The Four-Some Part 3

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The Four-Some Part 3

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This is the second part of the story. Please start at the beginning.

Part 2 Chapter 1

Winter came early and with it came long, dark nights, howling winds, and bone chilling cold. The Foursome’s house was warm and snug but venturing outside was an exercise in survival, so they tended to stay inside except when they had to go to work or for necessary errands.

Browsing an on-line forum one day, Marie found a very interesting ad:

Mid Winter Retreat for Women and Obedient Men
Come join us for a week long frolic on the warm Caribbean island of Querida
Secret Bay Resort
Women and Chaste Men only.
All Men Shall Be in Chastity
Single men shall wear devices provided by management
Keys can be checked out by women
Everyone at the resort (staff included) will be into the “fun and games”
Jan. 13 – Jan. 20 Inquire for details

This sounded wonderful! She passed the information around at dinner. The others were interested as well so Marie said she’d get more information.

When Marie called, a woman answered.

“Can I help you?” she asked.

When Marie started to ask about the retreat the woman was a bit abrupt.

“Do you know what kind of people the retreat is for?” she asked.

Marie was definitely put off by her attitude but she persisted.

“The ad said ‘Women and Obedient Men’ and that’s what we’re interested in. The people coming would be myself and my husband, plus another couple. I think you’re being rather rude. Are you always this way to potential customers?”

“I’m sorry,” she said. “It’s just that I’ve been getting a lot of calls from people who somehow don’t see the ‘Obedient or Chaste’ part. You obviously saw it. If you don’t mind my asking, could you please describe what sort of things you and your friends like to do? I mean about obedience. We’re expecting over 100 people and I want to be sure we have a compatible group.”

“Well, ordinarily I don’t talk to strangers over the phone about our personal affairs but I understand why you’re asking. We just do the normal stuff. We use male chastity, bondage, and discipline on our men. Does that meet your criteria?”

“Oh yes, absolutely. Thanks for sharing that information! My name’s Mona.”

Mona laughed, saying she enjoyed hearing Marie say that what they do was “normal stuff.”

“Let me tell you everything about the facility and the island.”

With that, Mona gave Marie a full description. It really did sound great! They had all the sports and facilities you would expect on a Caribbean vacation island as well as a full complement of bondage and associated equipment for general use. They also had many activities scheduled that were intended to be ‘mixers’ to make it easier to meet other people.

Mona asked what kind of accommodations Marie wanted. When she heard “A cabin for four with two king beds” Mona chuckled again, saying she thought there might be a few things they do together that Marie hadn’t thought to mention. Marie just smiled.

When Marie described her conversation to the others, everyone was enthusiastic. The thought of hot sun, warm water, and good food where they could be completely open about the way they lived their lives was enticing. They agreed that they would go, assuming they could all get the same vacation days off at work, which ended up being no issue at all. Some co-workers at Susan and Steve’s office exchanged knowing smiles when they learned that the two were going on vacation at the same time.

Packing was an interesting experience for this trip. In addition to the beachwear that one would normally take on vacation, there were all sorts of other things that they wanted to bring: cuffs, collars, harnesses, paddles, ropes and chains – all the little things that enhanced their lives together. There wasn’t room for everything, so they had to make hard choices about what to leave behind.

At the airport, they waited at the gate to board the plane. Almost everyone around there was going on vacation but they did wonder if anybody else might happen to be going to the same place they were. They tried to not be too obvious as they scrutinized the passengers.

Susan whispered to Alan “I bet they are,” looking at a statuesque, beautiful woman with a shorter, powerful looking man. “I don’t think so” he replied. “I think he’s the boss.”

“I’m going to ask” Susan said as she ambled towards them.

“Hi, I’m Susan,” she said. “You’re going on vacation, of course. Will you be staying at a resort?” she asked with a smile.

The woman smiled in return and replied that yes, they were going on vacation and that they would be staying at a resort called Secret Bay.

Susan was delighted. “So are we! We’re so looking forward to this week. Have you been there before?”

