The Dominant Wife

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The Dominant Wife

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The Dominant Wife

Lia snuggled up behind me, her nipples pressing into my back. My cock twitched in her hand. She kissed the back of my neck sending shivers down my spine.

“I love you”, I mumbled sleepily.

“I love you too”, she replied as the teased my glans with her thumb. “Your birthday’s coming up soon. Do you have another fantasy you’d like to play out?”

Instantly my fatigue dropped away.

“Actually, l do”, I said.

“Why am I not surprised?” she laughed. “Come on. Spit out, but make it a little less energetic than last wedding anniversary’s fantasy. I’m still recovering from making love twice a day for two weeks, edging your cock at every possible opportunity and denying your orgasm for the whole time”.

“But it was fun, wasn’t it?” I pleaded.

“Of course it was Baby. I loved it but I couldn’t live like that all the time. It’d just be too exhausting!”

“Well, as you know, I love tease and denial. I’d like to combine that with you role-playing the sexually dominant wife”.

“What do you mean ‘sexually dominant’?”

“I’d like you to edge me morning and night of course, but then I’d like you to explore exactly what you prefer sexually. I’d love to see the kind of sex life you’d enjoy if you didn’t have to worry about pleasing me. What would you do if for once in your life you could be completely selfish and perhaps even a little cruel?”

“Completely selfish apart from edging you twice a day you mean?”

“It’s a fantasy Lia… a pretend game if you will. In my fantasy, the edging frees you from any other sexual obligation to me and you can use me in whatever way you want for your pleasure. Besides, at a minimum, a few minutes edging me twice a day is a lot less time than we spend on sex normally.”

“I might ignore you; take a sexual holiday. How would you like that?”

“Well, I suppose I hope you’d try all sorts of different ways to explore your sexuality. I’ll be going out of my mind with horniness and it would be nice if your self-exploration made things worse for me, but that’s up to you.”

“So if my role is the dominant wife, what’s yours?”

“I’m your sex slave, devoted to your pleasure and motivated by extreme sexual desperation. Of course, I’m not allowed to pleasure myself, so it won’t take long for me to become desperate!”

“And how long would this little “scene” of yours go on?"

“Well as you’re the Mistress, I guess you’d have to decide that but I think we should put an outside limit on it of say a month”.

“A month’s a long time for you to go without release. Even after a week you complain about an aching prostate and swollen balls. How are you going to manage a month?”

“As Mistress you could permit me an orgasm in the manner of your choosing but keeping me horny most of the time is certainly part of what my fantasy’s about. I suppose, if I got very uncomfortable, I could ask you for a milking or a ruined orgasm to release the pressure a bit.”

“So to summarize: for up to a month you want me to keep you in a state of total sexual frustration. You want me to use you as a slave for my pleasure while I explore my sexuality. It does sound intriguing but if I commit to this it’s going to take a lot of time energy and effort and I don’t want you wimping out part way through! Are you absolutely sure this is what you want?”

“Yes… I absolutely wouldn’t want it to become a lifestyle thing, but I’d love to try on my fantasy for a limited time.”

“Alright. I think you’re going to find this tougher than you expected. A last orgasm on your birthday and then I’ll be your cruel Mistress for a month.”

It was a week after my birthday. I was very horny. True to her word, Lia had aroused me just short of orgasm repeatedly for a quarter of an hour each morning and evening, but there had been no sexual relief whatever. She was very sympathetic about my increasingly desperate state, but frequently reminded me that this was what I’d asked for and she wasn’t going to disappoint me. Each evening after my arousal session, she lay naked on the bed while I massaged her neck, back and feet. When I was finished, I was instructed to put on my bed shorts and snuggle up behind her for warmth while she nodded off. Like the obedient slave I was supposed to be, I kept my hands away from her lovely breasts and pussy, but each evening it was getting more difficult to control myself. To make matters more difficult, Lia was dressing very provocatively. While we watched TV at night, she’d sit beside me on the couch in a silky robe that frequently parted to expose her breasts or thighs, but apart from the visual tease she appeared to be totally uninterested in sex play.

