The Four-Some Part 2

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The Four-Some Part 2

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This is the second part. File size restrictions require breaking it up.

Their house was located on a large piece of property with tall, dense hedges surrounding it. In short, it was very private. With spring came the opportunity and need to be outside. There were many chores to be done and it was great to be outside in the sunshine. Steve and Alan were outside a lot. If the ladies wished, they would be naked, except for their chastity cages. Or, if either Susan or Marie were in the mood for bondage then they might be wearing collars, cuffs, harnesses – any of the things that Alan had so beautifully crafted in his workshop.

One fine day Susan and Marie decided on what they hoped would be an amusing and educational game. The base rings of the cages the men wore each had small rings on them suitable for attachments. The game the women had in mind involved coordinated movement. The men’s two rings were joined together by a short piece of light weight chain. If they moved together everything would be fine. But if they didn’t, such as if one stopped and the other started, or one turned left and the other turned right, they would both get a nasty pull on their balls. Starting out they were allowed to see as they were given instructions to go forward, stop, turn left or right, etc. Then there were sillier instructions like walking backwards as you’re turning left. Once they began to get the hang of it they were blindfolded, making things much more difficult! The final game was deciding, blindfolded, if the touch they were receiving came from Marie or Susan. A wrong answer would get a swat. A correct answer would earn a more sensual touch. But making things even more difficult, Marie and Susan reserved the right to switch places mid-touching. If Alan or Steve failed to detect the switch they would earn a swat or two.

There were also two variations of another game that they all enjoyed. Marie and Susan had the two guys stand together, either facing each other chest to chest or facing away, butt to butt. They would be tied together, very securely, and made to walk around. If they were facing each other their butts were fair game for playful spanks or swats with a crop. Also, facing in their cocks were often in contact. In cages, yes, but still in contact. If they were facing out their caged genitals were very inviting to the ladies to tease!
Chapter 4

One day Marie and Susan went into town for some shopping. Alan and Steve decided to use that time to clear up a tree that had been blown down in a storm. They wore appropriate clothing as they carried their tools into the woods. They got started, using a chain saw to cut the trunk into fireplace length logs and an ax to remove small branches. Then, something horrible happened. The ax slipped in Alan’s hands and the blade cut into his upper thigh. It was a deep, painful cut and was bleeding freely. Thinking quickly, Steve used his shirt to push against the wound to staunch the bleeding as he helped his friend walk towards the house. Steve got Alan into a car, went inside for the keys, and quickly drove off to a local hospital.

Once at the hospital things happened quickly. Alan was helped onto a gurney and wheeled into a small alcove in the ER. The resident and a nurse came in to examine Alan. She introduced herself as Doctor Silverman and her assistant as Nurse Abigail.

Doctor Silverman was a very intelligent woman who had studied diligently through college, medical school, her internships, and residency. She had always put her studies and professional obligations first and consequently had never had much of a social life. She did have an active imagination though, often imagining herself in a variety of sexual situations. Sometimes, when driving to work, she would daydream about being in a relationship with a man and ordering him about, forcing him by the power of her will to please her sexually in different ways. Other times, her daydreams took a different direction in which a woman would compel her to make love to her. She found both imaginary scenarios equally powerful and stimulating, which sometimes left her feeling confused about herself.

Doctor Silverman and Nurse Abigail quickly removed Alan’s bloody pants. Silverman asked Steve to wait in the waiting room and he complied. As she worked the doctor’s mind was very active. She asked Alan what had happened and decided that his explanation that his injury was the result of an accident was plausible, as he was wearing work clothes that had wood chips and sawdust on them. She concluded that the injury was accidental as Alan said it was. She couldn’t help but see the chastity cage, and asked Alan if he could remove it so they could do a more thorough examination. Alan was embarrassed to admit that he couldn’t; he didn’t have the key. The doctor thought she saw welts across his thighs, the sort of marks that a crop might leave. She wanted to rule out domestic abuse and delicately asked him how he might have gotten the marks. Alan hemmed and hawed, finally saying that he didn’t remember. Doctor Silverman straight out asked him if someone had hit him. He answered that he didn’t remember if it was Susan or Marie, but that it was OK. It was quite consensual and he didn’t mind a bit!

