Please, Mistress (Working Title) - Chapter 3

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Please, Mistress (Working Title) - Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

The next day started very ordinary and vanilla. The only thing that would have seemed out of place was a key she kept on black rope necklace around her neck. We were in the car on our way to a local Mexican restaurant that we both liked and I was lost in my thoughts. It almost slipped by me, but she seemed more assertive than normal. There was typically some debate on where to go eat and her often telling me to pick but not this time. Maybe it was nothing. I was probably overthinking it...

After the waitress took our order we were chatting, playing on our phones as usual. I noticed her hand on the key, she was slowly twirling it between her fingers. I could feel myself pressing against the cage. I squirmed a little and tried to move around in an attempt to adjust and ease the pressure to no avail. She never looked away from her phone but I saw the dimple in her cheek start to appear as a satisfied smile develop on her face. She bit her bottom lip just for a moment and the desire controlling my mind screamed with agony and longing. Thoughts of desire wouldn’t get completed before another thought started. My mind was nothing but a warm haze that was getting thicker.

The sound of the plate caught me off guard. I opened my eyes to see our food being placed on the table and I caught my wife's eyes slip away from my face. I composed myself the best I could and we started to eat. The whole my eyes were drawn to her more than usual. I couldn’t hide my glances and I know she noticed. She gave me a look, just for a moment told me I had no idea what I had gotten myself into.

As were driving home my thoughts still racing. This haze in my mind was like a drug that lingered and stayed with me. I was sure I was going to be feeling this for the foreseeable future and I would need to accept it. I just had to let go and try to enjoy it.

We got home and went our separate ways for a while. She was catching up on your reddit, youtube and all that stuff and I was doing the same in the computer room. I was drawn to seeking out more and more erotic content, like it would somehow help when I was doing nothing but feeding this drug of desire in my mind. Reading stories, look at sex toys, femdom porn videos. I was just frustrating myself and some many levels I enjoyed it.

Somewhere in here I ran across a link to thousands of chastity caption images. I was going through them one after another and saving the few that I thought she might like or that turned me on. Some of the captions had things I had not considered and it had mind racing. There was a main trend developing in the pictures I was saving. Captions that dealt with the power she had and her keeping that power and this is how it is now and she would now have full discretion. Every time I made it to one of these captions it turned me on more and the idea of her having that unrestricted power over me.

A bit later, she asked me to download the new episodes of a British dating reality series.she had been watching and join her in the bedroom. Of course I obeyed and eagerly joined her in bed. I cuddled up against her and she started watching her show. Her skin was silky smooth. I was caressing her body and just driving myself crazy. I was getting more and more eager and she stopped me and had me get out of bed while she got herself in a good position to see the TV show while lying on stomach and she told me to start worshiping her ass.

I focused all my energy and desire on pleasing her tight little opening. Licking and trying to find that rhythm and spot that would make her squirm the most. I became more intoxicated on this haze that consumed my mind. When I found the right combination she would clinch and move which just turned me on more. Almost an hour later she was done with her new episodes and said I could stop. Her face had a glow to it and she told me I had given her two orgasms from that. I was so happy to have pleased her.

I went to the restroom and started to clean myself up. I saw myself in the mirror. There wasn’t any coherent thoughts anymore. There was a warmth to it and it felt.. Right. I returned to the bedroom and rejoined her in bed. It wasn’t long before I heard myself say “please hurt me”. She looked at me, smiled and said “Beg”.

“Please, please hurt me Mistress, please please please” - I begged

“More pathetic” she said with a sadistic, intoxicating tone

“Please mistress, please hurt this pathetic little bitch. Please, please hurt this little pain slut. Please Mistress, please. I will do anything, please!”

Her hands grabbed just behind my nipples and twisted. My eyes shut and my head drifted back as my mind was finally felt free of constant arousal and tension. She let go.

“I want you to look me in the eyes when I am hurting you.” She said

“Yes Mistress” I said

She grabbed me again and started twisting my body as I focused on making sure to keep my eyes locked on hers. She loved seeing the expressions on my face change and me struggle to keep looking into her eyes. Having to look at her like this was such a turn on and at the same time was driving me deeper into submission. The haze had become a fog of submissive desire. I could feel her hands let go while I was still focusing on keeping eye contact.

“More” - I begged.

“Your going to be like this for weeks, I can’t just focus on your nipples” She said playfully. “Turn over, face down ass up and wait for me”.

I couldn’t see what she was doing but I could hear her looking through the closet where we keep all the toys. She seemed to find what she was looking for and was standing behind me said “Can you take 10 licks from the cane?” We had played with this cane before and it was always one of the most painful things she had.

“Yes, Mistress. Can I take more please” - I asked.

“20 it is. Start counting” - She said.

“One Mistress, Two Mistress. Three Mist.. Four Mis...” I kept counting each hit and was a bit surprised by how well I was taking it. We made it to twenty and she hit again, so I kept counting. She always gave me enough time to count and be ready for the next one I wanted to impress her and show her how much I would take for her. She stopped after twenty five and checked in to see where I was. I asked to keep going, I wanted to make to fifty. She seemed both surprised and impressed and agreed. Hit by hit, count by count we made it there.

She rejoined me in bed and I cuddled up to her putting my head on her chest and thanked her. I spent a good while enjoying subspace while she stroked my hair.
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