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On the Rocks

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Fiction has been quiet for a while so here's a story to get the ball rolling again. I'm not into submission, sissies, cruel evil dommes or perpetual chastity so if that's what floats your boat this story might not be for you. My stories tend to be about loving couples collaborating to tease and frustrate his cock.

By the way storywriter23 (earlier stories) and storywriter24 are the same person. I got locked out of my account and couldn't get back in! Admin folks... how do I contact you?

On the Rocks

Lynne and Jen in the coffee shop.

“I love a good yoga workout. It takes away all the stress. I can feel the tight muscles in my neck and shoulders relax.”

“Well Jen. I enjoy it too, but I’ve noticed that you do seem really tense these days. What’s going on to give you such a pain in the neck?”

“To tell the truth, Al and I are going through a difficult time. He’s working long hours and when he’s not working he’s off with the boys or buried in his workshop. We barely even talk anymore; far less… well let’s just say there was a time when he couldn’t keep his hands off me. Now I feel like a piece of furniture; just a useful domestic to have around the house. He doesn’t seem to have any time or energy for me anymore. I feel really unappreciated and… well, miserable. To be honest it’s been deteriorating for years… I’m about ready to dump him. I’m so angry with him that I’ve cut him off sex most of the time. Even when I allow it, I can’t help acting stiff and reluctant so neither of us gets anything out of it. Now he’s stopped asking and we’re like two strangers living in the same house.”

“Jen, I had no idea things were so bad! I’m really sorry. Joe and I are very fond of you both and I guess we knew things weren’t perfect, but we thought you were just going through a bad patch. We went through a rough time a few years ago, a downward spiral. Joe got busy with work and outside interests and started taking me for granted, so I started cold-shouldering him. He spent even more time away from me and we drifted further apart. Eventually it got to be just the way you said… strangers living in the same house.”

“I have a hard time believing that. Everyone thinks of you two as the model couple. You seem so close and connected. I really envy you. How did you pull it back together again?”

“Well in our case, I think we had a really sound marriage and even though things were rough at the time, underneath it all we still loved one another. What I’m going to tell you now probably wouldn’t have worked if that hadn’t been true. I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that a man is pretty much controlled by his cock; so control the cock and you control the man!”

“What on earth do you mean by that? I want a companion and a lover not a slave or a robot I have to control.”

“Oh, I didn’t want to turn Joe into a slave, but I was able to persuade him to allow me to shape the relationship and to allow himself to become susceptible to my suggestions. Just as I choose defer to Joe when it comes to car and house maintenance, he chooses to defer to me when it comes to relationship maintenance. We’re completely equal but we each take the lead in areas where we have particular strengths. Of course, we still listen to each other’s input too.”

“So how do you persuade a man to let you take charge of his cock and how does that give you influence and even control?”

“Ah well. In a way it’s a kind of seduction. The goal is to persuade him that he’ll have more, fun, more pleasure and much more sex if he’s willing to give up his orgasms most of the time.”

“Oh come on Lynne. What man is going to give up his orgasms? Al forever complained he didn’t get enough of them. Now we’re barely speaking, he’s sleeping in the spare room relieving himself just about every night.”

“As I said, it’s a kind of seduction. I started by making Joe wait just a few minutes longer by extending the time he spent pleasuring me. Then I held him on the edge of orgasm for several minutes at a time while I asked him how it felt. He loved it and as long as he knew he’d get to cum eventually, he was happy to let me tease him. I studied his cock, the muscle tension in his thighs and abdomen as well as his breathing and by trial and error I soon learned how to hold him right at the edge of orgasm for minutes at a time. When he finally got to cum, buried deep inside me, the orgasms were absolute explosions. I told him how much it turned me on to feel his hard cock pulsing desperately inside me. He got to enjoy being on the edge more and more and he became increasingly willing to forgo his orgasm as long as he knew he’d get to cum eventually. Then I took a gamble and told him we’d have sex as often as he wanted as long as he didn’t relieve himself and as long as he agreed the let me control when he got to cum. He agreed enthusiastically and it was a perfect synergy. He came to crave edging and denial for his cock. The more attention I gave him, the more I was turned on by his desperate need for my touch, so we both got what we wanted. It was like an erotic positive feedback loop. We had more and more sex and he had fewer and fewer orgasms. By keeping him in state of constant horniness, we’re tricking his body into producing all those courting and cuddling hormones.”

“Wow. That’s why the two of you are so connected. It’s as though you just fell in love and all that romantic energy seems to flow around you. You seem to be made for each other. I envy you both. I wish I could reconnect with Al the way we used to be when we were courting.”

