Cold Steel Part 3

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Cold Steel Part 3

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So I don’t break free? This woman keeps surpassing what expect, it’s driving me absolutely crazy. She gave me a kiss before I headed toward the room. The door opens and I am greeted by a new bed and frame. This bed was massive it had to be a king size at least, and the frame and backboard were made of a thick metal which I could only assume was steel, it seemed to match the theme of today.

On the frame it has four posts with chains attached at the top and they all were laid out to point to the middle. I laid on the bed only to find it was the perfect balance between soft and hard and then attached three of the handcuffs to three of the posts. There wasn’t enough slack to attach the last one on my free hand. Seems Rose wasn’t kidding about breaking free, my heartbeat both in my chest and cock became harder and harder.

I couldn’t wait for this to start, to see how much of this side of Rose there was. That’s when she entered, my mouth began to drool. She wore black lace lingerie with stockings to match, her makeup done to make her look absolutely stunning and that rose red lipstick she wore... I’m in heaven.

“I see you saved me some work, good boy” as she locked the remaining handcuff to the last post she asked me
“Are you ready?”
“I am”
“Good, now squirm for me” she ordered as she pulled out a frayed leather whip and gave me a firm whip to my inner thigh. Waves of ecstasy flowed through my body, I said it once and I’ll say it again. I’m in heaven

To be continued
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