Girl's Talk pt 2

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Girl's Talk pt 2

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Time he jumped in the shower. Rick had been sweating in the garden all Saturday and felt sticky and dusty. As agreed with Esther he undressed in the pantry so he didn't bring dust and sand into the house. Stripped down to his underpants he wanted to enter the kitchen, but then changed his mind. Slowly he poached his boxer down and fixed his gaze on his new cock cage.

Mini cock cage actually, because clearly a considerable size smaller than the first one he had ordered a year ago. A familiar horniness attacked him. So naked, with a chastity cage around his dick he entered the kitchen. As if it was the most normal thing in the world. And even though that cage felt very normal nowadays, he wore it 24/7, when he fully realized that fact he immediately became horny as hell. His dick started to swell in the cage.

'Leave everything in the laundry basket', Esther said as she heard him come in. 'I did,' Rick answered and stepped into the kitchen. But oh, that was an unexpected scene. At the kitchen table sat Esther's girlfriend Shirley with a glass of wine and of course she looked at Rick when he entered the kitchen unsuspectingly and extremely horny.

Immediately he put his hands in front of his cage. He blushed and grabbed the door handle behind him to quickly flee back into the pantry. Shirley started laughing and Esther turned away from the sink. She laughed as well. 'You don't have to be ashamed,' she said, 'I've told Shirley everything. That's why she's here.'

Rick hoped the earth would open en swallow him, but that was not going to happen. In the corner of his eye he saw Shirley with an amused smile. She was wearing a tight top and a leather skirt with lacing. He didn't know her like that. He realized there was no turning back. Shirley knew his secret and Monique had her fun with that.

How many times had he fantasized that the neighbor would catch him if she happened to look through the window while he was on his knees and tried to satisfy himself anally with a big dildo? Or that Esther's friend was staying and accidentally walked into the bathroom while he happened to be there putting on his cage. Now it seemed like something much hornier was becoming reality and he instinctively decided to enjoy it.' Take a shower and shave first,' Esther said.

In the shower, while the great excitement slowly faded away, he took a moment to think. He remembered the image again. Even though Shirley was sitting there sipping wine, her outfit left little to guess. His cage started squeezing harder and harder while his dick swelled up again and filled the cage to the last millimeter. After ten minutes he turned off the tap and got out of the shower. He dried off, put on jogging pants and a clean T-shirt and walked down the stairs.

With the latch of the kitchen door in his hand he hesitated. How nonchalantly would he come in? Or would he walk very expectantly to Esther? But even before he had come to a decision he heard Esther's voice, more determined than he was accustomed to hearing from her. 'We've already heard you, you know. Just come in, and I'll have a surprise'.

The surprise was Shirley. She stood next to the kitchen table. Her leather skirt tightened around her big ass. She had taken off her top and instead wore a black leather push-up bra. In her hand she had a riding crop. 'Undress right away', Esther said with a smile. Shirley pointed to his pants with the whip. 'Take it off,' she said, gently with the whip bouncing in her left hand.

With his gaze firmly fixed on the swaying whip, Rick lowered his pants to the ground and stepped out. Shirley said, 'You wanted to get your ass spanked. Well, that's going to happen. But first something else. Esther says you can cook so well. So pour us a nice glass of wine and get to work'. He bent down to pick up his pants and put them on, but was stopped by a sharp pain that pulled through his left buttock. Shirley had quickly and accurately pulled out the whip.

'No, leave those pants, you won't need them tonight,' she said.Rick looked at Esther watching the scene with an evil smile. 'Isn't that what you wanted?' she said. 'Tonight all your dreams come true. And so will Shirley's,' she added, 'but I'm not sure whether you should be happy with that.'
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Re: Girl's Talk pt 2

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Good story! I can't wait to read the next chapter.
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