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We were driving half way France, deep into the country. We had left the toll-way an hour ago. It was a long drive. The first day we drove for 8 hours to a small campground to spend the night. My wife had told me that it took two days to reach our goal. It was the first time that she had chosen a campsite. It was a sign of the changing of our roles. Until now I was the one who choose the site. Of course I always was taking into account that we had a region which would be fine for her too. The important thing for me was to be able to bike.
It was two months ago that she told me ‘I have found a lovely campground for our holidays. You will love it!’ I was eager to know what she had found. But she refused to tell anything at all. ‘Please, let me surprise you. I guarantee you, it’s lovely.’ And a little later: ‘Besides I am the one who makes the decisions, don’t I?’ I agreed, of course I did. But I was taken by surprise and still not accustomed to our new roles. In time, step by step, she had taken over control. More and more. It was lovely, But it also became more and more frightening.

We arrived in a little town. ‘We will have a ‘menu de jour’ here. ‘ I looked around and said ‘I doubt there is something good.’ Here answer struck me as by lightning. ‘Oh yes, turn right at the roundabout. It’s Auberge La Fontaine. They seem to have a very tasteful menu. ‘ I took a fast glimpse to my side. But she was just looking forward. I realized that this was planned. Not only this, but all the things to come. We turned right and there it was: Auberge La Fontaine.

We parked the car and went in. De menu of the day indeed was excellent. We had a foie gras as a starter, a lovely salmon and a crême brulée. The French sweet desert which we both like so much. We had just finished our crême brulée when she handed me the little blue box I know so well. ‘Darling, you better go to the toilet and put on the device. I will drive the last part.’ While travelling I never wear the chastity device. It’s uncomfortable in the seats and a crime if you have to go to the toilet on the way. So I knew we were reaching our destination. What did she had in mind? I had to admit: I had become more than curious and excited. And on one point she already had made a good score. The surroundings looked beautiful for cycling. It would be a nice cozy campsite I thought.

We took another drive. She was steering. After half an hour we turned off the main road to a much smaller road and passed some villages. Then again we turned into an even much smaller road. It would be hard to pass another car with our caravan, the road was too narrow for that. I looked a bit worried. What to do if a van or even a caravan would come from the other side?
Finally she slowed down even more. There was a sign ‘Chaîne d ‘amour’ and a large arrow pointing to the left. The paved way became sandy and a little bumpy, We drove slowly down the hill and finally reached a gate. There again the sign ‘Chaîne d’amour’. ‘What does that mean?’ I asked here. Although I knew she didn’t speak much French either. ‘Chain of Love’, she said. And she smiled at me. A smile which made me quiver. What for heavens sake would be behind the gate. I soon would find out. My wife stepped out of the car to the gate and rang the bell. Just a few moments later the gate opened. ‘You will love it.’ she said. And again there was that smile which had made me worried more often for the last few months.
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