Maybe she is getting more interested

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Maybe she is getting more interested

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Email from Mistress

It appears that we have an opening this evening. As you are a long time and treasured client, I am strongly suggesting that you clear your evening and be prepared to see me tonight. Your past preferences as well as your current behavior indicate that some chastity, bondage and discipline are required. It has come to my attention that you have been neglecting some basic household chores. Due to your naughty behavior, you WILL do the following:

1. Upon your return to home, you will shower thoroughly, shave your balls completely and select a chastity device for the evening.
2. Once the device is in place, you will add a leather belt with a strap that can have a butt plug added. You will NOT add the butt plug, but will wear the leather belt with a strap that separates your add cheeks and gently rubs your asshole reminding you of how much you want to be ass fucked.
3. You will finish putting all your clothes away. You will NOT get dressed in any clothing. You will do your chores naked except for the items you have been instructed to wear. While you are walking around, you will feel the leather strap rubbing your asshole and you will be reminded of what MAY happen if your chores are done well.
4. If I am feeling generous, I may allow you to vibrate/lick/pleasure my cunt during this time. It will depend on my mood and how much I enjoy seeing your dick in a cage. You will not be allowed to touch your dick or cum.
5. After all your chores are done, we will have dinner. You will cook a steak on the grill, and I will sear some scallops and bake two potatoes. You will be allowed to be clothed during cooking. You will clean up after dinner while I enjoy a glass of wine and watch you. When you have cleaned the kitchen to my satisfaction, you will then remove all your clothing.
6. If dinner and the cleanup go as planned, you will be rewarded with your choice of a butt plug for the remainder of the evening. If you would prefer some other "treat", you MAY be allowed to choose. If I am feeling especially generous, I MAY allow you to wear nipple clamps as well.
7. You will serve me throughout the evening as I desire. If I am well and truly satisfied, you MAY be allowed to remove your chastity device, fuck me and/or cum on my nipples. We will see how I feel as the evening progresses. If you would like to be ass fucked, you may ask for that at this time, not before.

Your punishments and rewards will be completely dependent upon your behavior and my generosity.
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Re: Maybe she is getting more interested

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Ces1123, this section is for people who want to blog their experiences. Are you starting a blog? If so, please read the caveats in the red section above.


Edit: Moved to Fiction forum until otherwise resolved.
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