Whip Mistress of Man and Beast

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Whip Mistress of Man and Beast

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Whip Mistress of Man and Beast

Melissa rode like the wind, her long blond hair flowing behind her like a pennant. She gripped the galloping horse with her muscular legs, every movement of the horse flowing up into her body. Melissa’s strong hands held the reins gently; there was no need for force. She felt at one with the animal. Melissa always loved riding her stallion, Star, but her ride today was extraordinary.

Star was a strong horse with a strong spirit and there was often a battle of wills between them but this afternoon she bent him to her will. Melissa had been able to buy Star for a low price because nobody wanted him. He would not permit himself to be ridden. Melissa first approached him gently, with loving strokes, soft words and snacks of apples. She also used a severe bit that she had chosen for its selective ability to inflict pain. She used deliberate movements of the reins to hurt him to punish bad behavior or gentle, painless movements when he did what she wanted. Melissa also used the whip with discretion but forcefully when she needed to correct Star’s behavior. It had taken a long time but this afternoon her patience and determination was rewarded. She physically felt the moment he submitted to her. There was a subtle shift in the way he moved under her, almost a welcoming acceptance of her mastery. He seemed to finally understand that they were a team and that she was in charge. She exulted in the fact that she had mastered this powerful male horse by her will power and determination. It felt right, totally right. This afternoon Melissa barely had to touch Star with her crop for him to know what she wanted him to do. Riding him today reminded her of having the only kind of sex she liked, sex with a very responsive man, one who did what she wanted, when she wanted.

The ride over, Melissa removed Star’s saddle, blanket, bit and reins. He drank water and ate as she brushed him down and ran her hands over him lovingly. She murmured to him, as she would to a lover, “You gave yourself to me today. You’re really mine now and I take care of what’s mine”. She didn’t plan to but as she stroked his belly her hands continued down, lower down. She reached down and touched his massive penis. It moved, responding to her attention. This was the first time she had done this. She knew it was kind of pervy to play with her horse’s cock but she was ‘in a zone’ where it felt okay. Star reached his head around and nibbled her neck with his lips, encouraging her. His penis got huge, extending out of its sheath. She squatted so she could use both hands, pulling and kneading his cock. She felt his body tense as the moment came. Jets of white cum sprayed out, spreading over the floor of the barn and spattering on Melissa. She continued kneading his massive cock as it jetted out white sperm. Star made grunting sounds that she had never heard him make before as his orgasm continued. Finally, he was done. His massive penis withdrew into his body. Melissa hugged his face, stroking him and laughing – crying. Star nuzzled her in return.

Melissa sat heavily on a nearby bench. She wiped off her face and just sat there, breathing deeply and rapidly. She had just had mastered her horse and then had sex with him, sort of, and part of her thought “You should be ashamed of yourself” but she wasn’t. It had been a blast! Melissa was 26 years old, tall and lithe with attractive features. Her blue-green eyes were captivating; men would often stare into them for a moment before realizing what they were doing. She had had a few serious boyfriends but nothing had lasted. Melissa knew what was expected of her: she was supposed to be spirited and adventurous but ultimately submissive to the man. In the rural, conservative area she lived all the subtle messages around her told her that but … it didn’t feel right. She had tried to do what she thought she was supposed to but, damn it, she wanted to be in charge! She knew that was what she needed but she was scared to acknowledge it. She was scared of the labels people might pin on her: bitch, domme, dominatrix, man hater. Melissa didn’t hate men; she wanted to be with them. She wanted a man to love but she wanted him to know his place. Like Star.

Just then Aaron came into the barn, wheeling a wheelbarrow with two bales of hay. The muscles and veins of his forearms bulged under the weight as he handled it easily. He had been working hard; his T shirt was wet with his sweat, revealing the muscles of his back and shoulders. Aaron had served in the army in the Middle East for 4 years. Now he worked at the riding club part time to help pay his expenses as he went to community college. He was 24 years old and had long admired Melissa from afar. Aaron was infatuated with Melissa but he was shy and didn’t know how to approach her. He was in awe of her beauty and the way she carried herself, afraid she would laugh at him if he asked her out. Melissa was aware of his interest but hadn’t paid much attention to him until now. Coming off her encounter with Star, Melissa was in a raunchy mood. She wanted to see how far she could get Aaron to go for her.

“Hi Aaron”

“Hi Melissa, did you have a good ride?”

“Oh yeah, it was great. Would you help me for a minute?”

“Sure, what do you need?”

“Could you be a dear and help me with my boots.”

Aaron was taken aback by this request but … it came from Melissa! She was paying attention to him!
Aaron wasn’t sure what to do but he knelt awkwardly in front of Melissa, in the straw on the floor of the barn.

She slowly extended one foot, keeping the other on the floor. Aaron pulled on the heel of her boot, holding back on her knee with his other hand until the boot slowly slid off her foot. As her boot came off he moved the hand on her knee until it was supporting her ankle. He held her ankle a little longer than necessary, squeezing it a little more than he should have. Melissa raised her other foot but was momentarily unsure where to put the foot that now had just a sock on it. She didn’t want to put it on the dirty barn floor. Aaron saw the problem and solved it by putting her foot on his thigh. He slowly removed her other boot and held her foot in his hand, looking at her. She softly instructed him

“Take the sock off”

Aaron peeled back her sock, put that foot on his thigh and stripped the other. As he held her naked foot Melissa hoarsely whispered

“Kiss my foot”

Aaron’ heart was pounding. This was so much, so fast. Not only was Melissa talking to him but she had asked him to touch her, to strip her feet, to kiss her feet! He wasn’t particularly attracted to women’s feet but this was different. It didn’t matter to him that they were sweaty. They actually didn’t smell bad; they had the aroma of fresh perspiration and boot leather. The important thing was that they were Melissa’s feet and she had just asked him to kiss them.
Aaron bent over and tentatively kissed her ankle, her heel, the sole of her foot, her toes. Melissa encouraged him.

“Yeah, that’s good, that’s my boy, Oh, that’s very good …”

He worked his tongue between each toe, alternating between sucking and licking, ending with her great toe.

As Aaron was kissing her foot Melissa felt a tremendous stirring in her groin. She gasped as his tongue licked between her toes and sucked on her big toe and unconsciously put her hand on her sex.
Although he wasn’t looking at her Aaron certainly knew that Melissa was getting off on his licking her foot, especially his licking her between her toes. Her excitement became his excitement. Melissa saw his cock grow hard, bulging obviously under his pants. She slowly extended her other foot and massaged his cock through his pants, squeezing his penis with her toes. It became hard for Aaron to stay focused on her feet while she played with his cock. Aaron had had lap dances in a strip club that he sometimes went to with the guys. This was similar but so much better because it was Melissa doing it. She stopped her ‘massage’ before he came and languidly lifted the foot that a moment before had been stroking him until he almost shot his load.