Doctor Silverman was satisfied that she had satisfied her legal responsibilities in questioning him, and proceeded to inject a local anesthetic and to suture the wound. She then applied a topical antibiotic and a dressing. She told Alan that she wanted him to return to the ER in two days because she wanted to make sure there was no infection and that healing was progressing correctly.

Later, when she was alone Doctor Silverman let herself experience the emotions she had kept in check during the examination and the procedure. Here was a man who was clearly in a relationship in which he was kept in chastity, even while doing physical labor and who was physically disciplined, by two women! And she didn’t know what else they might be doing, but it seemed that they were living one of her dreams!

She could not get Alan and his women out of her mind.

Two days later Alan returned to the ER, accompanied by a woman who introduced herself as Susan, his wife. Doctor Silverman brought them into an examination room, pulled the privacy curtain, and asked Alan to remove his pants. She removed the dressing and saw that all was well. She also couldn’t help but notice that he wasn’t wearing a cage that day. She valiantly fought her impulse to comment on that, but failed. She cleared her throat and said,

“Hmm, I see that you’re not, uhhhh…” She didn’t know how to proceed.

Susan looked her in the eyes and offered with a smile, “Locked up?”

Doctor Silverman blushed and said “I’m sorry. It’s none of my business. It’s just that, uh, my whole life I’ve fantasized about uh … I’m sorry. Please, you can get dressed now.”

“I’d like for you to come back in six days so I can remove the stitches” she added.
Normally a nurse would remove stitches, but six days later when Alan returned accompanied by Marie who also introduced herself as his wife, Doctor Silverman said that she would do it herself. They all went back into an examination room. Snip, pull, snip, pull--the stitches were out in no time at all. This time Alan was wearing a cage. Doctor Silverman threw her natural and professional caution to the winds and said

“Oh, I see that you’re back in that, uh, device… Is it comfortable?”

Alan and Marie looked at each other and smiled. When Alan had returned from the ER after the accident and everything was peaceful in the house they had talked about his public “outing.” They all agreed that it was no big deal after all. They were all adults and could do as they wished. They did agree that the doctor seemed unduly interested in Alan’s cage, but they certainly understood why. After all, they all found it interesting as well!

Alan replied “Yes, it is.” He thought he knew what she wanted and asked her, “Would you like to touch it?”

She flushed red, her mind in a whirl. She thought “If not now, when?” and she answered “Yes, I would… if it’s OK?”

“Sure,” said Alan. “It’s OK. I’m used to being handled” as he chuckled.

She reached down, gingerly picked up the cage complete with penis within, squeezed the cage and put it down.

“Thank you very much,” she said as she struggled to regain her professional demeanor.

“You’re very welcome” Marie said.

Marie felt Doctor Silverman’s longing and, being in a generous mood, offered

“Would you like to stop by our house for tea sometime? When do you get off work?”

Doctor Silverman’s first instinct was to decline with thanks, but then she decided that for once in her life she was going to act instead of dream!

She accepted “I get off work at five. Would that be convenient?”

At 5:30 that afternoon Wendy Silverman rang the bell. Marie welcomed her in and they walked into the living room where Susan joined them.

“I’m so glad you came Doctor…”

“Please, call me Wendy. I’m not at work now.”

“Of course, Wendy. I’m Susan and this is Marie. I know we met at the hospital but this is… different. We’d love to know more about you! How long have you been a doctor? Do you like it? Are you in any relationship?”

Just then Steve came in, greeted Wendy, and asked if anybody cared for some coffee or tea.
They gave him their orders and, “Coming right up.” he said

It turned out that Wendy was 31 years old, had been a doctor for 4 years, enjoyed the work and was single. She was tall, 5’ 10”, had short brown hair, regular features and in general had an unremarkable appearance. The four friends didn’t quite know how to bring up the ‘elephant in the room;’ the unusual living arrangement that they had. Just then Alan came in with his latest creation that he wanted to show off. He saw the doctor and greeted her with thanks for the care she had given him. He had just finished a leather collar. It was 2 ½“ wide, had three D rings fastened around it and was tooled in an intricate, beautiful design.

“I guess this is why you came, Wendy.” Susan said. “Isn’t it?”

Wendy blushed and acknowledged that she was certainly fascinated.

“Let’s put it on you, Alan, and see how it looks.”