“From what you say, things have gone off the rails pretty badly but perhaps it’s worth a try. Do think that Al would be willing to work with you to save the marriage?”

“I’m not sure Lynne. Things may have gone downhill so far that he may just want out.”

“In that case, if you think it’s worth a last ditch effort, you’ll have to play hardball with him to see where he stands. If he doesn’t respond, you may have to accept that your marriage is over.”

“It’s already over in everything but name, so what do I have to lose by trying?”

“Well the first thing you need to do is to stop Al masturbating. The longer he goes without relief, the more attractive you will be to him and the more you’ll be able to influence him. It sounds as though things have gone too far for you to use the seduction technique that I used with Joe. I think you’ll have to give him an ultimatum. Tell him you’re ready to call it quits unless he’s willing to work with you to save the marriage. If he chooses to cooperate, tell him that he has to stop masturbating and that at least initially you’ll enforce this by having him wear a cock cage. If he agrees then you promise to give him exciting sex though probably not in the way he imagines. You can be completely up-front about wanting to make him addicted to you. Tell him it will be tough at first, but if he hangs in, you’ll both fall in love again, the intimacy will be fantastic and you guarantee he’ll nearly always be horny for you.”

“Where would I get a cock cage? I’d have no idea how to put it on him, even if he did agree.”

“We have a cage. We only use it for the occasional sex game, but Joe and I can show you how it works if you’re up for a little nudity. Why don’t you come over to dinner next Saturday? Joe can give you the male perspective and I can demonstrate the art of edging your man until he’s going out of his mind with lust for you. We can also show you how to measure Al’s cock so you can get a cage that’s the right size and comfortable for him.”

At the home of Lynne and Joe

“Jen. How nice to see you. Come on in. Lynne’s doing something critical in the kitchen. She’ll be along in a minute. Let me take your coat. I was so sorry to hear that things are going badly with you and Al.”

“Thanks. I really needed that hug. I’ve just about had it with Al. We can’t even hold a civil conversation anymore.”

“Here. Let me get a glass of wine. You make yourself comfortable by the fire. Tell me more how you’re feeling right now!”

“To be honest Joe, I’m afraid that I’m wasting yours and Lynne’s time. I think things have gone too far downhill for us to do anything but split up.”

“Do you still have any positive feelings about Al at all?”

“I was thinking about that last night, alone in my bed. The truth is that I still love the man, but I feel crushed by a sense of despair. Perhaps it would be fairer to say I still love the man he used to be. He’s pulled away from me and there’s no emotional connection with him anymore. There’s just this awful hollow sinking feeling whenever we’re both in the house. He keeps out of my way and when our paths do cross he’s coldly polite. He eats out of course so we don’t even share meals.”

“That sounds terrible Jen. It must be very difficult for you. Do you mind me asking how you think Al is feeling about the breakdown of the marriage?”

“Oh, I don’t think he cares very much. He just does his own thing.”

“So, does he seem happy? When you run into him in the house is he smiling even if he switches to a scowl as soon as he sees you? Does he seem cheerful? Contented?”

“I’m not sure. I haven’t seen him looking cheerful, but I assumed that was just because he feels guilty when we meet?”

“Why would he feel guilty?”

“Oh come on! Haven’t you been listening? He’s done absolutely nothing the try and pull things back together.”

“So may I ask what you’ve done to try and pull things back together?”

“Are you blaming me for the breakdown? I thought you were a friend. I thought you’d support me.”

“I am a friend Jen. The last thing I want to do is hurt you and I’m sure Joe’s to blame in large part for the problem. But if you’re to have any hope of getting back together, you need to realise that it generally takes two to break a marriage and it always takes two to repair it. The last intimate contact between the two of you was your sex life. It’s often the last thing to go. You told Lynne that you’ve pretty well shut it down. When you do allow it, your hurt and anger ensure that Al gets no pleasure or intimacy out of it other than a quick squirt; something he could accomplish on his own by masturbating without risking rejection. It’s easier for him to rub over in private without having to face your anger and resentment. This makes it easy for Al to tell himself he no longer needs you and we very much want him to need you desperately.”

“Hi Jen. I’m sorry I wasn’t here to greet you. I hope Joe’s made you feel welcome.”

“Actually Lynne, he’s been putting a guilt trip on me. I’m thinking maybe it’d be better if I left.”