“Now do this one.”

Melissa was delighted. She had asked Aaron to do some pretty over the top things and he had obeyed her every instruction and then some. Instantly. He was putting his all into pleasing her and Wow! he was doing a good job!

Aaron put her first foot, wet with his saliva, on his thigh and gave her second foot the same loving attention as he had given her first. Melissa noticed a crop that she had left on the bench. She picked it up and gently struck his back, just hard enough that he knew it was there. It wasn’t necessary; she knew that he was in her thrall but she liked the symbolism. Aaron seemed to like it too. He lavished even more attention on the second foot than he had on the first. On a whim Melissa reached down to Aaron’s crotch with the crop and very gently tapped his cock with the leather whip. He squirmed with pleasure as he continued with his work.

Melissa hadn’t known that her feet could be so sexily sensitive. Aaron’s licking and probing with his tongue sent shivers up her spine and tingles into her pussy. It thrilled Aaron when he did something that Melissa especially liked. He felt her pleasure in his body, almost like he was experiencing it himself.

As Aaron was pleasuring her feet Melissa had visions of him in various positions of helplessness. In her mind she saw him tightly bound in rope, his arms outstretched, his cock standing at attention as she prepared to whip him. She imagined him with his hands cuffed behind him following her as she led him on a leash. She saw … so many possibilities! She loved tying her men, she loved spanking them, she loved having them at her mercy and she felt that Aaron had a great deal of potential. He would be a great catch. She had him hooked. Now she had to reel him in.

Aaron and Star the horse had a lot in common. They both wanted to please the same woman and they both knew and accepted that she was in charge. Aaron didn’t know about the horse but he was instantly head over heels in love (lust) with this amazing woman who was asking? telling? ordering? him to make love to her feet.

Aaron had long known that he was different from most guys. When they were having beers in the bar they would talk about their exploits with women. The talk always came down to the guy saying how he had conquered the woman, making her do what he wanted her to. Aaron kept up his end of these conversations; he didn’t want to seem different but he knew he was. What really turned him on was imagining a woman who took charge of him, commanding him, tying him up. But he was ashamed of what he wanted. He knew that wasn’t what a real man wanted and he wanted to be a real man. He just didn’t know how to do that when he wanted the woman to be in charge.

Melissa tapped Aaron on his hip with the crop

“You can stop now. You did very well. Please hand me that towel and my shoes over there.”

They had just had a really intimate experience, from out of the blue, and now it felt awkward. Aaron stood there, shifting his weight from foot to foot, not knowing what to do or say. Melissa spoke first.

“Aaron, we seemed to be on the same wavelength there.”

Aaron was trembling. He wasn’t able to get many words out but he managed to indicate that he wanted to lay his head on her lap. Melissa patted her lap in welcome and Aaron knelt and lay down his head. She stroked his hair and made little comforting sounds, just like she had with Star. After a minute or two Aaron looked up. His eyes were filled with emotion.

“Melissa, I’m not sure what we just did but, uh, I liked it. I liked it very much.”

“Aaron, I think we’re going to be very good friends. Sit up now. Tell me, what did you like?”

He sat next to Melissa on the bench but had a hard time looking at her in the face. His words came out slowly.

“You were in charge. You told me what to do. You had me do things that gave you pleasure. It was very intimate. I could feel your pleasure and I wanted to give you as much as I could.”

Melissa reached over and drew his face towards her. She wanted him to look into her blue-green eyes.

“I need to be in charge. It doesn’t work for me otherwise and, Aaron, I liked it very much too. You were great.”

She leaned over, kissed him softly on his lips, and stood up.

“I’m sure we’re going to see a lot of each other but I have to go now.”

“Okay but can we plan on getting together again, soon?”

“I guess, but we’ll see each other around.” Melissa wanted him to pursue her, and he was.
“How about tomorrow afternoon around 6? At the Starbucks on Main and 4th?”

“Well, okay, if you want. I’ll see you then.”

Aaron touched her hand for a moment as Melissa left, wanting to maintain his contact with her for another moment.

She walked over to Star and led him to his stall, leaving Aaron sitting on the bench, his mind astir with his hopes for the future.

Melissa was excited and hopeful about the possibilities with Aaron. She knew where she wanted to see Aaron: bound hand and foot with his skin striped with marks from her whip. He was young, handsome, strong and, most important, seemed absolutely eager for Melissa to lead the relationship. Not just willing, but eager. She knew that she needed to be in charge. She wasn’t particularly introspective and didn’t much care why it was important to her, it just was. She didn’t question it any more than she questioned why she was a woman. It’s how she was wired.

Aaron got to the coffee shop early. He nursed a cup of coffee as he thought about yesterday. It had been a tremendously erotic experience for him and he wanted more than anything to continue his new relationship with Melissa. She was in a serious mood when she joined him at his table in the corner.
“Aaron, yesterday was a lot of fun and I know you really got into it. I did too but here’s the thing: I’ve been in a number of relationships that didn’t work out. They started out well but guy always got unhappy with my being in charge. It hurt their male ego, or something. I’m not putting them down, but it was painful for me to go through that. I’m not so sure I’m ready to risk that again, with you.”
As she spoke Melissa toyed with a napkin, tearing it into little pieces and pushing them around on the table.

“Melissa, I don’t know who those guys were or what went on but I’m not them. I really want to get to know you better. I think we can have something special. Please, can we give it a chance?”

“Tell me about yourself, Aaron. What makes you tick?” She fixed her eyes on him intently. “Tell me who’s inside you.”

Aaron swallowed. This was going to be difficult.

“I’ve always thought that I was different from other guys although I can fake it pretty well. In the army I carried my weight, and then some.”

“What did you do in the army?”

“I was a Special Forces Medic. I served in Afghanistan. Now that I’m out I want to go to medical school but I have a lot of education to complete before that can happen.”

“How are you different from other guys?”

“When I’m in warrior mode I’m 100% tough guy and very decisive. They train us to both follow orders and to take individual initiative. All the guys in my unit were like that; really good. But ever since I started to notice girls, like when I was around 13, all I could think of was being allowed to serve them and them being in charge and forcing me to do what they wanted me to. That’s what has always gotten me excited. Like, when I was a boy and we played cowboys and Indians I always wanted to be the one who was captured and tied up and the best thing was if it was a girl who tied me. It wasn’t sexual then; I didn’t know what sex was but I just knew that I wanted it. I don’t think the other kids I played with were like that.

I don’t think most guys are like me. I don’t think I’m supposed to feel like this but I do. That’s why yesterday was such a turn on for me. Also, it seemed so spontaneous. It seemed to come out of you so naturally.”

“I’m going to ask you something really personal but I want you to tell me. What do you think about when you jerk off?”