I have to admit that Lia’s apparent unconcern about sex for herself was becoming a little frustrating and disappointing to me. It looked as though she had decided to take the sexual holiday she’d threatened. Hoping to inspire a more romantic mood, I suggested we go out for dinner. She readily agreed and decided that we should dress up for the occasion. Getting into my role as slave for a month, I ran her a hot bath nicely laced with bath oil. I placed candles on the sink and poured a good sized scotch which I placed on the side of the bath. After she’d soaked for a while, I washed her hair, scrubbed her back and dried her off. While she performed those mysterious female beautification rituals, I dressed myself in smart casual attire and waited to assist Lia in dressing. She came to the bedroom, pink and beautiful from her hot bath and passed me her push-up bra. I longed to stroke her puffy nipples, but slaves just don’t do that sort of thing without permission. I helped her with the bra and passed her panties. She wiggled her bum seductively as she pulled them up and made such a show of pulling on her pantyhose that I was left drooling with desire. Casually, she dismissed me with orders to wait in the car. As I sat in the driver’s seat, my cock tingled and my balls ached with longing for her.

As Lia locked up the house, I leapt out of the car to hold the passenger door open for her. As she slid into her seat, her dress rode up her thigh and she smiled at my involuntary gasp of admiration. She was wearing one of those deceptively simple black dresses; quite short, low-cut at the bosom and with spaghetti straps over the shoulders. The push-up bra provided a mesmerizing view of Lia’s cleavage.

“I’ve never seen you look more beautiful, more desirable, than you do now”, I said.

“That’s just all that pent-up sexual energy talking,” she chuckled.

“I’m sure that’s part of it,” I admitted. “But you do look absolutely fantastic. I’m going to be the envy of every male and most of the females at the restaurant.”

“Why thank you sir,” she blushed a little and looked pleased.

We had a delightful meal and while part of me hoped Lia would give permission for a little groping under the table, I had to admit that it was nice to have a relaxed conversation with a beautiful woman, and to enjoy fine food and delicious wine.

After dinner, Lia suggested we wander through a nearby mall and do a little window shopping. Eventually, we came to a sex store and Lia decided we’d go in and poke around. The first thing she lighted upon was a shiny steel cock cage.

“We still have 24 more days of your fantasy to go. I’m not sure I can trust you to keep your hands off your cock,” she grinned fiendishly.

I gulped. “I’ll be good. I promise. Besides, that’s an awful lot of money just for a game.”

“That’s true. We’d have to use it for a lot longer than a month to make it worthwhile. How would you feel about extending your fantasy for a year? No? Not keen?”

She moved on to the cock rings, picking up a vicious looking one with short spikes around the inside. She peered at the package. “Train your boy to control his arousal,” she read. “It does look rather uncomfortable.”

“I’m sure it’s intended for much younger men than me,” I hastened to assure her. “At my age spontaneous erections don’t happen much.”

“Well, it’s only been a week of denial and I’ve seen quite a few bulges in your pants.”

Fortunately, she decided to move on, picking up a very natural looking cock shaped vibrator with a branching arm for the clitoris.

“I think I might give this a try,” she said as she headed for the cash desk.

When we got home, Lia suggested we undress. I put on my bed shorts and she, her short silky robe. We sat on the rec room sofa and she asked me to paint her toe nails. When I sat on the floor in front of her and got to work with her nail polish, Lia’s robe “accidentally” fell open and I could see her pussy. A jolt went through my desperate cock and I realised that my wife was taking the sexual frustration part of my fantasy very seriously. After I’d finished the nails, she instructed me to remove my bed shorts and remain sitting on the floor motionless in front of her. As she began stroking her pussy and her arousal grew, she gazed into my eyes. So desperate was my need to pleasure her with my tongue, to suck on her little nub, that I could barely resist flinging myself at her.

