Aaron and Melissa Part 2

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Aaron and Melissa Part 2

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Aaron and Melissa part 2
Aaron and Melissa were buzzing with excitement after winning the competition. When they got home they couldn’t wait to get their hands on each other. Melissa ripped the clothes from Aaron’s body, leaving only his cage and collar. She playfully told him to take her clothes off with his mouth as she put leather cuffs on his wrists and fastened his hands behind him. As an afterthought she put his blindfold on to make his task more difficult. He gamely struggled with her buttons, snaps, straps and buckles. Finally, when she was naked, Melissa released his wrists, lay down on their bed and guided him towards her mound. He eagerly began tantalizing her with his tongue, stop go, stop go. She hadn’t showered since the morning and had a rich intoxicating scent. He was very aware of her reactions to his caresses and knew exactly when and where she wanted attention.

He felt her build rapidly to her first orgasm and as it swept over her he pushed his tongue deep inside her. He could feel her contractions on his tongue which excited him even more. After a few minutes she languidly removed the key from her neck and told Aaron to take off his cage and wash up. When he returned from the bathroom his penis was already half hard. Melissa playfully snapped a leash onto his collar and re-fastened his hands behind his back. She led him around their large bedroom, swatting his buttocks with a crop. He got harder and harder. As she did this she was playing with herself. It turned her on enormously to have Aaron in her power like this. When she was ready she released his wrists and said “Honey, you did so well today. I love you and I’m so proud of you. I want you to come into me and cum inside of me.” Aaron hadn’t had an orgasm in five weeks and was tremendously excited. He gently entered her, slowly slid all the way in. She was wet and totally ready for him. He thrust faster and faster. Melissa hooked her feet over his legs and moaned “Cum whenever you want, baby”. He came, explosively pumping semen into her as she came together with him. Her hips thrust up, meeting him as he pumped down. Finally they were both spent. They lay on the bed, panting. They spooned together, Aaron in back, and fell asleep.

When they awoke an hour later he suggested they take a shower together. They have a very large shower with two shower heads and Melissa readily agreed. They washed themselves, they washed each other, they played with each other’s bodies. When they were done showering and drying off Melissa said “Time to get back into the cage, honey”. “Which one?” asked Aaron. It was a legitimate question. They used several. She said “let’s use this steel cage”, holding up one with very small spaces between the rods.

The arrangement they had fallen into was for Aaron to put the base ring onto himself and then for Melissa to slide the cage onto him and then lock it. She slid it on, locked it tight, and patted him affectionately on his rear.

“I’d like to ask you something” Aaron said. “Sure. What?” she replied. “Could you explain to me what it was like for you today?” Melissa paused, gathering her thoughts. “I felt powerful. I felt honored that you permitted me to guide you. I felt trusted by you. I felt possessive of you. You’re MINE!” She smiled as she grabbed him by his cage.

“How about you? What was going on for you, Aaron?” Aaron stopped to think. “I loved being under your control. I loved the connection I felt feeling your gentle tug on my leash. I felt desired by you. Like now, I love the combination of our making love and then your locking me up. It just feels right.” Aaron put his arm around her, gently caressing her breast, as she cuddled against him. “Also”, he continued, “being in public, in front of all those women, was an incredible turn on. I loved the attention” he smiled sheepishly.

“I could tell” said Melissa. “I really enjoyed having you under my control in front of all of them.”

“Hm-m-m, I’ve got an idea” she said. She described an ad she saw describing an erotic couples weekend at a nearby resort. “What do you think? It sounds like a safe environment to … indulge ourselves.” She laughed. Aaron blushed, paused, and replied ummm, OK.
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Re: Aaron and Melissa Part 2

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Very arousing! Showering together is always such a treat, caged or not. I like the romantic domination - he trusts her completely. And I'm glad Aaron got to come -- but let's not make a habit of it!
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