Aaron’s face turned bright red. She hadn’t even asked him if he masturbated; she just assumed he did. It was a safe assumption, of course. What guy didn’t?

“Well, uh, do I really have to tell you?”

This was too sweet. Aaron had just given Melissa the right to tell him that he had to tell her. Of course she said “Yes, you have to”.

“I think about dominant women; about being tied up and maybe whipped by a beautiful woman. She acts real sexy with me and touches me and spanks me until she finally frees one hand to let me jerk off. Sometimes she masturbates me.”

“That’s hot, real hot. I like that. Did you jerk off yesterday, after we were together?”

“Whew, you’re asking really personal questions.”

“When I ask a question I expect an answer.” Her voice had a hard edge. “Did you jerk off after we were together?”

“Yes, I did.” Aaron looked down.

“Look at me. What did you think about?”

“Not what, who. I thought about you and how amazing it was to be with you like that.”

“I like that, very much. What exactly was amazing?”

“I loved how confident you were when you told me to do everything. And I could feel what you were feeling. I mean, I’ve never had that before. When I licked you in an especially sensitive spot I felt it in me. I don’t know how that can be but I did. I knew exactly where you felt it the most because I was feeling it too.”

Melissa was floored. She believed Aaron but didn’t understand how it could be either. She had a really good feeling about him. He was definitely a keeper.

“Melissa, please tell me about yourself. Why is it so important to you to be in control all the time?”

Now it was Melissa’s turn to hesitate. She didn’t really understand herself although she knew she should.

“I’m not sure how to answer you. If I’m not in control I’m afraid I’ll be hurt in some way and also I’m usually sure that my way is the best way, whatever it is. So we should do it my way because it’s best. Kind of circular, isn’t it. Whatever the reasons, it’s how I roll and I think you like me that way, don’t you?”

Aaron lowered his eyes and nodded. “Yes, very much. Last night I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I mean, I didn’t want to stop anyway.”

“What were you thinking?”

“I know I’m getting way ahead of myself but I’ve read about how some women ‘own’ their guys and how it would be to be ‘owned’ by you. I got hard thinking about it. I’m getting hard now talking about it.” Aaron lowered his head a little. He was bashful about revealing these things about himself but he felt that Melissa was the woman who he could be open with.

Melissa’s heart melted for this guy. He was like a gift from heaven. Then she tensed up a little. It was too much too soon. She mustn’t get her hopes up so soon.

“We’ll see, we’ll see. Let’s walk some.”

Melissa took his hand, kind of leading him, as they left. They walked through the early evening, talking about themselves, their families, what they hoped for the future; getting to know each other. The talk flowed easily, even as they spoke about their sexual interests and experiences. Aaron was more open about what turned him on and Melissa was delighted as she saw that almost everything that he desired were things that she wanted as well. He wanted to be put into bondage – She liked thinking of herself tying him into helplessness. She talked about some of the possibilities: rope, cuffs, leather straps, chain, special furniture. Aaron loved hearing her enumerate the equipment she might use on him. He wanted to feel the sting of her whip – She imagined lashing his body and talked about the tools she would use: riding crop, short whip, leather paddle, wooden paddle. He dreamed of being ‘owned’ by a lover-woman – She got a little wet as she painted a word picture of his possible future collar: tooled leather with D rings for attaching … a leash, his wrist cuffs, a crotch rope … there were so many possibilities!

Being a rider, Melissa thought of incorporating riding tack into their future activities. Aaron was a skilled craftsman, he could make just about anything he put his mind to, and as Melissa played with the idea of harnesses and halters and bridles and bits for him Aaron jumped right in, volunteering that he could make them.

Talking about making harnesses that Melissa would use on him made Aaron hard as a rock. Melissa saw the bulge in his pants and had an idea. The sun had gone down and they were just inside the entrance to a park. No one seemed to be around. Melissa pulled Aaron off the path.

“Aaron, look around. Do you see anyone?”

“No, why do you ask?”

“Please give me your belt and pull your pants down. Your underpants too.”

“What?! Here in the open?”

“Aaron, there’s no one around. Do as I say. Now.”

Aaron didn’t move.

“Aaron, you’ve been talking about what you’re looking for, that you’re looking for a forceful woman. Here I am, now. Either we’re on the same page or we’re not. When I tell you to do something I expect you to do it.”

Aaron heard her and made the decision to obey. He pulled his belt out of the pants loops and gave it to Melissa. The he lowered his pants and underpants down to his ankles.

“Put your hands behind your head.”

With his belt in her hand Melissa drew back and whacked him softly across his butt. Then again, harder. And again, harder still. Melissa was exultant. Aaron had resisted her at first but had backed down. He had obeyed her. Aaron drew his breath in sharply each time she hit him but he didn’t try to evade her blows. After three lashes Melissa lowered the belt and softly cradled his buttocks in her palms, soothing them with a gentle hand. She reached around front and gave his half erect cock a quick stroke of acknowledgement. He moved his hips towards her hand, wanting more, that was all he got; one quick stroke.

“How was that for you, Aaron?” Melissa asked.

“The whipping was intense and it’s exactly what I’m looking for. I’m horny as hell now.” He didn’t say that like he thought Melissa owed him anything; he was just giving her information.

Aaron pulled his pants up and gave her a big hug which Melissa returned enthusiastically. She had really gotten off on Aaron submitting to her pain.

They walked out of the park holding hands when two men, walking towards them, stopped in front of them, blocking their way. Aaron subtly stepped in front of Melissa, keeping her to the side and behind him.

“Say buddy, you got a cigarette I could have?”

“No, I don’t smoke.”

“Well, give me your money then.”

When Aaron saw the glint of metal in one of their hands he became a blur of aggressive motion, punching, blocking and kicking. In three seconds both of the men were down. One was holding his head, moaning in pain, blood streaming from his nose. The other was lying crumpled on the sidewalk, not moving. There was a big knife lying on the ground that Aaron kicked away.

“Let’s get out of here,” said Aaron. He was keyed up from the fight, looking around for other potential enemies but there were none.

Melissa was stunned. She had never been in a fight and had never seen one so close up. She started shaking with a delayed nervous reaction. Aaron put his arm around her protectively.

“It’s all right. It’s over. They can’t hurt us now.”

“Oh, Aaron. You were like a tiger. You were amazing.”

“I didn’t want to hurt them but when I saw the knife I knew I had to act.”

“You told me you were in the Army. Did you learn to fight there?”

“Well, almost all the action I was in was at a considerable distance but, yeah, I learned to fight with my hands too. Those guys were expecting an easy kill. They weren’t ready for resistance.”

“That was more than resistance,” said Melissa. “That was demolition. You demolished those assholes.” She was proud of her guy.

