Girls talk pt 1

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Girls talk pt 1

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He now has an even smaller cage,' Esther said to her friend under a glass of wine. They saw each other a couple of times a year and when the normal conversation topics were finished, it inevitably ended up on their sex lives.

With Esther that had been virtually non-existent for years when her husband Rick had started wearing a chastity cage last year. He had read that it would be benificial for intimacy and that - because you can't masturbate with such a cage - he wouldn't waste any more sexual energy, but would instead focus on her. A frightening idea she had found at first. But she had to get used to it. Rick had already bought one and he had put it on that night.

She thought it a strange and a little funny sight when he stepped out of the bathroom naked except for that thing on his dick. It was transparent and made of plastic. It had indeed the shape of a limp cock and was firmly stuck behind his balls with a ring. Well, if that's what blows his skirt, I'll let him,she thought.

From that day on a lot had changed in their marriage.

Rick became more attentive. Cleaned up the mess behind his hole. Took her off her hands more and more often. Barely argued anymore. And became more and more physical. Caressed her back in passing. Put his arms around her as he stood behind her. Kissed her in the neck, which he hadn't done in the thirty years before. And they had agreed to be intimate once a week.

Intimate, that's what he had called it. Because of course it wasn't real sex like it used to be. After the first fiery years of marriage the children and new responsibilities had come and her lust was slowly extinguished. When they were still fucking she would let him do it and in the long run it was a job of half an hour and then she was off again. The intervals became longer and longer and finally it only happened once in a while, and very uncomfortably. Not a success most of the time. Wham bam, thank you ma'm.

She sometimes talked about it with her friend Shirley after a day of shopping or a visit to the cinema. Shirley had been divorced for years and although open-minded and anything but prudish, her sex life wasn't that spectacular either. Occasionally a one-night stand, often with a married man.

And once in a while a relationship of a month or so and then a dry-spell for months again, as she put it. Esther had hesitated for a long time before she mentioned Rick's new interest for the first time. Quite weird and awkward, but if you couldn't talk about it with your best friend, with whom could you ? Shirley asked out loud. And Esther spoke out loud.

After that night Shirley knew everything. How Rick had slowly become more and more sure of himself since he couldn't masturbate anymore. How their 'intimate afternoons' had slowly become more intimate and intense as Rick opened up and showed more and more of himself and his hidden desires. He became less and less the archetypal strong man he had always been - as you could see from the way he trimmed and shaved his pubic hair for example - and they hardly ever really fucked because he wanted to keep his cage on during their time together.

'It's enough for me if you enjoy me eating you out,' he had said. And yes, he did that more and more often, longer and frankly also better. After a few months she even started to look forward to their Sunday afternoons together. Shirley bent over from time to time not to miss a word of what her friend said.

'After about three months he asked me to keep the key to his cage,' Esther continued. 'And not only that, but preferably that I would wear it on a chain around my neck. As confirmation that his sexuality is in my hands, he stated that and also made it clear that he would like me to be the boss in bed. That I decide if the cage can be taken off and if he can come'. 'Strange story', Shirley had said, 'but I guess it serves you both well.

So that was a year ago and now they were chatting again. Shirley didn't restrain her curiosity and had asked about the developments with Rick, on which Esther had started talking about that new, smaller cage he was wearing now. 'He used to want his cock to look as big as possible,' Esther said in a muffled voice, looking around to make sure no one was eavesdropping. 'But now he finds it horny to walk around with that tiny cage. He even asks me to comment on it. To say that his cock has shrinked and that it is a good thing that it is locked up. No good for fucking me anyway. It turns him on when I say that, I see that the cage is starting to shake a bit from him getting hard then. Very weird actually'.

'Well that's not really unusual,' said Shirley to Esther's surprise. "When you told me about Rick I went Googling and I was taken by surprise by what I saw and read. In the beginning I was shocked by all those pictures of men of all ages and sizes posing with their cages and preferably also with their keyholders. But as I read more about it, it started to fascinate me more and more.

Anyway, that's how I know that many men want to be submissive by wearing a cock cage. Or that their submissive nature was the reason to find cock cages attractive to begin with. Why elese would they actually order and wear it. And if you want to behave submissive towards your partner as a man, you don't necessarily need a big cock of course. Such a small cage confirms his submissiveness and therefore makes him feel all the hornier.'

'Well', Esther said, 'you've really immersed yourself in it. Even more than I can hear. Yes, I told you it was beginning to fascinate me. Also because I noticed what it was doing to me,' Shirley said, 'I found out that I was actually a kind of dominatrix. That was often the reason a relationship broke up, because they thought I was too bossy, or a bitch.

And that's true in hindsight. I just want to be the boss, even in bed. I never realized that, but now I see it very clearly'. Are you consciously dating submissive men now?' 'Not really. I wouldn't know where to meet them. And the men I meet with going out are usually more of those cocky types'.

'Maybe you should come and give Rick a good spanking,' Esther laughed. 'He's been asking me to do that a lot lately, but I can't bring myself to do it. I think it's such a ridiculous idea. A grown man like that with his dick in a cage in his bare butt over my knee. I've done it once, but not really wholeheartedly, I'll say'. 'Of course you're joking, Shirley pondered, 'but actually I think it's a very horny idea. That I would give Rick glowing buttocks. Bare-handed, but maybe also with a hairbrush, or a riding crop or something like that.
When I see a woman spanking a sub on the internet I get completely wet'.

Esther looked thoughtfully into her glass for a while. When she lifted her head a smile was playing around her lips. 'Can you make it Saturday night?,' She asked.
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