The woman introduced herself as Alicia and her companion as Robert. They had come last year for the first time and had an outstanding experience. Susan and Alicia walked away from the crowd so they could have a little bit of privacy as they got to know each other. They were both strong, assertive women in relationships with wonderful men who were very happy to have their women in charge. When Susan got around to telling Alicia about the living arrangements that she and her friends enjoyed, Alicia was stunned that such a situation had survived.

“Not just survived. Thrived!” Susan said.

Alicia was very impressed, and envious!

They walked back to the gate area and Susan introduced Alicia to Marie, Alan and Steve. Alicia introduced Robert to the group as well. They all looked at each other, wondering if they would be intimate in the near future. They were very eager to get to their destination.

When they disembarked from the plane on Querida the first thing they experienced was the air. It washed over them in a warm, fragrant embrace. Simply breathing was a joyful pleasure. They walked into the terminal, collected their bags and saw a smiling man holding a sign the said “Secret Bay Resort.” As they walked towards him they saw others, including their new friends Alicia and Robert, approaching him as well.

“Welcome, welcome to my beautiful island. My name is John.” He spoke in a gentle, lilting accent.

“Did you have a good flight? Here, let me help you with that.”

John checked their names against a list he had, loaded everyone into his minibus and they were off. He drove away from the airport on the narrow, two lane main road. Everyone was looking out the open windows, admiring the unfolding scenes of azure and green water, steep mountains and lush fields. As they drove on there were fewer and fewer houses. Finally they arrived at their destination, Secret Bay Resort. They passed through a gate attended to by a guard and entered a beautiful landscaped paradise. Tropical plants were everywhere, colorful birds were flying overhead, and a soft breeze caressed them. The group of 12 people was invited to come to a shaded grove for an orientation. There were 4 couples, 2 single men and 2 single women in their group. The directors of the resort, Jayne and Jules, spoke to them.

“First of all, Welcome to all” Jayne said. “We’re delighted to have you here! I hope to get to know each of you. If there is anything you want or need, or have any questions, please ask any of the staff, myself, or Jules. You truly are our guests now and we want you all to have the best possible experience!”

Even more than her words, Jayne’s whole being expressed love, welcome and acceptance.

Jules continued, “As you know, one of the essentials of the Secret Bay experience is that all men are to be in chastity. The only time a man is to be out of his cage is when a woman wants him to be or when a she has him in bondage. After, he is to be locked again. That’s clear, right? We do this so all the women can feel safe.” He paused, “And also to reinforce the fact that women are in control here. I think we have two single men in this group…” He looked around, saw them “Hi, after the orientation please come with me to the fitting room for your devices.”

“One more thing... “As you know we are clothing optional here but men are expected to be bare in the pubic area at all times to show that they are following the chastity rule.”

Jayne invited the guests to register, get unpacked and then explore the grounds.

Their ‘cabin’ was a beautiful little house on a gentle rise overlooking the ocean. It had views to the east, south and west and would provide spectacular sunrise and sunset views. They leapt onto the beds and lay there, drinking in the intoxicating mixture of the gentle sounds of the surf and the warm breeze laden with the sweet smells of the tropics.

Marie stirred first, saying to Steve and Alan “OK guys, let’s get you ready for being out in public. Get your clothes off.” While they stripped she dug into their toy bag, pulling out their collars. “We may as well do it right” she said with a mischievous grin as she continued digging and produced leashes. Steve and Alan stood still while Marie buckled collars on their necks and snapped leashes onto the collars. They were, of course, wearing their chastity devices as usual. Susan watched and offered the comment that Marie had certainly come a long way since they first met.

Steve was feeling self-conscious about going out in public like this. Until now all of their activities had been done in private. This felt like a big, scary step. Susan tried to reassure him, pointing out that this was a safe place and that everyone at the resort was into the same thing. He took a deep breath and said “OK, I can do this.”

Susan and Marie wore extremely revealing swim suits as they led Steve and Alan out of the cabin, each at the end of a leash.