As they walked quickly away Melissa had a lot to think about. She had just finished whipping Aaron when he defended her, bravely and effectively. He had been clear about his sexually submissive desires but he hadn’t told her about his valiant bravery. What a combination!

They were in Melissa’s neighborhood, an older neighborhood with tree lined streets and large older homes. When they were a few blocks away from her house she asked Aaron if he’d like to come in for a visit. “Of course,” he said.

“Here’s me,” Melissa announced when they were in front of a large Craftsman style home. “I live on the second floor.” The house was clearly well taken care of by someone who cared.

Melissa closed the heavy, solid door to her apartment with a soft thud and locked it with a metallic click. She pushed Aaron against the door, grinning, and announced that he had earned a treat.

“Take off your clothes; all of them.”

Aaron was eager to follow her instructions, anticipating good things to come. When he was stark naked Melissa slowly raked his chest with her fingernails, from his collarbone down to just above his cock, pausing to pinch and twist his nipples. She grabbed his entire package of cock and balls between her thumb and forefinger, feeling his cock hardening. She stroked his cock a little with her other hand. It got fully hard real quick. Melissa grabbed hold of it and said,

“Ah, now I’ve got a handle. Please put your hands behind your back.”

Using her ‘handle’ she led him, naked, around her spacious apartment, which took up the entire second floor. She had a well-appointed modern kitchen, done in wood that went well with the styling of the house, a beautiful stone fireplace with a cushioned sitting area at one end of the living room, a large bedroom and a large home office. Still holding onto his ‘handle’ she led him into her bathroom which included a huge walk in shower, easily 4’ x 7’, with a shower head at each end.

“What a beautiful apartment! Have you been here long?”

“About 4 years.”

“We’re going to take a shower together, but I’m feeling kind of shy. I don’t want you to see my body right now so I’m going to blindfold you. Is that okay with you?”

“Sure, I’m fine with that.” There was nothing he would refuse her.

She tied a bandana around his head, covering his eyes. “Don’t take it off unless I say so.”

Melissa quickly shed her clothes, leaving them in a pile on the floor. She turned on both shower heads and guided Aaron into the shower. He eased himself into the warm spray of water, holding his hands out to touch the walls. Melissa followed right behind him, grabbed a bar of soap and a washcloth and proceeded to scrub him.

“Hold your hands up; I want to wash your armpits.”

“Turn around and I’ll do your back. Put your hands up on the wall”

She used the washcloth to scrub his back, remarking how his strong his muscles were and continued down to his buttocks which still carried the marks from the belt earlier in the evening. Melissa soaped up her hand and plunged into his anal crevasse, scrubbing him clean. Aaron had never had anyone wash him there since he was a child and he was shocked at how good it felt, and how intimate. He gasped with exquisite pleasure as her fingers gently parted the folds of skin around his asshole and then continued past to the area between his asshole and his balls. Melissa pressed her pussy against his butt, wrapped her arms around his lower abdomen and pulled Aaron against her as warm water cascaded over them both.

“Now you can wash me, but keep the blindfold on.”

Bar of soap in hand Aaron slowly explored Melissa’s body. He started with her face, gently washing it and then softly grazing her lips with his. Then he washed her arms, down to her fingers which he washed individually and with great care. Aaron ran his soapy hands over her breasts, delighted at their firm but yielding softness. They were smallish with perky nipples that Aaron flicked back and forth.

“Got to get these clean,” he said.

“Yes, yes, get them clean,” Melissa murmured, loving the attention they were getting. There was something about the way that Aaron touched her body, first when he kissed her feet in the barn and now, that reached right down to her core.

The soap rinsed off, Aaron bent and caressed her nipples with his mouth and tongue. He sucked the nipple into his mouth and ‘milked’ it with his tongue against the roof of his mouth. Melissa loved it. Aaron felt a tingling in his cock which got rock hard as he pleasured Melissa’s breasts. He reached down to her pussy with one hand and gently kneaded her pussy lips against each other. Melissa groaned happily, kissing his neck hard, giving him a hicky. Then he turned her around so his tummy was against her back and reached around with both hands. He stroked her with two fingers, one to each side of her pussy, rubbing them together. At the same time he thrust his cock between her legs, the tip just reaching her pussy.

“Don’t cum. Don’t you dare come yet,” she ordered.

Aaron slipped one finger just inside her pussy lips. This was enough to push her over the edge. Her legs trembled as she came. She held his hands tightly against her pussy as she spasmed with pleasure. After a moment or two she turned around and ripped the bandana from his eyes. Aaron blinked at having his vision back and looked her up and down. “How beautiful,” he said softly to himself. She kissed him and said “Hold me” as she climbed up onto him. She slowly impaled herself on his cock, engulfing it into herself. She thrust herself against his cock again and again, using him as a personal fuck toy. Aaron moved his hands a little so his fingers reached Melissa’s butt hole. He carefully worked a finger inside her, moving it from side to side. That put her over the edge.

Then, urgently, “You can cum now. I’m going to cum. Cum now.”

Aaron began his own thrusting, coordinating his motions with hers and very soon spurted his juice into her. Feeling his hot sperm inside her she came again, together with him. When they were both finished he slowly lowered them down onto the floor of the shower, warm water flowing over them as they laughed happily at their shared pleasure.

They stepped out of the shower, dried each other off, staggered into her bedroom and collapsed onto her bed. They fell asleep, embraced in a spoon with Melissa’s stomach against Aaron’s back and her arms wrapped around him. He woke an hour later to pee and had to carefully disentangle himself from her grasp. In sleep, she didn’t seem to want to let him go. When he came back Melissa was sitting up in bed, smiling at him, wearing a very sheer nightgown.

“That was wonderful, lover,” she said.

Aaron looked down, feeling a little shy. He covered his cock and balls with his hands.

“Melissa, you’re gorgeous. Did we, uh, just make a baby?”

“No, I just had my period. I’m not fertile now but I guess we should have used protection. I know that I’m clean. Are you?”

“I haven’t had sex with anyone else for over 8 months. I’m healthy.”

“I guess we got carried away with our passion. Hey, take your hands away. I like being able to look at you. Anyway, are you hungry?”

Aaron took his hands away and did his version of a seductive little dance. Melissa clapped her hands in appreciation.

“Now that you mention it, yeah, I’ve got an appetite. Got anything here we can eat?”
“Let’s see, come on in the kitchen. Don’t put your clothes on; I like seeing you naked.”
Melissa pulled out some cheese, crackers, apples and a bottle of merlot. “I’ve also got some cold baked salmon. Want some?”

“This is great. Let’s eat!”

