The Bridge Game - A Sequel

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The Bridge Game - A Sequel

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The Bridge Game Part 2 (A Sequel)

To say my life has been interesting these past six months would be an understatement. Since that fateful Tuesday when my Mistress introduced me to her bridge club as her slave the club has changed. Starting the following week Mistress enforced the new rules of how I was to greet her guests. I no longer welcome them at the door. I am now required to await the arrival of each player in the driveway, open their car doors, help then out, escort them inside and fix their drinks before returning to the driveway. Of course, as more ladies arrive the line of cars gets longer and I am waiting closer to the street.

Local law regarding nudity on one's own property is a bit ambiguous. As long as the intent to expose yourself to others in a lewd and unwelcome manner is not present no law has been broken. Still complaints must be investigated and more than once I found myself visiting with the local police when a passer by called to report a naked man in the front yard. Most of the time now the desk sergeant calls my wife to make sure it is just me. Occasionally one of the female officers will insist on driving out to 'investigate'. The neighbors all know about the Tuesday happenings at our house and just ignore the naked valet.

As I said before, it has gotten more interesting as time passed. The ladies have talked to their friends and some wanted to see for themselves. With M'Lady's approval some of the club members bring a guest with them to the weekly game. I few of them enjoyed the scene so much that the game has been expanded. We now have two games going each week. With four players each, and the two alternates for each group having a standing invitation, there are always between eight to twelve ladies in attendance. If any of the members have a new friend to introduce to the group that number is higher.

As the group has expanded, so has the selection of implements available for the ladies to use on my ass. I was ordered to spend a number of hours in my shop to work on two projects. Shop time is normally a privilege, knowing that I enjoy the solitude and time spent working with wood. I like to take my time on each piece I create. There are times when Mistress directs me to make something specific and these projects usually come with a deadline, making shop time somewhat less enjoyable. This was one of those instances and the first project was a long hall table. The second part of the project was less pleasurable, knowing the reason for it. I have a number of patterns to make paddles from and, after talking to the girls about which were their favorites, Mistress told me how many to make of each pattern. As the ladies enter the house there are now twenty five paddles in different configurations laid out on the hall table for their selection. Mistress still retains exclusive rights to her spatula, cat-o-nine tails and the flogger I recently made and presented to her. Guests from outside the group are not allowed to select a paddle at first but Mistress often allows them to pick one as the afternoon progresses.

One other change has been made to the rules. The three original regulars have been given near equal power over me while at our house and are now to be addressed as Mistress. To Mistresses Linda and Sue it is a point of amusement and they still regard this as a game. Mistress Vicky, on the other hand, delights in knowing she no longer needs permission from my Mistress and is always finding new and innovative methods to torment me.

This brings me to today. With two extra guests curious to see the show I just escorted the last of thirteen women into the house. The bridge games have already started and I hurry to make sure everyone's drinks are refreshed. Seeing that I was able to fill all the glasses and cups in a manner that assured none of the ladies went without Mistress Vicky announced that I needed to be handicapped. After having me get on my knees and elbows she came up behind me. I felt her stroking my balls before grabbing them and pulling them behind me, stretching my sack as far as she could. My Mistress joined her and held my balls like this as I felt something being closed around the sack capturing my balls behind me. Once the device was locked in place I felt the 'wings' of the Humbler against my upper thighs just below the cheeks of my ass. Before allowing me to return to my duties each of the ladies delivered five stinging blows to my ass. Standing fully erect was now impossible and each step caused the Humbler to tug at my captive balls. My steps had to be shortened, slowing me down and causing me to fall behind on refilling snacks and drinks. I was constantly reminded of my failure to keep up with the ladies needs as fourteen paddles caressed my ass, mostly in fun, for the next hour and a half.

Once the games ended the women abandoned their coffee and sodas in favor of a variety of wines. I made sure to keep an eye out for anyone needing a refill as I busied myself clearing the dishes, putting away the cards, and taking down the card table from the second game. After the dishes were washed, dried and put away (I'm not allowed to use the dishwasher) I was summoned to the living room. My life and duties as a slave were explained in detail to the two new guests as I presented myself to them for examination. After she finished Mistress invited them both to select a paddle from the hall table. Once they returned with their selections I was ordered to kneel before each of them, kiss their feet and offer to take ten swats from each as an official welcome to my Mistress' home. The first three swats were so light and playful that Mistress Linda offered to demonstrate the use of a paddle. Knowing her attitude toward me and my submission this was a surprise. More of a shock came when she showed me the paddle she had for the afternoon. She was wielding an 18” fraternity paddle with four grooves down it's length on one side. Having me lean over the arm of the couch the first blow came from the smooth side of the paddle followed rapidly by a second from the grooved side. After a pause of about 30 seconds two more landed in quick succession, one from each side. I had no doubt from the power of the impacts that I had just received the first welts of the afternoon before Mistress Linda stepped back and invited our guests to start over. It soon became obvious, at least to me, that they were both quick studies. The swats this time were firm and got stronger as they delivered ten each to my ass.