The women used leashes because they liked to reinforce their position of control over Alan and Steve, and to let other people see what their relationships were. Also because they knew that Alan and Steve liked it too. For the guys, the leashes were just one more demonstration to them that their women loved them enough to want to keep them close and under control. The click of the leash’s snap was a comforting signal to Alan and Steve that they were in their woman’s hands. In the same way, their chastity cages were intended to keep what Susan and Marie valued safe, secure and under their control.

Their first destination was the beach. The sun was warm on them as they walked into the clear, warm water. Up to their ankles, knees, crotch, then chest, they continued walking until they were floating and swimming. It felt so good to be absorbing warmth from the sun and water!

Steve and Alan were also happy in the water because it provided them with concealment of their “private” parts which, here, were very public. Although they liked and accepted being in chastity and bondage, they were still feeling shaky about being that way in public view. Even at the resort.

When they came out of the water they looked around for the first time. Men and women were lounging on the sand. It looked like a normal beach scene, until you looked more closely. The men were all wearing chastity devices covering their penises to different degrees, with different styles of gleaming steel and shiny plastic. Some of the men were also adorned with collars or other pieces of fetish wear. Some of the women were nude, while others were wearing skimpy swim wear. Some were holding paddles, whips and the like; some were not. They tried not to stare.

The group of four walked slowly along, the men tethered by their leashes. Alan saw Alicia, whom they had met at the airport. He felt a pang of shyness. He was naked, after all, wearing only his cage and collar. Alicia was stunning, wearing a thong and nothing else. Alan overcame his shyness and greeted her. She was very happy to see him and the others and after asking Marie if it was OK, gave him a big hug. As she sensually pressed her breasts against his chest Alan felt a definite stirring within his cage. She suspected she might be having that effect on him and casually let her hand drop to his crotch, her fingers playing with his balls. Marie felt this was getting a bit out of hand and gave Alan’s leash a tug to move him along.

“Alicia,” she said. “That was more than a hug. Please ask me if you want more.”

Alicia apologized profusely. “You’re right. I’m so sorry.”

“That’s alright. We all get carried away sometimes. I guess it’s easy to forget ourselves when we’re in a place like this.”

Marie forgave Alicia but the experience put her on edge.

Robert, Alicia’s companion, was standing there while this was going on. He was wearing only his cage and seemed to be completely unfazed by Alicia; maybe she frequently went a little too far. In any case, no harm was done. They were still friends and the group, now six, slowly moved along.
Coming upon some unique wooden structures, it wasn’t hard to figure out what they were for. There was a horizontal bar with shackles at the bottom of each leg. The other structure, close to the horizontal bar, was a thick pole implanted in the sand with cuffs attached to a rope and winch on top, and more ropes on the bottom.

Susan had Alan’s leash in her hand and pulled him right next to her. “You’re going to be on one or the other. Any preference?”

Alan silently pointed to the pole with his chin. Susan led him there and attached the cuffs to each wrist. She began winching it up but stopped halfway. She unclipped his leash then bent down to attach his ankles to the lower ropes, spreading his legs apart about 18 inches. He tried closing his legs but the ropes would not allow it. Susan continued winching until Alan’s arms were high over his head. As the cuffs pulled tighter, he grasped the ropes to take strain off his wrists. He was truly helpless in this tropical play land! Susan began caressing him lovingly on his back, arms, legs, and buttocks. He loved this part and squirmed in appreciation, but he feared what might come next. She reached between his legs to grasp his caged cock and balls, pulling them back and capturing the entire package in the loop of the leash. She then used that as a handle to pull everything back even further. She handed the leash to Marie, and after asking her to maintain the tension, began spanking him with her hand. Every spank put a vibration into his cock and balls. It was an extraordinary sensation he had never had before. Alan moaned with appreciation. After fifteen or twenty spanks Susan unclipped Steve’s leash, doubled it over and started using it as a whip. This was more serious and Alan’s appreciative sounds were replaced with gasps of pain.

After a few more strikes Susan was done. Alan’s back was marked with six red lines, welts from the lashing Susan had delivered. She untied his ankles, released his balls, lowered his arms and uncuffed him. As he sank into her arms Susan hugged and comforted Alan. Alan accepted the discipline Susan had inflicted on him. He didn’t know why she had done it, and he wouldn’t ask her. It was simply part of the whole of their relationship. He kissed her on the mouth and she returned it with passion.