“We’d both be sorry if you did that Jen. But as your friends, we owe it to you to be honest. There’s no point in trying to repair your relationship with Al unless your both willing to take responsibility for what went wrong and for putting it right. You have to rebuild trust and to do that you have to accept each other’s hurts and take responsibility for causing them. Joe and I talked about this and agreed we should be straight with you from the start. Your friendship is important to us both so if we’ve spoken out of turn, please forgive us and if you’ll allow it, we’ll just have a nice dinner together and not talk any further about your marriage. How about another glass of wine?”

“Another glass would be a good idea. I understand you’re trying to help, but I need a bit of time and a lot more wine to figure out where I stand with all this.”


“That was a wonderful dinner. Thank you both. I’ve had a little time to think about what you shared with me and I do agree that I’m somewhat to blame for what’s happened to my marriage. And I agree that Al is probably as unhappy as I am. I don’t know how I’ll ever get him to give me control of his cock, but I’m willing to take some instruction. In fact now I’m nicely liquored up, I have to admit I’m feeling pretty excited about my first lesson!”

“Joe and I will get naked so we can demonstrate. You’re welcome to strip and join in or you can just observe for now.”

“Much as I’d like to join in, I think I should just observe out of respect for Al and my marriage… just in case we can still save it if you know what I mean.”

“That makes sense. You just make yourself comfortable and enjoy the show. Joe, go get the lube, the spray bottle, your ball strap and get stripped off. Oh… bring your cock cage too. Jen… why don’t you pour us both a glass of wine while I strip. Ah! There you are Joe. Let’s show Jen how the cock cage works before you get too excited.”

“See Jen, this ring goes behind my balls. It’s fairly tight so I have to push one ball through at a time. Then the tube fits over my cock and locks onto to the ring. It’s pretty simple really. Fit is important if Al is going to wear it regularly, but the manufacturer will tell you how to measure his cock. I recommend the open metal type of cage. It’s much easier to keep everything clean.”

“How secure is it?”

“Well, it wouldn’t be hard to cut off the lock and I’m sure I could eventually wriggle my way out of it. We never used it for anything other than the occasional game. I understand that for committed users it’s a reminder in moments of weakness that the caged man has voluntarily given control of his cock to his keyholder. It’s a reminder not to break the promise and it’s a deterrent to a quick squirt because it takes some effort to get the cage off and even more to get it back on.”

“O.K. Joe… It’s time for some action. Get that cage off and show Jen your ball strap.”

“See Jen, it’s just a leather strap with snap catches. I’ll put a bit of lube around my ball sack and then clip on the strap. See how my balls are forced away from my body. When I’m about to have an orgasm, my balls pull up close to my body. The strap prevents that and makes it much easier for Lynne to hold me on the edge without accidentally pushing me over. Now of course, when I’m right on the edge, my resolution goes out the window. I’m just desperate and I’d do anything to cum. That’s when Lynne needs to be sympathetic but firm with me. It’s taken a long time to build up this sensational erotic charge and I don’t want to throw it away for a few seconds of ecstasy.”

“Alright big boy, lie down in front of the fire and I’ll get that beautiful cock of yours lubed up. Why don’t you play with my tits while I soothe it? See how quickly he’s hardening Jen. It’s been months since he came and it shows. See the pre-cum. It’s positively pouring out. I’ll slow right down. Watch his thigh muscles tensing and observe his breathing coming in gasps. Watch the head of his cock. When it bulges, and goes shiny he’s just about to shoot. There! See that? I let go right away and leave him hanging. I love watching his cock pulse and bounce up and down as it tries to ejaculate. I’ll spray him with a little cold water to calm him down. When he’s close like this, I like to do upstrokes. They’re very frustrating but won’t result in him cumming though they do stiffen him back up very nicely. You ready for another edge Joe?”

“Please baby. I need your touch so badly. Don’t stop.”

“Don’t you worry love. I’ll take care of your cock. Play with my pussy. You’re making me so wet. You just relax while I soothe your poor cock. There. Doesn’t that feel good?”

“Oh God Lynne. It’s so hard. I really, really need to cum. Please! It’s been so long.”

“I know Baby. I know it’s difficult. You’re my brave stud. That’s it Baby. I can feel it pulsing, throbbing, desperate to cum. Later, you’ll thank me for being firm and you’ll feel so good about holding on to that lovely horny feeling that makes you long for my touch. You’re making me so wet. Hold on just a little longer and I’ll let you suck my clit and fuck me. Do you think you could fuck me without cumming? I’d love to feel that desperate cock throbbing inside me while you stroke my clit.”