After making my rounds to refresh wine and snacks I knelt near the kitchen door to keep an eye out for anyone that needed anything. As I waited Mistress came over, blindfolded me and said they had a new game to play. Next I heard the shuffling of furniture along with some whispering and giggling. When I was told to remove the blindfold I saw the women standing in two rows about three feet apart facing each other to form a gauntlet. On the far end of the gauntlet was an ottoman with M'Lady's cat-o-nine tails on it. My mission was to retrieve the cat with my mouth and return it to her at the head of the line, in silence and without dropping it. Reward or punishment depended on my performance. Just as I was thinking this wouldn't be too hard I was given the rest of the rules. I was to crawl the gauntlet blindfolded with my wrists and ankles cuffed and hobbled with 6” chains. The Humbler would remain in place and, even though the target of the paddles was to be my ass, it kept my balls pulled out and vulnerable.

Mistress announced it was time for the game to begin and secured the blindfold. I had only crawled a few feet before I felt the sting of a paddle. With the short chains limiting my progress each lady had time to land several blows before I reached the next one in line. The hardest to endure were the smaller paddles shaped like a hand mirror and hairbrush, or so I thought. The sting from these is incredible but somehow I managed to make it the 25 feet or so to the ottoman without crying out. As I was getting a grip on the handle of the cat with my mouth I felt a blow that I recognized from earlier. Mistress Linda released a flurry of swats to my ass and the back of my thighs with the grooved side of the frat paddle. Just as I got turned around and started back through the gauntlet she landed one last blow to the back of both thighs at the same time that must have taken all the strength she had. The inside of the blindfold was suddenly soaked with tears and I gripped the handle in my mouth as hard as I could using it like a bit gag to maintain my silence. As I got closer to my goal the rain of paddles on my buttocks became almost constant as the ladies tried to make me scream out or drop the cat. I was just as determined to spoil their plans and I knew I had succeeded when Mistress stepped from her place in line to in front of me and told me she was proud of me. I bent down to the floor and placed the cat-o-nine tails at her feet before kissing each one. After a few minutes I was helped to my feet and the chain was removed from my ankle cuffs. Everyone agreed that I had earned the promised reward but there was a problem. Since no one expected me to survive the gauntlet successfully only the punishment had been decided. I was to have been positioned on the coffee table on my knees and elbows with my face in my hands while Mistress flogged my balls, still captive in the Humbler, with the cat.

I was sent to the back porch so I couldn't hear as they discussed my reward. After about 15 minutes I was brought back in, the Humbler removed and my cuffed wrists were lifted to a hook in the ceiling. Once again I was blindfolded and a spreader bar was placed between my ankles. I was thinking this didn't feel like a reward until several hands began rubbing my ass and thighs with lotion, soothing and cooling them from all the abuse they had suffered. As I relaxed Mistress kissed me softly and passionately telling me to enjoy my reward but I was not to cum. Next I felt my cage being removed and hands applying lubricant to my cock. As another pair of hands cupped and stroked my balls I was told to make sure I warned the ladies every time I got close so I wouldn't orgasm. The reward lasted for almost an hour as my sore ass was massaged while my cock, balls and nipples were under assault by ladies I wasn't allowed see. My cock and balls were being stroked, fondled and sucked constantly except when I had to stop them from pushing me over that magical edge and my nipples were being pinched, twisted and bitten. I don't know how many of the ladies, or which ones, joined in but no part of my body was ever ignored. The first sign it was over was the massaging stopped. Then my nipples were abandoned with one last kiss leaving them wet to the cool air. The last part of my reward was a very talented mouth taking me to the edge one last time. My ankles were released but not my wrists as each of the fourteen guests kissed my cheek, fondles my ass and thanked me for a wonderful afternoon. I told them all that it was my pleasure to serve them and that I already was looking forward to next week's game. Then quiet.

I could hear Mistress moving around the room picking up glasses and dishes. She washed, dried and put them away before coming back into the room and taking the blindfold off. Again she kissed me, softly at first and them harder as her tongue explored my mouth. When she stepped back and knelt down I was expecting to feel cold steel of the cage. Instead she told me to remain silent and enjoy the rest of my reward. Her fingers, tongue and lips soon had me fully erect again before taking me deep into her mouth. Despite my best effort to hold back and make it last my climax was only minutes away as I exploded in my Mistress' beautiful mouth. She cleaned me up and replaced the cage before releasing my wrists and leading me to bed. We spent the rest of the evening cuddling until we fell asleep in each others arms.

I wonder what future games will be like? (And I'm not thinking about bridge)
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