Alicia watched as Susan bound, caressed, spanked and whipped Alan. She understood that Susan was sending her a very clear message: “He’s mine!”

Susan had been feeling a bit insecure about her men with all the beautiful dominant women around. Alicia’s actions a few minutes ago were the icing on the cake. She was stunning and clearly felt no hesitation about taking what she wanted. How many of the other women at the resort were the same? Susan wanted to make sure that Alan and Steve knew where home was – in her or Marie’s arms. This was her way of telling the guys that they were hers, and Marie’s, and it worked. Susan’s actions reminded Alan and Steve that the bondage, discipline, love and kindness that they lived for were right here, with Susan and Marie.

Part 2 Chapter 2

Marie and Steve were eager to explore the reef that was just off shore with snorkeling gear. They checked out equipment and got advice on the best spots to explore while Susan and Alan walked over to the bar.

Marie left her skimpy little bathing suit on the beach, wanting to be totally free in the water. As soon as they put their faces into the water they were treated to an explosion of color and activity beneath the surface. Beautiful fish darted about, orange and red soft coral swayed in the currents, staghorn coral jutted up from below – it was breathtaking. Steve alternated between looking at the natural splendor and looking at Marie in all of her natural splendor. Her breasts, floating free, bobbed in the water. The curves of her behind tempted his hands. He eventually gave in to temptation and began caressing her. He first swam under her and gently touched her nipples, which were a little puckered up from the water. He reached for her vajay and seeing her assent, began pleasuring her. His attention woke her desire. Suddenly the natural beauty around them lost focus. She wanted Steve and she wanted him now. She turned away, gestured to him to follow, and swam back to shore to collect her bathing suit. They got out of the water, walked the short way to their cabin and dropped their gear on the porch. Marie pulled Steve inside, lay back on the bed while spreading her legs and ordered, “Kiss me. Now.”

Steve was happy to oblige. He kneeled in front of her and parted her lips with his fingers. His tongue began probing inside, looking for her most sensitive spots. The salt from the sea mingled with her natural aroma, presenting Steve with a lovely perfume as he darted his tongue deeper inside. Marie writhed on the bed as Steve reached up and tantalized her breasts. He withdrew his hands and slid them under her rear. His fingers crept towards her anus; she loved that feeling!

Suddenly, another pair of hands was on her breasts!

Susan and Alan had silently entered the room. Alan was caressing her breasts while Susan began sensuously scratching Steve’s back. Susan’s hands continued down and gently grabbed his balls, feeling how his cock was straining against its cage. Alan kissed Marie’s nipples, flicking them back and forth with his tongue. As Alan’s hands wandered down Marie’s belly towards her vajay Steve shifted his attention to Susan. She had him get up on the bed on his back and straddled his face with her pussy, inviting him to satisfy her. She invited his hands to play with her breasts as he probed with his tongue, in and out. Susan’s excitement grew. Her juices flowed out onto his face. He shifted from using his tongue to suctioning. He sucked her lips into his mouth and then licked her lips with his tongue, inside his mouth. Steve was very good at what he was doing and Susan’s excitement grew. She pulled his head even more firmly into her pussy and came, with waves of delight spreading across her whole body.

Alan buried his head between Marie’s legs, lapping at her lower lips, opening them further and further. He plunged his long tongue inside her, wiggling it until he felt her orgasm begin. He kept his tongue still until her contractions slowed and stopped. Marie gasped and shuddered as she experienced her climax.

The two women lay on the bed, satiated.

Steve and Alan were dripping from their cages, their balls aching with frustration. They had each enjoyed the orgasms that they had given their women but were feeling very needy of more sexual attention. Alan reached over and gently touched Steve’s balls, lingering between his thighs. Steve inhaled sharply. He spread his legs to give Alan easier access. Alan delicately brushed his fingers across Steve’s butt, then that special area below the balls. Steve reached out to Alan’s hairy chest, found his little nipples and squeezed. Alan gasped. It was like a jolt of electricity went through his body. He grabbed Steve’s butt hard and pulled him to him. Their caged penises bumped against each other. They were so close, but they couldn’t touch. They desperately wanted to fondle each other and bring each other to a spurting conclusion.