Susan took the collar from him, put it around his neck and buckled it securely. She put her right index finger into the D ring in front and pulled him towards her. Alan was delighted to have his creation put to use immediately!

“What a beautiful piece of work,” she admired.

“Wendy, come take a closer look.”

Wendy stood, approached Alan, and with her heart pounding asked if it was OK to touch. He nodded. With that permission granted she let her hands go up to the collar to explore the intricate work, inhaling the aroma of fresh leather. She felt the coolness of the steel rings. She was getting quite wet between her legs and felt that she was in heaven.

Marie and Susan watched this little vignette unfold. They saw the pleasure Wendy was getting from handling Alan’s collar although they had no idea how long it had been that she had wanted to do that with a man. Susan picked up a leash, snapped it onto the front D ring and offered it to Wendy, who accepted it gratefully.

“How about his hands?” Wendy asked

“How right you are!” Marie agreed.

She produced two wrist cuffs, asked Alan to hold his hands out, buckled them on and used a very short piece of chain to join them together behind his back.

“May I?” Wendy asked Marie as she started to lead Alan.

“Absolutely,” Marie responded. “Enjoy yourself!”
Alan was greatly enjoying himself. He loved being bound and receiving attention. He felt himself
trying to get hard inside his cage. Wendy asked Alan if he was caged and if it was OK with him if she felt it on him. He smiled and nodded. Wendy reached down and unbuckled his pants, which fell to the floor. She reached around, cupped his buttock with her hand then moved that hand around to feel his cock and balls through his briefs. She shortened her grip on the leash and pulled up, compelling Alan to stand straight or be strangled. He made a choking sound as she reached inside his underpants, grabbed his package firmly and gave it a little twist. She gave the leash another little tug upwards, increasing the pull on Alan’s neck. As she pulled the leash up Wendy put her face right next to Alan’s. She wanted to look right into his eyes as she had him in her power and she wanted him to see her very clearly. She wanted him to know that it was Wendy who was controlling him.

Alan suddenly found himself in a difficult situation to navigate. He was certainly heavy enough so that if he wanted to he could simply overpower her arm with his weight. But if he did that he would break the ‘mood of the scene’, which he didn’t want to do. But this was scary; he’d never been in such an extreme situation or as suddenly. He wanted to play his submissive role but it took all of his will power to do that. His breath rasped in and out as he continued to submit to his strangulation.
Wendy was amazed at herself. She was actually doing things that she had dreamed about for years. She was tremendously excited by her exercise of power and knew that she wanted to do this more! She slowly released the pressure, handed the leash back to Susan and thanked her, feeling a tremendous sense of satisfaction and completeness.

Wendy unfastened his hands from behind him, thanked Alan, and asked if he was all right. He said he was, that her almost strangling him was a very intense experience and that being so completely and blatantly in her power was both frightening and exciting for him! He said, with an embarrassed grin, that talking about it now made him hard again, just like he was during the actual experience. Wendy smiled at him and reached down to confirm what he had just said.

After that encounter they all sat down again in the living room to chat. There was an awkwardness in the room. Susan and Marie had helped facilitate a very intimate interaction between Alan and Wendy, who barely knew each other. It was difficult to go back to exchanging introductory information after such an intense exchange between the two.

Marie broke the ice and dove right in.

“Wendy, the four of us have a very special relationship. We love each other and we take care of each other. Susan and I are in charge. Steve and Alan love us, love each other and love to be under our control.”

Alan continued where Marie had left off.

“The physical aspects of their control are important to Steve and I but that’s certainly not the only thing. I love bondage and I accept their discipline. I know that it’s offered in love and I welcome it in that spirit. If I ever felt that the love wasn’t there it would be terrible for me. I doubt that I could continue.”

Wendy listened intently. She was amazed that such a complex relationship existed and had continued for three years. She was deeply envious of Susan and Marie and said so. Their lives mirrored and exceeded her fantasies. She described how she had ignored her sexual urges in favor of her educational and professional demands. She didn’t see how she could satisfy both. Seeing what these people had was making her rethink her priorities and she felt sad for what she didn’t have.
Susan broke a brief silence saying,

“Wendy, you’re young. You have a long life ahead of you. I think that you should regard the past as being just that--the past. If you want to do things differently, now is a great time to start!”

