Just a Dream

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Just a Dream

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A Dream I had
It Woke me up

I'm kneeling over you. Stroking myself.

You say.

"Locking up your cock is the best thing ever to happen to us".

"Now I cant think of any reason it shouldn't be locked up".

"That cock is mine now and I don't like it when you play with my things".

"No more selfish wanking for you".

"You're so much more devoted when you don't have as many orgasms".

"But now your job is to give orgasms not to have them".

"There are so many ways you can give me an orgasm and you don't even need to be unlocked".

"I will fit a dildo over your cage. Then you can look me in the eyes and fuck me without taking the cage off".

"It would be so filling".

"And at least you won't cum after 30 seconds that way.
It will be so wonderfully frustrating for you".

"I know you love to be frustrated. You like me to tease you. it drives you wild with desire".

"I love your cock cage. It's part of you now".

"You can only have an erection if I let you"
"You can only come if I let you".

"You're so loving when your desperate".

"What's the longest you have ever not cum. Shall we try to beat that"?

"Would you beg me to let you come"?

"Maybe you would come in your cage"?

"I could make you so desperate".

"Tease you. And deny you".

"No. More. Cum".

"Oh dear. Did you just leak some cum on me without my say so"?

"No more touching cock for naughty boys".

"You know the rules. Lick it up".

"Don't look so upset, I'll make it easy for you"

"I will close my eyes and count to ten".

"If im not perfectly clean, I won't let you clean me up the next time you give me a smooth, puffy lipped, freshly fucked, cum filled pussy".

"One. Two...

"Good boy".

"Now get down there and make me cum Hard!"
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