By now Susan and Marie were watching. The two men looked at them imploringly. Susan and Marie looked at each other, shook their heads, looked at their men, shook their heads and said “No, not this time. We want you for ourselves. We’re going to want your big, thick, manly cocks for ourselves. Later.”

The men moaned. This was not the first time they had been denied. They knew they would survive and imagining what their women wanted to do with their ‘big, thick, manly cocks’ was a consolation that helped make their present discomfort more bearable. But, oh, how they didn’t want to wait! Such is the value of a chastity cage. It enforces patience.

The next morning they were strolling near a wooded area when they came across another couple. The man was seated on a chair-like piece of equipment. His arms were extended straight out from his sides, strapped to a piece of wood, like a crucifixion. His legs were strapped apart, with his balls and cock hanging unsupported. He was totally vulnerable but seemed very much at ease. He was blindfolded. They weren’t going to disturb what was obviously a private time but the woman looked up and gave them a cheerful “Hello, I’m Melissa and this is Aaron.” Aaron, of course, couldn’t see them but he said hi as well.

When the foursome had introduced themselves Melissa explained that she and Aaron were training his awareness of her. The skill they were honing was for him to know where here hand was when he couldn’t see it with his eyes. He was already superbly attuned to Melissa and usually knew where her hand was but they wanted him to get even better. Alan noticed the collar Aaron was wearing and commented on how beautifully made it was. Aaron thanked him and said that they had won it at a competition a few months ago. Melissa took Aaron’s blindfold off so when he saw them again he would know who they were. Then it went back on as the training continued. The foursome said goodbye and continued their walk.

Two gardeners were working, trimming shrubs. Susan and Marie both noticed how, in accordance with policy, even these men were wearing cages. It made them all feel totally at ease.
As they neared the pool Alan thought he saw someone he knew. He pointed towards a woman whose back was to them. “Isn’t that … Doctor Wendy?” It was, and she was talking to a handsome man. They greeted her and she was delighted to see them.

“Alan! Susan! Marie! Steve! I’m so happy to see you! Isn’t this a great place?”
Her excitement was contagious. She introduced her male friend, Ted, and invited the group to join them.

Marie noticed that Wendy was wearing the distinctive resort key to the lock for Ted’s cage.

“Well, sure, for a minute. We don’t want to intrude.”

Wendy seemed like a new person. Marie couldn’t help but comment on how happy she seemed. Wendy acknowledged that, looked down for a moment, then looking at each of them in turn said that it was really all thanks to the foursome. She said that her chance encounter with Alan and his injury, followed by her visiting them and their gracious welcome, had helped her turn a big corner in her life. She was still working as a doctor of course, but her personal life was far richer than it had ever been. She had become comfortable giving her dominant side permission to assert itself. Her uncertainty was replaced by confidence. As if to prove a point she reached over to Ted, hooked his collar with her finger, and pulled him close to her.

“I think you like this part of me, don’t you?”

Ted appreciated the attention and leaned forward, kissing her neck. “Very much” he said.
Susan leaned over, and to everyone’s surprise including her own, softly kissed Wendy on her lips. Wendy hesitated for a moment and then returned the kiss, which contained a hint of passion.
Susan whispered in her ear, “I think you’re very, very sexy.”

Wendy blushed and smiled back at her. Ever so gently she touched Susan’s cheek and looked up. “Maybe later!”

The next morning at breakfast, Wendy saw Susan and went over to her. She shyly asked if Susan would like her to visit her in their cabin this afternoon. Susan’s heart gave a little lurch as Wendy suggested what Susan assumed would be a passionate encounter.

“Sure. We’re in the Pelican cabin, by the beach. How about 5 o’clock?” Susan offered.

Wendy touched Susan’s finger as she softly said okay.