“Please. Please! Help me!”

“It’s OK Baby. I’m here for you. I’ll help you hold on. Let’s do 69. I’ll suck you very gently while you lick my clit… Oh Yes. I’m so horny. Make me cum. Stop teasing you devil.”

“Sauce for the Goose Lynne. I’ve held off for months. Surely you can hold on for a few minutes. You’re always telling me that all it takes is a little self-control.”

“Bastard! I need to cum now. Oh my God. That was so good. Thank you my love. Let me stiffen you up again and we’ll do doggy style. This bit’s very tricky Jen. Joe will fuck me while he strokes my clit. At the same time, I’ll squeeze his balls making sure our hands don’t get in each other’s way. If Jo says “Eight” that means he’s close and I’ll squeeze tighter giving him just enough pain the cause his erection to subside slightly. That way he can keep going without cumming. If he says “Nine”, it means he’s lost control and I’ll squeeze hard while he pulls out. A bit of cum might dribble out, but the shock and discomfort will mean he won’t have an orgasm and we can start again. When I describe it like that I guess it sounds kinda cruel, but it was Joe who suggested the idea. It’s taken us a lot of practice to get it right but now with his help I can control his cock reliably without causing too much pain. OK Joe, your cock is throbbing beautifully. Fuck my brains out Baby.”

“Sliding into you feels so good. I’m at seven already. Your clit is so hard and swollen.”

“Fuck me hard. Stroke my clit gently. That feels so good.”

“Eight! Ow! Gently Lynne. I’m kind of attached to my balls.”

“I’m cumming. Hold on baby. Keep pumping, but don’t cum.”

“Eight! Ow! OK, OK enough!”

‘Phew. That was amazing my love. All my muscles have turned to jelly. May I rest my head on your shoulder while I soothe your poor cock?”

“Please Lynne. I really, really need your touch. All my nerves are jangling and my cock is driving me crazy.”

“Let’s bring you up to edge for a few minutes and then I’ll soothe you down gently.”

“Please help me my love.”

“It’s OK baby. I’ve got you and I’ll look after you. This part’s really important Jen. Even though Joe knows intellectually that he’s not cumming, emotionally it’s very difficult for him when we stop and his cock realizes there’ll be no spurting, no relief. What seems to work best is to bring him right up to the edge for a while and then bring him down with slower and slower strokes that soothe rather than arouse. Look how swollen and veiny is cock is; how shiny the head. I love the way his thigh muscles are all tense and stand out. Look at the muscular contractions as his cock tries to cum. It gets me so hot. I think Joe’s going to have to give me another fucking.”

“Oh. That feels so good. Slow down. I’m right on the edge.”

“Our cock is beautifully stiff and right now I want to be fucked again.”

“How about doggie style?”

“Suits me fine. Fuck me hard! Ooh that feels so good. Control it baby. Don’t cum. Stroke my clit. Focus on my orgasm. Make me cum for both of us. That’s it. Nearly there. Ooh! That feels so good. Thank you my love. It was wonderful. Let me soothe our poor cock between my breasts. There! Doesn’t that feel better? How long is it since you last came?”

“It’s at least 3 months, back last September wasn’t it?”

“Yes that’s right. You shot off like a fire hose. You told me you almost blacked out.”

“Lynne. You mean to tell me you haven’t let him cum for three months. That’s just cruel.”

“Not at all Jen. Joe loves hovering on the edge for minutes at a time. It’s like having 90 percent of the pleasure of an orgasm, but it’s not over in a second or two. It can go on for ages. Even better, there’s no hormonal collapse and sexual down time. He’s desperate to go again as soon as I’m is ready. He’s addicted to my touch and I love that feeling of being needed. The only downside is blue balls and prostate discomfort.”

“Isn’t it harmful to have all that fluid build-up without release?”

“I’m sure the body would get rid of the excess before it became harmful, but in fact I milk Joe once a week to clean out the plumbing.”

“I thought you said he hadn’t had an orgasm for 3 months.”

“He hasn’t. “It’s quite neat actually, I give Joe a good edging as usual and then I slowly bring up to the point of no return and let go just before he comes. He thrusts the air desperately for a few seconds trying to get enough stimulation for an orgasm and then the semen just trickles out. I can repeat the process two or three times to completely empty him without him ever getting the relief of an orgasm. It relieves his physical discomfort but psychologically he’s still unsatisfied and horny.”

“Joe. Don’t you resent Lynne having all these orgasms while you’re left hanging. I have to say I’m in terrible shape after the last hour and you’ve been frustrated for months.”