“God this feels so good!” she panted as she watched my penis throbbing in sympathy. “Don’t you wish you could bury that cock deep inside me and let go of all that pent-up cum? But you can’t… I want you desperate, lusting for me, frantic for my touch.”

Giving a final moan, she plunged her fingers deep inside herself and shuddered as her orgasm rolled over her. As she relaxed and her breathing steadied, my cock slowly subsided.

“Go get my new vibrator. Give it good wash and lube it up for me,” she ordered.

I rushed to comply. She switched it on to a slow speed and inserted that o-so-realistic looking cock into her vagina. I felt an acute twinge of jealousy, almost as if I was being cuckolded. “Why couldn’t she use my cock?”

She manoeuvered the vibrator so that the clit stimulator pressed lightly against her nub. Gasping, she raised the speed a little. Her legs tensed, the muscles in her thighs standing out in sharp relief. She closed her eyes and bit her lip in concentration. I could sense the tension in her growing and my cock pulsed in sympathy. It was so hard not to grab it and pump furiously.

She thrust her groin upwards off the sofa, gritting her teeth. I was completely forgotten as she journeyed to a place I could not go. She screamed, pumping the phallus furiously as fluid tricked onto the sofa. Gasping, she handed me the vibrator.

“Hold me,” she said. I sat beside her on the couch and drew her to me. My balls and prostate felt bloated and yet I felt so happy as she snuggled against me.

After a while, she stirred. “You do realise that now I have my little toy, I don’t need to depend on your cock anymore.”

My jaw dropped and she laughed out loud. “I’m teasing you, you silly slave. It was very intense, but there’s nothing like my real cock attached to the person I love for that sense of warmth, connection and closeness.”

“That’s a relief,” I gasped. “You had me worried.”

“Well you should be worried at least for the rest of the month. You begged me to be cruel so my real cock won’t be squirting any time soon!”

I hoped that after breaking her sexual fast, Lia would want more orgasms, perhaps even letting me give them to her, but such was not the case. All during the second week, she appeared quite content to tease me and to enjoy this unique opportunity to rest her pussy and clit. During our 15 minute edging sessions, she upped the ante verbally, taunting me about my self-inflicted predicament.

“I know we agreed that I could allow you the occasional orgasm, but you did ask me for “total sexual frustration” and since I love you and care for you, I won’t let you down.”

“You could give me some relief by letting me give you an orgasm,” I whimpered.

“You know, I am getting quite a sexual appetite myself. Watching your cock straining to come as I play with it is quite a turn on. But I want you to feel I’m in solidarity with your frustration, so I’ll hold off having an orgasm for a while,” Lia grinned sympathetically.

By the end of the second week, I was in terrible shape. I’ve always done my best to do my share of the chores, but desperation drove me to seek ways to please my erotic nemesis to the point that it was starting to irritate her.

In exasperation she appeared to cave. At the end of an edging session, she announced that we would have doggie style sex and that I could cum. I practically leapt on her and drove my desperate cock deep into the warm, clinging depths of her pussy. Lia bucked back at me enthusiastically and I could feel a huge orgasm building. I reached around to stroke her clit and bring her to orgasm before I came when she swatted my hand away.

“I think I’ll pass on an orgasm this time,” she said. “You go ahead and have your fun.”

“But I want you to cum,” I begged. I held my breath while she considered my plea, my penis cradled in her warm wet pussy, poised to explode.

“Very well! But I’ve decided that one of us only will cum. You get to choose.”

A huge wave of disappointment and sheer admiration at her cleverness washed though me. This is what I had asked for and she knew I really had no choice. Slowly, very slowly, I resumed thrusting as I stroked her hard clit. Her orgasm was spectacular and noisy. I was glad the windows were closed. It was so very hard to pull my desperate, throbbing shaft out of her warm depths. Lia snuggled up to me and held my cock gently.