As they ate they talked more about themselves. She had an interior design business that she ran out of her apartment as well as an office downtown. She was good at what she did, and good at marketing herself, and the business was doing well. She also spoke more about how difficult it was for her to find a compatible man, one who was comfortable with her dominance but who also had lots of qualities of his own. She held his hand as she said this, hoping that maybe he was the one that she had been looking for. Aaron spoke about his desire to go to medical school. After being in the Army and seeing how much people could hurt each another he wanted to be in a position to help, like when he was a medic, only more so. He told her again how awkward it felt for him to try to act like he thought a man was supposed to act with a woman when what he really wanted was for the woman to be in control.

“How about those two bastards in the park?” Melissa shuddered as she spoke about them. “What was going on for you as it was going down?”

“Well, at first I hoped that I could avoid a fight but when I saw something metallic in the guy’s hand I knew it was happening and I had to act. Fast.”

“You pushed me behind you before anything started. You were protecting me.”

Aaron looked at her incredulously. “Of course I protected you. What else would I do? Also, I saw that I might have to fight so I wanted to have a clear field of action.”

“Thank you, again.” Melissa pulled his face to hers and gently kissed him on the mouth.

“Hey, I want to show you something. She took his hand and they walked, him still naked, to a door that led to stairs going up to the attic. Melissa led the way up the stairs, treating Aaron to a view of her beautiful ass, scarcely concealed by her almost transparent nightgown. She knew the effect she was having on him as he softly touched her curves as they walked up the stairs.

“I’ve had in mind building a ‘playroom’ up here. I haven’t had anyone special to do it with so I guess I haven’t had the energy to do it. But I think it could be great fun. What do you think of the idea?” Melissa looked at him hungrily. “Imagine, a dungeon in the attic. There are so many things I, or we, could do to you up here.”

“Like what?” Aaron had a pretty good idea but he wanted to delight his ears by hearing Melissa say it. Melissa was more than happy to tell him.

“If we had a playroom I could cuff your hands and pull them over your head with a pulley as I whip you and caress you. The pulley could be right here.”

She pointed to a spot and waved her arm, pretending to use a whip. Aaron held his hands high and danced in ‘pain’ in one spot, pretending that Melissa was whipping him. As he pretended, Melissa noticed him getting hard again.

“If we had a playroom I could tie you down to a bench as I spank you and play with you sensuously. We could build a spanking bench here,” indicating a different area.

Aaron lay down with his chest on the floor and his butt in the air. Melissa stood next to him and smacked him hard on his butt with her hand. The impact left a red mark. Melissa spanked him on the other cheek, wanting a symmetrical appearance. Aaron waggled his butt in appreciation.

“If we had a playroom I could tie you on the floor and ‘force’ you to make love to me with your mouth.”

Melissa rolled Aaron over onto his back. She lowered herself down so her pussy was next to his mouth, spreading her filmy nightgown around them like an intimate tent. She held his arms down with her legs. “Can you figure out what to do?” she asked in a husky voice. Aaron didn’t need more encouragement. He slowly licked her, sliding his tongue between her lips. She was already wet as he sought her most sensitive spots. He knew when he found her best spots; he felt her spikes of pleasure in his cock when he found the best places. Aaron continued until a wave of pleasure washed over Melissa. He reached up and gently caressed her breasts as her pussy quivered around his tongue. Finished, she lowered herself down into Aaron’s arms which enveloped her in cuddling security.
They lay there like that for a few minutes.

Aaron laughed, “I think I’m getting the idea of what this space could be used for. But would the landlord let you do that work up here? Would you want to put that kind of money into a rental?”

“I don’t have a landlord. I own this house.”

Aaron was totally surprised, and impressed.
Melissa told him that she bought the house with money that she got from an inheritance. She rented out the first floor, which paid her taxes and utilities. Aaron had seen the excellent condition that the house was in.

“It’s not easy to keep up an older house like this; I think you’ve done a great job.”

“I take care of what’s mine,” Melissa replied.

Melissa rolled out of his arms so she could look at him. She held her thumb and index finger slightly apart.

“I’m this close to making you mine.”

Aaron lay his head into the crook of her shoulder. He wanted to be hers. He wanted her to take care of him and he knew that he would fiercely take care of her.
Several weeks later Aaron had moved into Melissa’s house. She was working in her home office when Aaron came home. She called out,

“Hi Sweetie, I’m glad you’re home. I want to talk to you.”

Melissa was holding a small package when she came out of her office.

“Sweetie, I’m really, really happy at how your being here has been working out. How has it been for you?”

“Honestly, it’s like a dream. Sometimes I have to tell myself that it’s real.”

Aaron spontaneously took Melissa’s hand and softly kissed the back of her hand, and then the palm.

“Aaron, do you know what ‘collaring’ means?”

“I guess I do. It’s a ceremony of commitment.”

“That’s right. Aaron, I want to collar you. Will you accept my collar?

“Oh my god, more than anything.”

Melissa smiled broadly, gently held his hands behind his back with one hand and kissed him deeply, her tongue penetrating him and flicking against the roof of his mouth. Her other hand wandered from his throat down to his crotch, encircling his cock and balls. Aaron permitted her this sweet aggression, returning her kisses with his own.

“I want you to take a shower and then present yourself to me, naked.”

When Aaron returned Melissa had created a circle of fire in the living room ten feet across. She had arranged 15 candles in a Circle, creating a sacred space for their ceremony, and stood in the center. She was wearing riding pants and boots and a seductive sheer top. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail.

“Aaron, will you come into the Circle with me voluntarily?”

“Yes, I will,” and Aaron stepped over the flames.

They stood facing each other, Aaron naked.

“Aaron, I am offering you my collar. I have never offered it to anyone else. It signifies that I take you and I accept you as my own. I take care of my own and I do as I wish with my own. Will you accept my collar?”

“Yes Melissa, I will.”

Melissa opened a box and showed Aaron the tooled leather collar with accompanying lock.

“This is the collar. Do you accept it?”

Aaron spontaneously knelt before Melissa, presenting his neck. She removed the thick leather collar from the box, buckled it onto his neck and then locked it on with the padlock. Aaron was hers.
With a gentle pressure Melissa bade him stand. She buckled cuffs on each of his wrists and fastened them together behind his back. She kissed him deeply once again and then clipped a leash to the collar and led him all around the spacious apartment.

“My love, this is our world. When we’re in our world I expect you to wear your collar. Outside, in the rest of the world, you don’t have to wear it. It won’t always be locked on you so you can take it off when you leave the house and leave it here next to the front door but when you come home you will put it back on. Even when you’re outside and not wearing my collar you are to conduct yourself as though you are. Do you understand?”

Aaron took a deep breath of contentment. He looked into her eyes and said “I do.” He was now lovely Melissa’s. Melissa gave him a hard, playful spank on his butt and then unfastened his hands and removed the cuffs.

