How Leah and I got into T&D

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How Leah and I got into T&D

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Leah and I are both retired, so we are getting on a bit. In Leah, I am blessed to have an extraordinary spouse and best friend. While she sees sex and affection as separate but sometimes overlapping components of our relationship, over the years she has come to understand how important sex is to me and to the nourishing of our relationship. Our marriage is top priority for us both even though we find great satisfaction in demanding volunteer commitments. Being busy, we schedule love-making 5 times a week with several other opportunities for lighter sex play. With such a generous schedule, I respect Leah’s wishes and avoid pestering her the rest of the time. Leah usually has several orgasms when we make love and I often have one as well. My age and too many medications sometimes make my cock reluctant to stiffen. In that case, Leah will patiently draw an orgasm out of me by hand or we’ll agree to edge me for a while and “punish” my cock by leaving it needy until the next time we make love. I believe that my gratitude for the amazing sex life that Leah provides encourages me to do my very best to meet her needs for companionship, support and affection. We have our ups and downs like any couple, but after 48 years of marriage, I love her more each day. While Leah would vehemently deny that we have a female led marriage, I do feel that the effort she puts into our sex lives makes me very susceptible to her influence.

It had been one of those weeks when my penis was misbehaving. The first time, I had managed to insert it as we made love doggy style but as soon as Leah had her orgasm, my erection collapsed. I slipped out and lay down on my back so that Leah could snuggle up with her head on my chest and play with my cock.

“Do you want to come, or shall I just tease you a bit so we can fuck tomorrow?” she said.

“Let’s give it a hard time and leave it hanging,” I decided.

Leah grinned. “Tell me when you’re getting close and I’ll slow down until you regain control.”

“Let’s use a code. Eight means I’m close so please slow down. Nine means – let go at once,” I suggested.

Leah spent the next fifteen minutes bringing me to the edge and backing off. The feeling was delicious even though I didn’t have much of an erection, and when we’d finished “punishing” my cock, I was happy to snuggle up behind her pressing my tingling organ so her soft buttocks.

The next night after enjoying 69 with several orgasms for Leah, I climbed aboard but was quite unable to penetrate. Instead, I knelt between her legs and rubbed my swollen but soft penis tip on her clit until she had an intense orgasm. I lay on my back so she could snuggle with her head on my shoulder. After a little while she set to work rubbing me over.

“May we just tease it again?” I asked.

“It’s been a couple of days. Surely you’d rather cum”, she replied.

“I really enjoy the tingly, horny feeling and anyway I don’t think we should pander to a misbehaving cock”.

“If you’re sure”, she replied as she set to work teasing my penis. Surprisingly it quickly became quite hard.

“Do you want to fuck now?”, she asked.

“No. Let’s teach this cock a lesson.”

The next time we made love, Leah grinned at me and said, “How long do you think you can go without an orgasm? It’s really nice to see you having a nice solid hard-on”.

“Why don’t we try for a week”, I suggested.

So for the remainder of the week, Leah teased morning and night for a quarter of an hour or so and we had intercourse on our usual schedule with my cock as hard as a rock. By the end of the week, it was becoming more difficult to control it and usually there would be a little dribble of pre-cum, sometimes with a little white cum in it. We did manage to avoid anything close to a pulsing ejaculation and my erections continued to be plenty hard enough for intercourse.

“How does it feel to have all this sex without an orgasm?”, Leah asked.

“It’s really strange”, I replied. When we’re actually playing, I’m desperate to cum. But the rest of the time, I love the feeling of being horny like a teenager. I feel powerfully drawn to you. Every glimpse of your thigh, your cleavage, your ass, send a shivery tingle through my body. I yearn for your touch to soothe my cock, even though I know it’ll only make things more difficult. Everything seems brighter, and when we go out, the women I see look wonderful. My balls ache, in a nice way and my cock is swollen and sensitive most of the time.”

“So do you think we can do another week?” Leah challenged.

“I’m not sure. I really need to cum. After another week, I’ll be climbing the walls. It’s already challenging for me to avoid making a nuisance of myself during the day. I know you don’t want me pestering you outside of our scheduled sex.”

“I really get a kick out of watching you trying to control your cock while I tease you. It’s quite a turn on watching you pant and moan as your cock twitches and pulses. I’ll tell you what – if you agree to go another week, you can bring me your cock any time you need soothing, as long as I’m not busy. I’ll guarantee to make things much more difficult for you!”

“Wow! That would be amazing! You’d really do that for me?”

“Not on a regular basis, but this time and for a treat now and again in the future… sure I would.”

“It’s a deal. Thank you my love. I’d better dig out my ball-strap to help me hold off cumming.”

Each morning and evening, Leah lay with her head on my shoulder and began by massaging my swollen balls and perineum and sucking my penis tip and licking the sensitive spot under the crown. After a few minutes, she gently stretched my scrotum and snapped on the leather ball strap. Then she lubed my shaft and stroked it gently while I hung onto her breast for dear life as the intense pleasure and frustration coursed through me. As she brought me to the edge, I struggled to relax the muscles in my thighs and belly. Despite my best efforts, I would keep tensing up trying to spurt and then desperately clench to hold it off. Leah worked though several techniques that drove me crazy. After stroking full-length for a while, she focussed on the crown with slow sensuous strokes. Other times the would do fast, full-length up strokes that would make me impossibly hard. When I gasped “eight” she would do small strokes at the base of the shaft until I regained control. Edging me seemed to turn her on, so when lovemaking was scheduled I would stroke her back, thighs and belly before sucking on her nipples and gently playing with her pussy. When she was ready, I would suck and lick her clit to several orgasms. Usually we would have intercourse doggy style since that allowed me to stroke her breasts and clit while thrusting into her pussy.

As the week progressed, it became harder and harder to control my cock during intercourse. I would often have to stop moving, stroking Leah’s back, bottom and breasts until I regained control. The pleasure and frustration were incredibly intense. After stroking Leah’s clit to orgasm, I would thrust gently for a few more minutes savouring the intensely emotional bonding experience. Pulling out was so difficult and Leah would snuggle up, bring me up to the edge by hand one more time before gently soothing me down with slowing strokes.

I found the experience so intense and satisfying that I only took Leah up on her offer to “soothe” my cock during the day a couple of times. Truth to tell, we are both so busy that there really wasn’t time to take much advantage of her generosity. Our back yard is small but very secluded so one time we had a naked breakfast outdoors and after reading the paper we had a lovely edging session. Another time we watched a porn movie together naked and teased each other for the duration. By the end of the week I was really ready to return to our normal schedule.

We soon settled into a routine that involved 2 weeks of the month in orgasm denial and the rest in our usual routine. The variety works well for us and since frequent orgasms keep my fluid production up, it doesn’t take long to get into the zone when we do orgasm denial. There is absolutely no dominant/submissive aspect to our tease and denial sessions but rather we play as a team, treating my penis as a third person to be controlled, frustrated and pleasured almost beyond bearing.

I am one lucky guy!
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Re: How Leah and I got into T&D

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Yes. Lucky indeed.
Nice tale :)
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Re: How Leah and I got into T&D

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Thanks Gehngus. I've been enjoying your postings as well.
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