“Time out,” she said. “Are you OK with what I’m doing to you?”

I leaned over and kissed her nose. “It’s wonderful my love… so much pleasure and so much frustration. The perfect birthday present. Thank you.”

She chuckled. “Hold on tight baby. You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

The third week heralded quite a change as Lia started using me for her sexual pleasure. I was thrilled even though each incident added to my discomfort and fuelled my desperation. My waking daydreams and my night time fantasies were filled with thoughts of her smile as she wiggled her bum at me, her hard nipples as she flashed her breasts, her muscular thighs and well-rounded ass and of course her pussy which called to my fevered imagination constantly. Almost daily, Lia found ways to use my fingers, tongue and cock for her pleasure. After edging me as usual, she would lie back, hold her pussy lips open and invite me to rub my glans up and down her slit until she came. After a little rest, she might stiffen me up, sit astride me and rub her clit on my hot spot until she came again, leaving me throbbing and moaning. She refrained from intercourse however and I spent a lot of time fantasising about burying my desperate cock deep in her pussy.

Part way through the third week Lia announced that it was time to relieve the pressure in my balls and prostate. She ordered me onto my back and sat between my legs stroking my burgeoning cock. I enjoyed the view of her plump breasts and rosy nipples as my arousal grew. I could feel the semen pooling at the base of my shaft, ready to spurt. Lia slowed the pace as my breathing became irregular, gently gripping my balls in one hand. She watched me closely as she brought me ever more slowly to the edge. I could feel the orgasm building, building until I knew it was inevitable. At that crucial moment Lia let go. Frantically I pumped empty air. Even in that moment of desperation I felt the foolishness of my behaviour. A trickle of semen emerged and ran down my shaft, but my long awaited orgasm failed to appear. I groaned in disappointment.

“You can do better than that,” Lia said as she began stroking again. “Perhaps I’ll let you have a real orgasm this time.” My cock surged as she quickened the pace. I held my breath, thrusting my cock into her hands expecting that she’d let go at any moment, but she kept going. I felt the huge muscular contraction that presaged ejaculation. Lia felt it too and suddenly released my shaft and squeezed and pulled my balls quite hard. The pain was only mild, but the discomfort distracted me enough that if I had an orgasm, I completely missed it. Semen dribbled down my shaft, but there was no feeling of pleasure or relief.

“There you are baby. A nice big ejaculation, just like I promised. That should take some of the pressure off for a day or two.”

If looks could kill, Lia would have dropped dead on the spot, but instead she gave me a dazzling, innocent smile and asked, “Aren’t you going to thank me?”

“I had hoped for something a little more pleasant,” I replied sulkily.

“But sweetheart, you asked me to be your cruel Mistress. I’m only doing my best to live up to your fantasy.”

I tried to hold onto my sulky expression, but of course she was right and her grin was infectious. I gave her a watery smile and asked for a soothing hug. She drew me to her and tenderly massaged my balls until I was feeling a little better.

It only took a day or two before my lust for Lia was back in full force. My groin ached with desire and even thinking about her made me tingle all over. As we started into the last week or so of my fantasy, Lia stepped up her game. Often during the day she sought me out, pressed herself to me and gave me passionate kisses while unzipping me and fondling my cock or balls until I was panting with need. She seemed to delight in leaving me hanging and enjoyed blaming me for making her horny. Occasionally during the day she demanded oral attention to relieve the sexual tension she said my naughty cock had caused. All the while she continued my twice daily edgings, but now she often included intercourse as part of each session. On these occasions we would start with “69” and Lia would enjoy one or two orgasms while sucking my cock and massaging my aching balls. Then we’d switch to missionary with me on top. I could only thrust very gently as I’d be very close to spurting. After I while I’d slip my cock out and rub it on Lia’s clit until she came again. Then we’d switch to doggy style which allowed me to stroke her beautiful breasts, tummy, thighs and ass while my cock endured the sublime pleasure and appalling frustration of being buried deep inside her. Of course I was always dangerously close to orgasm so that I had to distract myself by thinking about paying bills or painting the living room while I thrust into her and stroked Lia’s clit until she came. Then we’d snuggle, her head on my shoulder while she soothed my bloated genitals – a process that invariably made the situation worse!