“I-I-I don’t know where to start, or what to do.” Wendy said softly.

Alan helped, “Start out by signing up on FetLife. Also, there are munches in the area. We’ll give you the particulars. You can start going to those and see who you might meet.”

When Wendy left their home her mind was swimming with excitement. Her well-ordered life was in for some changes. She would continue to live her professional life as a respected doctor; she loved the work and saw no reason for that to change. But she was determined that the parts of her that had been suppressed for so long would be liberated, NOW!

As Wendy’s car pulled out of the driveway Alan extended his left arm to Marie, who cuddled into him. He eased them both down onto a sofa and grazed her left breast with his right hand, discovering that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Marie responded with a little gasp, moving her chest towards his hand. Alan caressed her nipple through the thin fabric of her blouse. Her nipple stiffened in response. He cupped her breast, supporting it while he gently squeezed her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Her breathing quickened. He moved on to her right breast, circling the nipple with the tips of his fingers. The nipple responded, begging for attention that Alan was only too glad to provide. He reached down, opened her pants and slid his hand over her mound, gently grazing her panties. His fingers went further, softly squeezing her butt then tracing the outline of her panties. He proceeded to wander under them, brushing her short, soft hair. Finally he pushed her panties aside and began tantalizing her cleft, finding the spots that caused her to arch up towards his hand in delight. She was soaking wet as he stroked, timing his motion to match hers. She came with a final convulsion, the walls of her pussy contracting around his two fingers. As she came he ceased his motion and held her tightly.

After a few minutes Marie languidly removed the chain from around her neck. Grasping the key, she reached down and unlocked Alan’s cage. During their lovemaking his cage was filled to bursting and pulling against his balls, but now he was more relaxed. Marie gently stroked his penis. It woke up, growing in her hand.

“I want you inside of me,” she murmured into his ear. “I want you to come inside of me.”

Marie scratched his back hard with her nails, knowing that he liked that. She reached as far down as she could and scratched the backs of his thighs then up onto his buttocks. Alan was rigid and ready. He felt her pussy; it was wet!

He whispered, “Are you ready?”

“Oh yes, oh yes,” she cried.

Alan slowly entered her, delighting in her silky wetness. He went as far in as he could. Marie reached her feet up onto his legs, pulling him into her even more. He began thrusting, slowly. In and out, in and out. It had been weeks since he had last come. Alan whispered that he couldn’t last long. Marie pulled him into her even deeper saying
“Come when you’re ready. I want you to come!”
Alan came explosively, thrusting powerfully into her. His hot semen flooded deep inside of her, triggering Marie to come yet again. Alan’s thrusts slowed, then ceased.

He began breathing again. They laughed softly, delighted by their experience. They were delighted to be in each other’s arms, and delighted to be able to give and receive so much pleasure.

Susan watched all of this hungrily. She turned to Steve, ordering him to strip and lie down on his back. She unlocked and removed his cage, just in case she wanted access to his penis. She told him to keep his hands at his sides; no touching. This was a form of mental restraint. Susan removed her own pants and her thong and lowered herself onto his mouth. She softly asked him to make her come. Steve began with gentle suction then began using his tongue. He darted in and out, touching her most sensitive areas. He licked her labia and worked his tongue as deep inside her as he could reach. He held it still as Susan rode up and down on it. He started to reach up to caress her but she stopped him with a word. His mouth work was superb but Susan wanted more. Susan moved down and mounted his penis which was rock hard and ready. She impaled herself on his cock and came almost immediately, loudly. Steve came just after her, his semen leaking out. Susan moved back up to Steve’s mouth and instructed him to clean her and swallow every drop. He proceeded to lick and suck and swallow his own cum until she was spotless. As Steve worked Susan had another, albeit smaller, orgasm. Finally Steve was finished. Alan handed him a moist towel to clean himself.

It was very unusual that all four of them had orgasms more or less at the same time. They opened up a bottle of wine and sat around drinking and talking. Alan spoke,

“The sex is great and the fetish play is incredible, but the best thing in the world is being part of this foursome. I love you all!”

The other three responded “Amen.”

Susan turned to Steve with a smile, and asked “So what’s for dinner?”

Please continue directly to the next part. It's all one story.
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Re: The Four-Some Part 2

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Just read this. Good story, though normally I'm not a fan of fiction.
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