Camping (2) A different way

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Camping (2) A different way

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The reception of the campsite was an old farmer house. It was well renovated and looked to be in an excellent condition. The natural yellow stones gave him the feeling of good old France beauty. No place on earth has such lovely houses. Besides all around the trees, the plants, it looked to be in an excellent condition and overgrown with flowers. They must have a good gardener over here!

‘You stay in the car. I ll manage. They speak English.’ Before he could answer she hopped out of the car and went straight in to the reception. It took a while before she came out. ‘Twenty eight is our place’. And there she hopped in to the car again and handed over the ground plan. They drove left around the corner of the office, downhill again. Fifteen, sixteen, he counted. Suddenly he eye struck on a couple. He couldn’t believe what he saw. The woman walking in het bikini. But the man… the man! Het was completely naked, except that he was wearing a chastity device. Just like that. Just in the open. Everyone could see it. And they just walked straight on the path as if it was normal. In unbelieve he slowly turned his face to his wife and said ‘No. No’. That’s all he could utter. His wife didn’t pay attention to his words and said ‘There it is twenty eight!’. She drove the car into the field. And again hopped out of the car. ‘Isn’t it beautiful here? ‘ She asked. He was still sitting in the car. Still in unbelief and in more fear then ever what waiting for him even more.

‘Hey boy, come out, there is work to do. The reception told me to come back while you can pitch the caravan and the tent. I’ll be back in half an hour or so. Oh yeah, and you are not supposed to leave this place. You see those to markers there with the number. Stay inside. We don’t want to embarrass other campers do we?. He was so flabbergasted that he wasn’t even able to protest. He just watched her walking away.

‘It's an excellent place’ he thought, maneuvering the caravan just below a huge tree. He was an excellent driver. ‘We’ll need the shadow’. It was hot, half way the afternoon. When the caravan was stabilized he pulled out the tent, sorted the poles and connected them. Then he lingered for a while around the place. Waiting for his wife to return and help. But she didn’t. At last he started for himself. It took him over half an hour, what a job to do alone. He became irritated. What the hell was she doing? He throw the carpet on the floor and spread out. The chairs, the table. He doubted: should he take a beer or wait for her. He find out that he didn’t dare to do it. Something had changed in her attitude. He rather would not let her down. Even being agitated he knew he liked her that way. So he waited.

An hour had passed when she came back. ‘Good work darling’, she said and hopped inside. Just as if it was normal the way he had been struggling around alone. ‘Lets have beer’.
She came out, settled in the chair and looked at him with a smile. He went in to the caravan, took the beer out of the fridge, two glasses. ‘So what have you been doing? I could have had a hand with the tent.’ ‘I had a chat with de camp-lady, Denise. They have really good programs to attend. It’s real fun how they manage the campsite. They are so smart. By the way, you didn’t make the bed ready, did you? ‘ ‘Uhhmmm, not yet’, was all he could bring out of his throat. ‘Would be nice if you do now right away. Then we can go down to the water. There is a lovely little river with a small beach and a place to swim. I’ll have my beer while you make the bed. Then bring me my bikini. ‘
Something swell in his cage. He went in the caravan and did as ordered. ‘Here’s your bikinii’, he said. ‘How about me?’. ‘What you mean ‘how about me’?’ She asked. Well shall I come with you? ‘ ‘Sure’, she answered. ‘But….’. ‘Oh come on, last month you were the device in the hot tub, you liked it so much, what’s the problem? You can put on your hawai-shorts, the will cover if that’s your point. ‘

They walked down the campsite. The second sight didn’t struck him as much as the first. There again was a woman, sitting in her chair. The men walking around. Naked. And with a device. Was it the same man? He doubted. ‘It’s nice here, isn’t it. ‘, she said. ‘Uhhmm, yes, but..’. In the next pitch a man was washing the dishes, again naked, he could not see it clearly but he had no doubts anymore. This would become a very special holiday. Very special.
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Re: Camping (2) A different way

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