The lock box

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The lock box

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Jeff sometimes wished that Sue would be less submissive in the bedroom. She had always allowed him to lead and he wanted a change. Even the chastity cage hadn’t really worked as she would always agree to unlock him if he asked, despite Jeff telling her that she should make him wait until she was ready.

“Oh, I can’t do that,” she had said, “because I know you need to orgasm really often”.

Jeff had tried explaining that he would ask to be unlocked in the heat of the moment and that it would be exciting if she said no, but she didn’t get it. Sue thought that her role was to take care of him, and she would use her mouth or hands when she was on her period. He enjoyed being caged, but he always initiated it and it never lasted more than a couple of days before she would unlock him.

Eventually Jeff decided that he needed to try something new. He locked himself up and then showed Sue his new purchase.

“It’s a lock box with a timer,” he explained. “See, there’s a clock on top and a big dial so you can set how long it should stay locked. You put whatever you don’t want access to in the box, put the top on, and then press the button to start the timer. That locks the box until the timer runs out. I thought we could put the keys to my cage in there so you can’t unlock me even if I ask.” Sue looked doubtful.

“Show me how it works,” she said. He showed her to turn the dial to two minutes, put the top on and pressed the button. The box locked itself and the clock started running down.

“You really want to do this with the keys? What if you want to get out? What if you really need to get out?”

Jeff explained that he wanted Sue to learn how to say no to him, and that this would help her at first. If he really needed to be unlocked they could break the plastic box to get the key, but that was only in emergency. The rest of the time he would just have to wait. She still looked puzzled, but she was obviously interested to see the clock running down and waiting to see what happened.

“You can even add time when it’s running,” he added. “ You can’t take time off, it has to run down normally, but you can add time by pressing the button, increasing the time and pressing the button again. You can even stop the timer by removing the batteries and it will start again from the same point when you put them back in. The timer has a maximum of ten days but that’s how you could make it even longer.”

At that point the timer ran down to zero and the box unlocked itself.

“Let me experiment a bit with it and I’ll let you know.” She picked up the lock box and put it away on a nearby shelf. Jeff was hopeful and knew not to push her until she had satisfied herself that she understood it and liked it. He had left the keys to the cage inside the lock box, but he knew it wasn’t locked so he could unlock any time he wanted.

The next evening he was feeling horny so started following Sue around the house to grab a kiss and cuddle at every opportunity. He was looking forward to taking her to the bedroom and making love on the bed. But something was different in her behaviour; she was smiling all the time and she seemed to be leading him on more than usual, kissing him back quite passionately. Eventually he manoeuvred he into the bedroom and they helped each other remove their clothes. She laid back on the bed and gave him a beaming smile.

“You need to unlock me now so that I can bury myself deep in you and see how many orgasms we can have.”

“Oh Jeff, I thought you wanted me to try that lock box, and the keys are in it.”

“What? Not tonight,” he exclaimed. “I want you now, I don’t want to have to wait. How long did you set it for?”

“I just set it for two days, but that was this morning. I’m sorry but you’ll still be locked tomorrow night as well.”

Jeff was shocked. He had really thought that Sue would take longer to get comfortable with the idea, so he hadn’t expected not to be able to get out tonight. But at the same time he was very excited about not being able to escape, and suddenly the cage seemed much tighter. Sue’s smile had gone and she looked worried, so he knew he had to thank her for doing what he had asked. He growled a little and almost flung himself on her, passionately kissing her face and neck while his hands roamed free. Soon enough his hand went down to find her wet, so he kissed his way down her chest and stomach until he was between her legs and licking her to two shuddering orgasms before she made him stop. He slid back up the bed and put his arms around her.

“Thank you,” he said. “I hope you had a wonderful time.”

“You’re thanking me?” She rolled over to give him a serious look. “Why are you thanking me when you didn’t get to finish?”

He had to think a little as it was a new dynamic in their time together. Slowly he managed to explain that he’d just enjoyed making her happy, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to orgasm. Somehow it was even more satisfying than usual as he didn’t feel the usual post-orgasm release, and he knew he was ready for more if she wanted. But he was just as happy cuddling a very contented wife.

The next day was the same, only Jeff felt even hornier knowing in advance that he wasn’t getting out of the cage. Sue was more relaxed and they both enjoyed a slower and more romantic approach but with the same results.