The group took a sailboat out after breakfast. The resort had several 18 foot sloops available for guests; you just had to demonstrate a basic level of competency with the boat. Alan and Marie had both done a lot of sailing and showed that they were skilled handling the boat. They decided to sail part way around the island to a secluded beach. They took a lunch, towels, sunscreen and water and cast off! Alan started on the helm with Marie handling the jib. He eased the main sheet slightly and fell off to a beam reach. I t was a glorious day with a scattering of puffy white clouds and a breeze of about 15 knots. The sea was calm and the boat slid smoothly through the water. When they came to a headland they had to tack. After explaining the procedure to Susan and Steve, Alan put the tiller over, calling “helm’s a lee,” just like in the old days of his youth. The boat’s motion on the new tack was a little rougher. Spray came up, getting them wet. There were only two options: try to huddle out of the spray or face it head on and fiercely yell out Arghhhh, pirate fashion. Giggling profusely at themselves, they all became pirates!

When they arrived at the beach they decided to beach the boat, rather than anchoring it. They found themselves in a lovely, secluded cove. Palm trees lined the edge of the sand, pelicans were diving for fish. Ah, how perfect! They frolicked on the sand, splashed in the water, ate sandwiches and drank wine. They were all so glad they had come to Querida and the resort instead of staying home in the snow. Alan and Steve built a wonderful sand castle while Susan and Marie wandered along the beach collecting seashells. They used some of the seashells to form battlements on the sand castle the guys built.

Marie asked Susan “Where do you think it’ll go with you and Wendy?”

“I don’t know, but I’ve got the sense that she craves to be under the control of a strong woman. Like me!” Susan grinned.

Marie was skipper on the way back. She encouraged Steve and Susan to each take a turn at the tiller and taught them some of the basics of sailing. When they were back at Secret Bay Marie skillfully brought the boat to the dock, luffing the sails at just the right moment so the boat lost its way and stopped right where she wanted.

They were back at their cabin by 4 o’clock, took showers and flopped down on the beds. Being out on the water all day had knocked them out, and soon they were all gently snoring.

Wendy arrived precisely at 5 o’clock, the appointed time. She knocked softly, then a bit harder. Susan woke at the second knocking, realized it was Wendy and stumbled to the door to let her in wearing only a pair of panties.

“Wendy, I’m so sorry. We were out on a boat and … were taking a nap.”

“Oh, that’s okay. We can get together another time.” There was disappointment in Wendy’s voice.
By now Susan was more alert. “No, no. I’m fine now. Please, let’s sit out on the porch.”

They sat next to each other on a couch that was on the roofed porch. Neither spoke. Susan reached out and idly played with Wendy’s long hair. Wendy made a happy little sound as she edged closer to Susan. Susan put a finger under Wendy’s jaw, lifted her head and offered a kiss. Wendy responded eagerly, exploring Susan’s lips with her tongue as the kiss became long and passionate. When Susan gently touched Wendy’s nipple she gave a gasp and held Susan’s hand against her breast. “Yes, yes, please” she murmured. Susan lay Wendy down on the couch and leisurely explored her body. Wendy was wearing a filmy, almost transparent gown that Susan left on her for the time being. She stroked Wendy through the silky smoothness, just barely touching her breasts, belly, thighs, arms, and between her legs. Wendy unconsciously raised her hips, seeking more contact from Susan’s wandering hand. Wendy parted her gown on top, fully exposing her breasts to Susan’s mouth and tongue. Her nipples were exquisitely sensitive, responding to the slightest touch. Susan continued down to Wendy’s pussy. She gently probed with her tongue, found her way in and parted Wendy’s lips. Wendy had her hands on Susan’s head, softly stroking her hair as Susan alternately sucked and licked her to an explosive, shuddering climax. Susan came up next to Wendy and lay against her, the warm breeze caressing them both. The sun, low in the sky, cast a golden glow over them.