We were lying in bed the last evening of my month of delightful torture. Lia called a time-out.

“How do you feel about your fantasy now?” she asked. “Do you think you’ll make it until tomorrow without exploding?”

“I’m going insane with sexual desire, but I’ve had a wonderful time. You make an amazing dominant wife and I’m so lucky to have you! How about you? What’ve you learned about what your sexual preferences?”

“It was quite interesting. I really enjoyed having a couple of weeks off lovemaking. Much as I love sex with you, the endless routine can get a bit suffocating at times. At first, I thought giving you twice daily edgings would spoil my time off but in the end it wasn’t too burdensome. You were very good about not pestering me, but I could see you were getting increasingly horny and I sort of enjoyed the subtle signs of my desirability. I found myself getting horny but I liked being able to savour the feeling without having to have scheduled sex. I don’t know what got into me that time I masturbated in front of you. I guess there must be a deeply hidden exhibitionist streak in me. I loved watching your face while I was cumming. You looked so desperate and almost awestruck and I felt so powerfully erotic. It was neat.”

“So what made you switch to having so much sex?”

“Well I was getting a bit sex-starved, and I wanted to play into your fantasy too. It’s important to me that you have fun as well. And another thing, you’re always telling me to celebrate my erotic power and this seemed like a good time to have fun with it.”

“It has been a wonderful experience and I’m so grateful to you. I’ve loved being your slave, but now I can’t wait to get back to our normal schedule.

“Well, I’ve given you your fantasy for a month and I’m glad you enjoyed it, but surely I’m entitled to have my fantasy too.”

“Of course you are,” I replied eagerly. “What would you like to do?”

“Well, I was thinking maybe another month like the one we’ve just had,” Lia teased.

She laughed at my expression. “It’s OK. I’m just pulling your leg… or rather your cock. I wouldn’t really do that to you. Snuggle up to me and tomorrow we’ll give that cock of mine some nice big orgasms.”
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Re: The Dominant Wife

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Nice story. With out being locked up I surely would have had a weak moment and taken care of myself. :oops:
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Re: The Dominant Wife

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Thanks locked4her55. Appreciate the feedback.
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Re: The Dominant Wife

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The story has a sweetness to it. Really nice. Thanks.
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Re: The Dominant Wife

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Yh I definitely would’ve had to be locked up as well 😬
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Re: The Dominant Wife

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I wouldn’t have gone past a week without being locked!
Lovely the story, but I’m not sure any man can take that much teasing and denial without relieving himself in secret.
I love being locked up though. My denial is controlled by T, because I can’t be trusted, and she knows that!
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Re: The Dominant Wife

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Oh you young bucks... how I envy you. The stories about Lia (Leah) and her husband are largely true! "Lia" and I are in our 70s and let me tell you, not cumming isn't the problem.. It's cumming that's the problem.
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Re: The Dominant Wife

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Excited+Scared1 wrote: Tue Dec 10, 2019 8:58 am I’m not sure any man can take that much teasing and denial without relieving himself in secret.
Oh it’s possible. Teasing once or twice a week, because that’s how often my husband likes to come himself, and no orgasm for me. We have been going for close to 7 months, with no set end.

That did take conditioning, over the course of a few years.

Not that there’s anything wrong with cages. Different kink, is all.
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Re: The Dominant Wife

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Amazing story, definitely gave me ideas for my significant other. Can’t wait to tell her about them.
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Re: The Dominant Wife

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Glad you liked it Mr_Circle02. I'm not into cruel bitch stories and I hope mine reflect the fact that most of us are married to caring, loving partners who want the best for us. I hope you and your partner have fun.
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