was just a moment later when she came.

I felt every single contraction as her pussy clamped down on the cage. I counted them, almost crying with frustration, and excitement. It was the most amazing, delicious, unfathomable torment and torture and tease. I cried out again, all of my emotions inexpressible in that moment, as she shook and gasped and moaned through her own experience.

When she finished, she lifted herself slightly, letting the cage fall, and then settled down on my lap again. I wrapped her in my arms, holding her now, as she slowly recovered. I was shaking even more than her, my mind simply melted and exhausted, my cock throbbing and aching and desperate like I’d never known.

When her breathing returned to closer to normal, she stood up, and turned to take my hand and pull me up. We embraced, and kissed passionately again, my hands roaming around her and down to her ass, my caged cock pressing against her. She broke the kiss, and the embrace, and turned to lead me away, toward our bedroom.

Me, naked but for the cage, following her, in just garters and stockings, and the key on a chain, was still blowing my mind. When we got to our bedroom she turned and embraced me again. “Bedtime,” she whispered. We both moved into our bedroom, me laying down and her trading the garters and stocking for a silky nightie. She laid down with me, curling into my arms, one of her hands finding the cage to just hold it.

We kissed again briefly, muttered good nights, and a few minutes later, I could tell she was slipping away. Her hand still gripping my cage would keep me awake for another hour as I continued to shake off the extreme denial that I’d just experienced, and loved to hate.
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Re: Date Night

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Nicely done. Thanks for an enjoyable story.
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Re: Date Night

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Amazing! Thankyou SO much.
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Re: Date Night

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Very nice story. Love and denial, they can go hand in hand without having to show cruelty!
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Re: Date Night

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Excellent! Very well written. Thank you.
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