Wendy began slowly bestowing kisses, as light as a butterfly’s wings, onto Susan. Beginning at the forehead, she continued kissing her closed eyes, ears, cheeks, neck, and shoulders. She continued down to Susan’s breasts, chest, hips, thighs, knees, and even her feet. Susan lay there, luxuriating in Wendy’s gentle attention, her skin fresh from the shower and warm from the sun. Wendy nudged Susan to roll over and began stroking her buttocks; first almost imperceptibly lightly then with increasing pressure. Her hand went all the way between her cheeks, her fingers circling Susan’s anus. Susan was frantic with desire, moving her butt towards Wendy’s hand, encouraging more and more attention as excited little yips of passion escaped her lips. Wendy looked around, found a bottle of lotion and opened it. She put some lotion on her hand and slowly let one finger probe Susan’s pucker. As she went further in, Susan’s breathing came in gasps. Wendy added a second finger, sliding in and out and pushing against the sides. Keeping that hand in Susan’s ass to continue its sensual motions, Wendy’s other hand began exploring Susan’s pussy. She parted the lips and dipped into the wet recesses, gently stroking the delicate folds.

Susan’s orgasm built slowly. She felt it coming, coming, and coming until it engulfed her, washing over her like waves in the ocean.

As they lay in each other’s arms on the couch with the sun and warm breeze washing over them, neither spoke. Words weren’t needed.

Susan’s mind was whirling. Her coupling with Wendy had been extraordinary. She knew she didn’t want to lose her. She was also aware that the close relationship her foursome enjoyed was based on trust and devotion to the group and that she didn’t want to do anything that would jeopardize the group. She decided that she had to talk to Alan, Marie and Steve to tell them what she was feeling and to seek their guidance.

That evening after dinner, Susan asked the others if she could speak with them. They gathered in a secluded grove as Susan described her experience with Wendy. She told them how intense the sex was for her and, she believed, for Wendy. Susan said that she wanted to be able to continue seeing Wendy when they were back home but didn’t want to disturb the domestic harmony that the group enjoyed. When she was done talking the three were silent for a little while. Marie was the first to speak.

She spoke hesitantly. “I-I’m not sure how I feel about this. I guess the first thing I feel is insecure. It feels like you’re valuing her more than me and that’s making me very sad.”

As she spoke tears welled up I her eyes. Susan hadn’t anticipated Marie’s reaction but when she heard it she immediately realized why Marie would feel that way.

“Marie,” she said, “thank you so much for being so in touch with your feelings and so willing to share them. I do understand. You and I are incredibly close and now I’m talking about introducing another woman into my life. Of course you would feel competitive with her. I would feel the same way if the situation was reversed. I’m so sorry I’ve made you feel this way.”

Marie looked at Susan, sniffed and nodded. She had been heard. Susan looked at her and then at the guys. Alan spoke first, saying
“Susan, your having sex with another woman doesn’t disturb me but I sure understand how it would be a problem for Marie. If another man came into the picture I’d be very uncomfortable with that. So, since it disturbs Marie it disturbs me as well.”

Susan was feeling really unhappy about how this was going. She so wanted to be able to experience again what she had experienced that afternoon with Wendy.

Steve spoke next. “Let me make a suggestion.” Looking at Susan he said, “Let’s slow it down. You just had a great experience a few hours ago. How about if you sit with that experience for a while; savor your memories of it and don’t worry about what the future is going to bring. I’ve got the feeling that things will work out well if we give them a chance.”

Susan took a deep breath, let it out, and agreed. “You’re right. I’ll slow down.” She was really grateful to Steve for giving her the space to not have to do anything now. She had been feeling a sense of urgency but that was gone. She looked into the eyes of her family and said, “Can I get a hug? Please.”

The foursome all hugged. There was a palpable sense of relief. They were all together.
Marie remembered something that she and Susan had promised the guys. They had told them that they would have use for their ‘big, thick manly penises’ later. This seemed like a really good time to make good on that promise. She took Susan aside and whispered in her ear. Susan’s face lit up.

“That’s a great idea.”

The setting sun was producing a spectacular sunset as they walked back to their cabin in the gathering dusk. As they entered their cabin Marie removed their devices and produced two blindfolds. She and Susan snugged them onto Steve and Alan and softly told them

“We’d like you two guys to make out. Do whatever you want but DON’T CUM!”

