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New guy

Post by TonyF25 » Sun Jul 15, 2018 9:26 am

Hello all , I'm new here . I'm Tony , been married to Sarah for 2years. Sarah is older then me . She is 27 , I'm 25. Sarah is very experienced in sex, she has been active since 14. I was late ,immature, and well didn't developer till about 17 when I first-time it to my self looking at naughty pictures. I met Sarah when I was 23, I was a live model ( nude ) for art classes at the local university. Sarah's mother was the art professor. Sarah stop by the school to drop off coffee for her Mom between classes , and walked in while I was posing a few times. We were introduced and the relationship started. Like I said I was immature , so sex was not part of the relationship.
Sarah told me one day , we were dating about 6 weeks , that a women has needs. But she said , she doesn't want me to lose my innocents till we marry. She knew I was a virgin. So she told me , if the relationship was going to continue , she would have to be free to have her needs taken are of. I didn't bother me , since I didn't know what it was like , I wasn't missing anything , as she told me. I shredded. As the relationship progressed , she dated others for sex, but would not tell me who or when. She said I didn't need to know.
She asked me one day if I masturbated, blushing Fed , embarrased I told her I did once in a while thinking about her, but looking at naughty pictures. She said that has to stop. A few days later we were together at her house, she took out a small black box. She had me open it. It was a cb6000 s. She said seeing me model, she knew I was little and this is made for little penises , she had me strip and showed me how to put it on. She had me wear it that evening. Then over the next few weeks a few hours a day then all day , finally 24/7. She had the key, her mother had a emergency key , for emergencies , or when I modeled for a class she was instructing. Sarah asked me if I wanted my Mom to have a emergency key, she said she would explain to her what it was about. I was too embarrased about that so I said no. So only Sarah and her Mom had keys.
About 6 months later we married. Sarah unlocked me and gave me sex, all I wanted , when ever I wanted. Sarah told me I didn't do much to excite her , I came too fast, and I was so small she could not feel me inside. She told me if the marriage was to go on, she wanted to be free to get from others what I could not give her. I shredded.
The cb6000 s was 're introduced so I could not masturbate. Sarah dated , then came home to me, if her date satisfied her, she gave me sex. If he didn't satisfy her she would jerk me off just to the edge and then ruin the orgasum. He rule was if she was satisfied , I would be satisfied, but if she wasn't either was I. If She was angry at me she wouldn't get me to the point of orgasum, just get me excited and the lock me back in.
She makes me wear panties so I know I'm not a real man , like her lovers. But the relationship works for us , and I like it. Sarah is also happy with the situation.
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Re: New guy

Post by Tom Allen » Sun Jul 15, 2018 9:44 am

Note: I moved this to the Fiction section for obvious reasons.
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Re: New guy

Post by jfenoffti » Mon Jul 16, 2018 10:18 am

Tom: Thank you.
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