“Okay, let’s get some dinner together.”
Melissa decided that they would build the attic playroom. She hired an electrician for lighting and a plumber to install heating. Aaron installed insulation and thick pine boards to cover the ceiling joists and rafters. There was a large flat area where the ceiling was 10’ high, presenting them with many possibilities. Aaron was very busy keeping up with his school work, more than his share of the house work and doing the construction work. He had just completed the spanking bench, which had turned out great, and had started on a St. Andrew’s cross.

Aaron had grown a bit less passionate in their lovemaking. Melissa wondered if it was because he was getting used to her or maybe because his work load was taking a toll on him.

One evening Aaron approached Melissa and said that he had to talk to her. He had a sheepish look to him.

“Sure, Baby; what’s up?”

He hesitated. “I, uh I’ve, I’ve been masturbating. I don’t mean to but I have been.”

“You’ve been WHAT? While wearing my collar?”

“I’m so sorry. I tried to stop but, but … I haven’t.”

“You know this requires punishment. Now. Get undressed. Get the wood paddle, and the short whip. Go upstairs. Wait for me there. Go!”

Melissa felt betrayed. He had hidden this from her. The fact that he told her voluntarily was good but his concealment hurt her deeply. It made her afraid – what else might he hide?

Melissa intended to use the brand new spanking bench that Aaron had just built. They both thought of it a piece of “play equipment” but this was going to be serious business.

“Lay down,” she ordered.

She strapped him in place. She strapped down his head, his arms, his wrists, his waist, his thighs, his knees and his ankles. Then she paused and spoke to him for the first time.

“Aaron, you disappointed me. A lot. You betrayed my trust and our commitment to each other. You betrayed my collar that you wear, that you’re wearing now. I’m going to punish you severely.”

Aaron was devastated. Everything she said was true. His greatest fear, strapped down on the bench, was not the pain that she was going to inflict on him but that after punishing him she would expel him from her life. The thought that he had ruined their relationship sickened him.

Melissa began. She beat him with the paddle until his ass was blistered. She whipped his back and legs until they were a mass of red slashes. The pain was excruciating but Aaron’s mind was filled only with his prayer that Melissa would give him a chance to redeem himself. Finally, her anger was spent. She left him there, bound, with fiery pain lingering, for half an hour and then released him. He knelt on the floor, his head hanging, and waited. He didn’t speak.

“Go take a shower. Then we’ll talk.”

Later, sitting in front of the fireplace, Melissa asked him

“What has to happen to prevent this from happening again?”

Aaron started to cry softly, silently. “I was afraid you were going to kick me out. I don’t think I could stand that. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“I’m not kicking you out, now, but this betrayal hurt me; a lot. I love you but I am not going to be hurt again.”

“It’s a weakness in me. Sometimes I get the urge for an orgasm and I just want to cum and it feels like I have to cum and I feel like if I don’t cum I’m going to burst.” The words ran out of his mouth nonstop. “I know that when I do that I’m taking away from you, from us. That’s where my weakness takes hold. Even though I know I’m damaging what I love most I still do it. But I have an idea.”

“I’ve read about male chastity devices,” Aaron said “and actually I’ve thought about them a lot. I think they might be the answer, our answer. We can lock up my cock and you’ll have the key and then I can’t misbehave.”

Melissa had also heard about male chastity. This was an interesting idea. She kind of liked the idea of having this kind of control over Aaron.

“That sounds like a possibility. I want you to research it right now. Show me what you find and I’ll select one or two to buy.”

“Melissa honey, I’ll absolutely research it but right now I just can’t. I’m really hurting. I have to go to bed.”

Melissa’s heart softened. She got soothing lotion from the medicine cabinet and spread it on Aaron’s painful welts.

Aaron found instructions on how to measure himself, found two inexpensive suppliers on line, selected ten or more possible styles and showed the information to Melissa. She selected two. One had bars spaced very close together, making it impossible to touch the penis. The other’s steel bars were more widely spaced, which permitted touching the penis. She wanted to keep her options open.

The small, heavy package came a week later. It jingled a little when Aaron shook it.

“Here they are, sweetheart.”

“Open it up and wash them off. Let’s get started.”

Aaron had done extensive reading about chastity devices after ordering them and had a pretty good idea how to get them on. Of course, there’s no substitute for experience and he fumbled around trying to get the base ring on his balls and cock. Finally he had the first part done and he presented himself to Melissa for the actual lock up. She slid the cage with the closely spaced bars onto his penis, pushed the lock into place with the key, turned the key and his cock was locked.

“Wow, it’s kind of heavy,” he said.

“Try to jerk off.”
His hand went to his cock. He could move the cage a bit but “This is weird. This is the first time in my
life I haven’t been able to touch my penis.”

“Good. That’s the idea.”

Melissa took one of the keys to the cage lock and looped it onto a gold chain that she often wore. She hid the other key. The only way the cage was coming off was if Melissa wanted it to come off.
That night, the very first night that Aaron was in his cage, he lay in bed with the heavy cage flopped over to one side. Melissa sensually ran her hands all over him and felt his cock trying to get erect in the cage.

“What’s it like, Sweetie?”

“I kind of like how it’s enclosing my cock. It’s almost like the cage is your hand hugging my cock. It’s comforting, in a way. My cock is trying to get hard but it’s pulling on my balls something fierce. I’m horny as hell.”

Melissa clipped two short leashes onto his collar, one for each of her hands so she could direct him left or right.

“Sweetie, make love to me with your mouth. Your cock isn’t going to get any action tonight. Well, maybe a little but you’re sure as hell not going to cum. Maybe just a little teasing.”

Melissa poked a finger into the cage’s pee hole and ever so gently onto the tip of Aaron’s cock. He was grateful for the attention; even that little bit of contact felt good.

Aaron slid down in the bed and reached up, drifting his hands across Melissa’s breasts, flicking her full nipples back and forth, feeling her growing excitement. He softly caressed her tummy and moved down to the soft, fine hair of her pussy. He parted her pussy lips with his tongue and licked around them. Melissa was already wet as he darted his tongue in deeper.

She used the twin leashes to pull him slightly left or slightly right, as it suited her. Melissa didn’t really need to exert that kind of control; Aaron knew where it felt best to her but she liked physically controlling him nevertheless.

She writhed as he found her most sensitive spots and as he pleasured them with his tongue he felt her intensity in his cock. His cock was raging to be free. He felt he desperately needed to plunge himself into her pussy to relieve himself but that was not going to happen. Clear fluid dripped from his cock, preparation for intercourse that wasn’t going to happen. Finally Melissa came, thrusting her hips, pushing her pussy against his face. As she relaxed into a post- orgasm glow Aaron also relaxed. His ‘urgent need’ to cum had subsided. Melissa cuddled against him and drifted off to sleep, leaving Aaron awake in bed wondering about this new reality.