She was very emphatic about that. Alan and Steve smiled behind their blindfolds and reached out for each other. Although they sometimes played with each other’s body Alan and Steve still had a certain amount of reserve about touching each other intimately. It helped a lot to be ‘ordered’ to do it. The blindfolds also helped them overcome their inhibitions.

Alan and Steve smiled behind their blindfolds and reached out for each other. When they made contact they began to gently explore each other’s body, gravitating towards the other’s penis. Steve reached up to Alan’s face and delicately traced his lips and cheeks and ears. Alan cupped Steve’s buttock in one hand, squeezing it sensuously. Their mouths found each other. They didn’t kiss each other often. This wasn’t the first time the two men had kissed but it was still difficult… and rewarding. Their cocks stiffened as their tongues gently explored each other’s lips and mouths.
As this was going on Susan and Marie embraced each other, kissing each other on the neck, the breast, the lips … touching in a gentle, tentative way. They were reserved at first because of the pain from their earlier conversation but that soon passed. As they touched and kissed with the abandon they were accustomed to Marie’s heart felt lighter and lighter. She so did not want to lose Susan’s affection.

After five minutes or so the women separated and each went to one of the men. They pried them apart and guided them onto different beds. Marie had Alan and Susan had Steve. The new couples continued where the previous couples had left off.

Marie said to Alan and Steve, “Susan and I want you to come inside of us with your ‘big, thick manly cocks’ (she said that with a smile in her voice) but DON’T CUM!”

Steve and Alan, being the manly men that they were, did as they were told, which wasn’t easy because it had been a long time since either of them had an orgasm and their balls felt full to the brim, especially after playing with each other.

After a few minutes Susan announced that they were going to switch men. She grabbed Alan and Marie took hold of Steve.

“Now”, she said. “Now you can CUM!”

It didn’t take long for each man to shoot a full load of hot semen into his woman. The warm, sticky fluid triggered orgasms in Susan and Marie as well.

There was a collective sigh of relaxed relief as the foursome snuggled all together.
Marie’s idea had worked to perfection. Once again, they were ‘together’.

Vacations are sweet, but the ends of vacations are less so. As their departure approached each of them felt a sense of loss descend. They loved being there at the resort for so many reasons. If anyone had had any doubts about their intertwined lives (no one did) those doubts would have been erased by their week in paradise. It wasn’t just the beauty of the physical environment; it was more the delight of being in a place where they could freely live their unusual lives out in the open among other people who were doing the same thing.

Dear Reader, if you enjoyed this story please leave a comment. Your comments are very important to me.
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Re: The Four-Some Part 3

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That was kinda hot. The sex scenes were a bit short but the attention to the emotions of the characters made up for it. Loved the descriptions of group dynamic. Thanks for posting!
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Re: The Four-Some Part 3

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Will there be more I wonder?

Will watch this space.
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Re: The Four-Some Part 3

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Kitten told me about the new post and I was excited, :o hoping to see a new chapter in the saga.... :cry:
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Re: The Four-Some Part 3

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KittensBoyToy wrote: Tue Aug 07, 2018 10:14 am Kitten told me about the new post and I was excited, :o hoping to see a new chapter in the saga.... :cry:
I hope so. I see poster is still very active here generally. There's something I like about foursome and other 'multi' stories involving interaction between more than one KH and lockee.
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Re: The Four-Some Part 3

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Hey Guys,

Your feedback is very encouraging. I'm delighted that you've enjoyed the story and are waiting eagerly for more.
I'll just have to dust off my keyboard and see what I can come up with.
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Re: The Four-Some Part 3

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happilylockedman wrote: Tue Aug 07, 2018 8:23 pm Hey Guys,

Your feedback is very encouraging. I'm delighted that you've enjoyed the story and are waiting eagerly for more.
I'll just have to dust off my keyboard and see what I can come up with.
Looking forward to it. There's something I like about 2+ F KHs working as a team over their wearers. All sorts of options for dual or multi-control. :D 8-) :lol:
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