The following evening he knew that the timer had run out so he was looking forward to being unlocked and making love. That evening Sue was fighting off his attempts to cuddle and kiss in the kitchen, and she told him to behave himself. Finally he was too much of a pest.

“Leave me alone to finish getting dinner ready or I won’t let you out,” she said. He didn’t think she meant it, but he wasn’t sure. “You’re not getting out tonight anyway as I added time this morning. I’ve been having way too good a time to want to stop what we’ve been doing.”

He was stunned. Quickly he ran to the lock box in the living room, only to find it locked with another twelve hours on the clock. For the first time he really wanted to pull off his cage, but he knew that wasn’t possible. He slumped down in a chair and started wondering what he had let himself in for. Sue had always been very submissive, but now she had added another day to his locked time. He stayed in the living room passing the time until dinner came, and he knew he was pouting while they ate.

“I hope you won’t be difficult about another night. You’ve been so wonderful the last couple of nights that I wanted it to go on the same way. And it was your idea in the first place.”

Jeff knew that she was right, but he had been so focused on what he wanted for himself that he hadn’t been thinking clearly. He apologised for sulking and smiled at her. She gave him a lovely smile back, and suddenly they were back together. When dinner finished they did the dishes and kitchen together, after which they sat together to watch TV before going to bed. Instead of the lovemaking of other evenings they just cuddled, and they he spooned her as she went to sleep.

The next day Jeff checked the lock box quietly as soon as he got home. The counter was down to zero and he had to suppress his urge to cheer. The evening progressed smoothly, and he controlled his horny behaviour. Later in the evening Sue said it was time for bed and asked Jeff if he was ready too. Of course he was, but Sue asked him to wait a few minutes. When he went in she was sitting in bed partially under the sheets. She told him to take his clothes off while she watched, and then she had him come close to her. Gently she took hold of his cage and balls and gave them a good inspection.

“That all looks good,” she said quietly. “I suppose you would like to be released now and to make love to me.

After all, I know that you checked the lock box when you came home.” He was embarrassed as he thought she hadn’t seen him. But he nodded in agreement, and she held out her hand with the key dangling between thumb and forefinger. Quickly Jeff unlocked and cleaned himself before joining Sue in bed. He had intended to be slow, but his instincts got the better of him and much too quickly he was on top and thrusting himself to an orgasm. He felt himself spurt far more than usual, and only as he relaxed did he realise that Sue hadn’t enjoyed it so much. He wrapped himself around her, muttered some thanks, and fell asleep.

The next morning Sue didn’t seem very happy. “You were much nicer to me when you were locked up. Other nights you took care of me, but last night it was all about you.” She gave him a sullen look that melted his heart.

“I’m sorry Sue. I’m not used to waiting so long and I lost it. Can I make it up to you somehow? Dinner out, perhaps?”

“That might help, but I think I want you back in that cage. Now. And give me the keys.”

As usual in the immediate days after an orgasm, Jeff was reluctant to put the cage back on. But he knew that it would make Sue happy so he made himself do it. Then he took the keys to Sue. She gave a little smile and thanked him, then walked straight over to the lock box, put the keys in it and pressed the button. Jeff heard it lock itself.

“How long did you set the timer for?”

“After last night’s performance I decided to set it to seven days. But I can always add more if you misbehave again.”

His heart sank. He’d never gone a whole week in the cage and he wondered how he would cope. He had started something he couldn’t control. How would he cope?

Sue had the last word. “Thank you for this lock box. It’s a great present, and it wasn’t even my birthday. I think it’s going to be my best friend!”
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Re: The lock box

Post by happilylockedman »

Hey Belocked,

Thank you for your story. I really enjoyed it and, if you really have to know, my cage got tighter as I read it!

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Re: The lock box

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Great story, well written! Like HappilyLockedMan my cage got a good hydraulic pressure test!
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Re: The lock box

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We have one of those kitchen safes and my wifes uses it to resist unlocking me. We love it.
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Re: The lock box

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Add me to the list of those whose cage became tighter as I read this story.

Since my wife will not play, my kitchen safe is my key holder. I love it.
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Re: The lock box

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That was a great read! It gives me hope that my wife will one day want to do this!
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