In a real sense his cock was no longer his own and this realization was both exciting and scary for Aaron. He had been surprisingly lucky; the first cage he tried on was an excellent fit and Melissa saw no reason to take it off except when she wanted to wash his cock or play with it. She found that it was a great way to tease Aaron. She usually took the cage off when he was going to take a shower but she took care to tie his hands behind him. She joined him in the shower and carefully washed and inspected his cock, or was it now ‘her’cock. After all, she seemed to own it and she did take care of what was hers. When she found signs of irritation from the cage she applied healing salve and also switched out the cages. She was careful not to bring him to orgasm while washing him, unless she wanted to. When she was satisfied that his cock was nice and clean she locked the cage back on, untied his hands, and let him continue with his shower. Showering together almost all the time was an unexpected benefit of chastity, contributing to their increased closeness.

Melissa reveled in the power she had over Aaron. She loved giving him pleasure, or pain, but giving it on her terms. She loved being pleasured by him but, again, how and when she wanted it. She occasionally permitted him to take the lead but that was unusual. The relationship worked for Aaron too, very well. He was very content to follow Melissa’s lead and was equally grateful for whatever attention she gave him, either sensual attention, like in the shower or painful attention at the end of her whip. Melissa seldom forgot the control she had over his cock.

“Aaron, turn around.” Melissa reached down and patted the crotch of his pants while he was standing at the kitchen sink. She undid his belt, dropped his pants and gently took hold of his balls. “Do you like this, big boy? I know you do. Maybe I’ll let you out soon. Ooo, look how big you’re trying to get!” She followed this with a sharp, stinging smack to his butt.

Aaron loved it!
Melissa continued to ride Star, usually 2 or 3 times a week. He seemed to love being with her and continued to follow her lead. The two of them were a beautiful pair, frequently getting admiring comments from onlookers who saw how well matched they were and how well Star obeyed his mistress.

This gave Melissa a devilish idea: it might be a lot of fun to train Aaron to obey her like Star. Aaron could make the appropriate tack – bit, bridle, reins, and a saddle. She imagined having him bound and decked out in full riding regalia, showing him off to a crowd of admiring people. That could be a real hoot!
Melissa was in her design office downtown when a woman who had scheduled an appointment arrived. Alicia Simms was a stylishly dressed woman who seemed to be in her late 20’s. She and her husband had recently moved cross town and were going to totally redo the fine old home they had just bought. Apparently wealthy, she was open and approachable and Melissa liked her almost immediately. Alicia asked Melissa if she was married or had kids. Melissa responded no, but she lived with a great guy. Alicia and her husband also didn’t have children yet.

Melissa bent over to pick up a carpet sample when the chain with the key slipped out of her blouse. Alicia noticed the dangling key and nonchalantly pulled on a chain around her own neck, revealing a key. The two women exchanged a look. Melissa remarked how Alicia’s key looked similar to hers and asked if it was for something special.

“Oh yes, this is the key to my husband’s heart.”

“Or perhaps to his cock?” suggested Melissa. She knew she was taking a chance talking this way to a client but, for some reason, felt comfortable enough with Alicia to risk it.

Alicia nodded slowly, looking at Melissa carefully. “Yep. I guess it takes one to know one.”

The two women grinned at each other.

“How long have you had your guy in chastity?” asked Alicia.

“Not long at all. Maybe two months. We’re still working out the kinks but I love it. How about you?”

“We’ve been using chastity since before we got married, which was four years ago.”

“Being in control of our sex lives was a basic requirement for me, said Melissa, and it works perfectly for my guy, Aaron, as well.”

Alicia held up her key and offered a ‘key clink’. Melissa was happy to accept and the two women tapped their keys together, signifying the beginning of their friendship.

It was just after noon and Alicia asked if Melissa had time to go out for lunch.

“Absolutely. I’d love to.”
They walked around the corner to a quiet, upscale restaurant. Alicia asked Melissa how she and Aaron met. Melissa gave her the full story, right up the recently completed attic playroom. Well, not really completed. It would always be a work in progress as their interests evolved.

Alicia met her husband, Jason, in college. They went out on a few dates and liked each other but it wasn’t until ... Alicia seemed unsure if she should continue.

“Until what, Alicia?” “Well, I had a part time job at a … “ Alicia hesitated again. “Where was your part time job, Alicia?” Alicia took a deep breath and decided to go all in.

“I worked at a dungeon. I was a dominatrix. Men paid me to tie them up and whip them and … whatever.”

“Alicia, that is so cool. I’ve always been afraid of being labeled a dominatrix and here you’ve actually been one. It’s always seemed so natural for me to be in charge and for men to do what I tell them to do but I’ve always been afraid of what people would say about me. What was it like, being a dominatrix?”

“When I started working at the dungeon it was just a way to earn great money but I really found myself there. Well, I guess it was more than the money that attracted me in the first place. I love having that kind of power over men, and I’m really attracted to men who want me to have that power. I get along especially well with men who are in chastity. ”

“But how about Jason?”

“Jason came to the dungeon as a client. Like I said, we’d already gone out on a few dates. When we saw each other at the dungeon we just stared at each other, not knowing what to say until I took charge. ‘Take your clothes off, mister’, I said. He obeyed. When he was naked I asked him what he wanted, which was a spanking. I spanked him over my lap, really hard, and then tied him to a cross and beat him with a paddle. I remember it was a flexible leather paddle that hurt like the dickens. When I was done spanking and beating him I gave him permission to masturbate. I looped a long whip around the back of his neck, squirted lotion on his cock, held his balls and looked him in the eye as he jerked off. He tried to look away but I wouldn’t let him. That was intense; especially when he came. Some of his goo landed on my leg; I made him lick it off. He thanked me for a wonderful time and left. We saw each other the next day in English Literature and were both kind of embarrassed but that soon passed. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

“That’s a great ‘How We Met Each Other Story’, Alicia. My guess is that you don’t share it with everyone. Thanks for telling me.”

Melissa told Alicia how she and Aaron first got involved, at the barn. She also told her about giving Star the horse a hand job. Alicia loved every word.

Melissa sat there smiling at her new friend. “I am so glad we found each other. I’d love you and Jason to come to my house for dinner. I want you two to meet Aaron and I want to meet Jason.” Melissa paused, “Do you think the two guys will be okay together? I mean, maybe they’ll be self conscious about our secret lives not being so secret anymore.”

“Only one way to find out, isn’t there. I’d love to meet Aaron and I want to see your playroom. There are so many sexy, hot things to do to men. The dears seem to like them, too.”

“Are you free for Saturday evening, say 7 o’clock?”

“That sounds great, Melissa. We’ll see you then.”
Melissa told Aaron about meeting Alicia and their dinner invitation to Alicia and her husband, Jason. Aaron was intrigued hearing about both of them.

“She worked as a dominatrix in a dungeon! That sounds really hot. And Jason is in chastity too. I’ve been wondering if I’d ever meet another man in person who was wearing a cock cage. “
When Aaron answered the door bell he was wearing his collar, as usual, and a dressy sport shirt and slacks. Alicia greeted him with a hug.

“You must be Aaron. I’m so glad to meet you. I’m Alicia and this is Jason.”

Alicia was stunning, wearing a very revealing black dress that clung to her curves. The front of the dress was cut very low, presenting her very full cleavage. Her long black hair was gathered on top of her head, exposing her long elegant neck. Jason followed her in, a tall muscular man in his late 20’s.

They sat around the fire place having drinks and appetizers. Alicia turned to Melissa asked her if she and Aaron had been to The Cave yet.

“No, what is that?”

“You don’t know about it yet? It’s a great place; it’s a club for people like us. It’s a place to play in public.”

“Play?” asked Aaron

“Yeah, ‘adult’ play. We go there a lot, maybe twice a month. They have lots of equipment and I love to use it when I want to discipline Jason, or play with him, in public. We’ve made a lot of friends there too.”

“Jason, what’s that like for you?” Aaron asked. “I think I’d be terribly self-conscious in that situation. I mean, what Melissa and I do is very intimate.”

“At first it felt really weird to be naked and bound in public but I got used to it surprisingly quickly. It helps a lot that everyone else is doing more or less the same thing. There are some ‘lookers’ but they don’t bother me. A lot of people, both men and women, want a closer look at my chastity device. Alicia is usually only too glad to show me off to them. Truth is, I kind of like the attention.”

Melissa was very interested in what she was hearing. She turned to Aaron, “Honey, I want us to go there. Are you okay with that?”

“I guess, if it’s what you want.” Aaron was clearly not as enthusiastic about The Cave as Melissa.

When they were about done with dinner Aaron asked Alicia to describe some of her experiences as a dominatrix. He hung on her every word as he imagined himself on the receiving end of her straps, whips, harnesses and caresses. Her description, along with her sexy dress, had Aaron squirming to get comfortable in his cage. His cock was struggling to break the cage’s steel bars as he imagined himself in the hands of sexy Alicia the Dominatrix. Alicia saw his interest and it titillated her. She asked Melissa if it would be okay if she and Jason saw Aaron’s chastity cage. After all, she said, they were more experienced and maybe would have some helpful suggestions. Melissa wasn’t pleased with where this was going but she said okay and instructed Aaron,

“Aaron, I’d like you to show Alicia and Jason your chastity device.”

Aaron was embarrassed by this idea but he complied. He dropped his pants and underpants and stood for inspection. His cock had wilted with his embarrassment but perked back up when Alicia took hold of the cage and poked, prodded and pulled on it. Alicia’s breasts almost fell out of her dress as she leaned over to “examine” Aaron’s cage. Aaron stared at her breasts, catching a glimpse of nipple. It took all his self-control to keep his hands to himself. He bulged out of the spaces between the bars as she fondled his balls and perineum.

“M-m-m-m, you’re filling the cage up nicely,” she purred. “You seem to like this.”

This was not going at all what Melissa had intended. Wanting to take Alicia’s attention off Aaron she suggested to Jason that he show Aaron his cage, to compare the two.

“Sure, I’m happy to.” Are you okay with that, Aaron?”

“Sure,” Aaron gasped. He was finding it a little difficult to talk, being as excited as he was.

Jason’s cage was much more open than Aaron’s. Before Jason had a chance to move next to Aaron for a visual comparison Melissa, almost without thinking about it, ran a finger through one of the spaces. She wanted to see what Jason’s reaction would be. He leaned towards her, just a little, wanting more of her touch. He also rewarded her with his cock swelling, as far as it could, within its cage. Melissa became less concerned with Aaron’s reaction to Alicia as she got involved with Jason. She noticed thin red stripes on the side of his hip. Walking around him she saw that his buttocks were crisscrossed with fading red marks. Clearly he had been whipped recently.

“When were you whipped, Jason?”

“This morning.”

“What did you do to deserve a whipping?”

Aaron and Alicia started listening to this conversation.

“Nothing really. Sometimes Alicia whips me ‘just because’. It’s ‘for maintenance’, she says.

“Do you mind, her whipping you ‘for maintenance’?”

“Oh, no. I mean it hurts but she’s in charge and she knows that it helps our relationship and I wouldn’t say no to her and …”

This was getting Melissa’s juices flowing. She turned to Alicia and started to ask

“His whip marks are a bit faded. Do you think I could…”

Alicia smiled broadly. She recognized the look. “Of course you could.” Then to Jason, “It’s alright, isn’t it dear? You don’t mind, do you, if Melissa gives your ass a little workout?”

Jason didn’t mind at all. He welcomed the attention.

Melissa got a crop from the corner and asked Jason if he would stand still, or did she have to tie him. She held up a coil of rope.

“I think I’ll be well behaved but maybe it’s better to be safe than sorry. The rope is probably a good idea.” Jason loved being tied and a new bondage partner was always exciting.

Meanwhile, Aaron was looking at this scene with increasing distress. Melissa was going to tie Jason with the rope that that she always used on him. And she was going to whip Jason with the whip that she always used on him.

“This’ll be real quick,” Melissa said as she skillfully tied his wrists together and then cinched his elbows behind him. She flicked the end of the crop against his right buttock and was displeased as he involuntarily jerked away.

“You’ll have to do better than that. I expect you to hold still.”

She struck again; this time Jason didn’t move. “Very good,” Melissa said as she whipped him a third time, harder yet. Melissa reached around and felt his cock, hard as iron, pushing against the cage. She was feeling very satisfied with herself until she looked at Aaron. He was clearly not having a good time watching this.

His sadness hit her hard. She hadn’t considered how what she was doing would affect him.

“Oh, Honey, I am so sorry. This is the rope and whip I use on you and here I am using them on Jason. That was really thoughtless of me. I really am sorry.”

Aaron appreciated her apology. He moved next to her and as she stroked his face he started to feel better.

Melissa turned to Jason and untied him. He and Alicia were sort of mystified by this. After all, at The Cave this kind of mixing it up was common. Alicia told her so.

“I’m sure it is,” Melissa replied, “but Aaron and I have had an exclusive relationship and it wasn’t right for me to just violate it, without any kind of discussion. She looked at Aaron. “I think what got to me was seeing how you reacted to Alicia. It’s not your fault but that’s what happened.”

Melissa hugged Aaron who gratefully returned her embrace. As they held each other in their arms Alicia commented; “Wow, that’s real commitment and communication. Good for you!”

Melissa held Aaron and looked him in the face. ”I’m sorry. I lost my focus for a moment. You’re mine, and I take care of what’s mine.”

“We’ll 're-consecrate' the whip and the rope, later tonight,” she whispered into his ear.
And they did.
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