“Oh no! Remember Jen that this is a joint conspiracy to tease my cock. I’m totally on board. Despite the control games we play, despite my desperate pleading, I know that I could have an orgasm at any time I chose. Lynne would probably try to talk me out of it, but she’d certainly respect my decision. Our relationship doesn’t depend on orgasm denial, but it’s certainly a positive force .”

“Pour us all some more wine Jen and we’ll get dressed and join you by the fire.”

Lynne and Jen in the coffee shop.

“Well Jen. Tell me how things went? I’m dying with curiosity. What did you say to Al and how did he take it.”

“I wrote him a formal invitation to dinner and a discussion about whether we should wind-up our marriage. I cooked him his very favourite dinner, streak, French-fries and veg with a very expensive wine and when I sat down to dinner I was wearing fishnet stockings with a black leather miniskirt from my twenties and a nice little bustier. I was thrilled to find I could still get into them.”

“As I said the other night Jen, you do have a gorgeous body. How did Al react?”

“Boy did his eyes widen when he arrived at the table. I made a real effort to be charming, to flirt and show him what he’d be missing if he let his marriage slip away. As the wine loosened us up, we had a really good time. It was so nice to have a decent conversation with him again and I think he really tried to be good company. After dessert and cognac, we sat by the fire and had a good heart-to-heart talk. It turned out he was pretty miserable too and was wondering whether it was time to call it quits. After our conversation last week, I wanted to avoid getting into who was to blame, but rather to take a positive tack. You said I could share your experience so I told him about how you have created this amazing chemistry where you’ve fallen in love all over again. I asked him to give me six months to show him that we could make it work. I warned him that I’d be asking some outrageous things of him over that time, but in return I promised I would devote every ounce of energy and commitment I had to making it work. If he wasn’t convinced after 6 months, we'd part as friends.”

“So how did he take to the notion of handing over control of his cock to you?”

”He was a pretty shocked when I showed him the cock cage but he said he loved me, trusted me, gulped and said he was willing to give it six months. Then we made love for the first time in months. I made him take his time. I teased him ruthlessly and I made sure he satisfied me several times before I let him cum. Then I told him what a fantastic lover he was and I locked him up. Over the last four days, I’ve let him out night and morning for a tease and several times I’ve had him give me orgasms, but of course none for him. I keep telling him how turned on I am and how grateful I feel because he’s willing to hold off. I promised him a big orgasm tonight. We’ll see how it goes as I gradually stretch out the time between his orgasms. The amazing thing is that we’re actually talking and listening. He’s told me how lonely he felt over the last year because I was withholding intimacy. He really listened when I told him how miserable I felt when he was either holed-up in his workshop or too exhausted to spend time with me. I told him how I missed going out to a show or dinner, and most of all just cuddling and talking about our day.”

“Well. Here’s to you and Al! It sounds as though you’re off to a good start, but there’ll be difficult times ahead and you’ll both need to build on those communication skills you’ve reawakened.”

Lynne and Jen In the coffee shop six weeks later.

“Well that was a good workout. Are you still getting those stress neck pains or are things better at home?”
“Actually, I hadn’t noticed until you asked, but I haven’t had neck pain for quite a while. I can’t say the same for my clit which is quite sore from so much licking.”

“That’s certainly a turn-around. Tell me all!”

“Well the first thing I wanted to do was to get Al comfortable with the idea that he might not always get released from his cage when we’re playing, so several times I gave him a choice of being released and edged or staying locked and giving me a good clit-licking. I was quite surprised to find that he always chose to stay locked. At the same time, I began to lengthen the time between his orgasms, all the while congratulating him on hanging in.”

“So how are things working out with your marriage outside of sex?”

“Really well Lynne. Al’s really attentive to me. We go out shopping together, he helps with the household chores, and we talk all the time… the only problem is that he can’t keep his hands off me. I never get any time alone. It’s like having a kid around all the time. I can sense his neediness and I feel pressured all the time. There’s no down time at all.”

“So you’ve gone from one extreme to the other. A couple of months ago, you were ready to leave him because he never paid any attention to you. Now you’re complaining because you get too much!”

“I know. I feel silly even talking like this, but the truth is that he’s driving me crazy. How did you handle all the extra attention when you started controlling Joe’s cock?”

“Firstly, I think it’s important celebrate how far you’ve come. In two months you’ve gone from a disintegrating marriage to having a doting husband who’s crazy about you. I’m sure in his heart he’s always loved you, even in the bad times, but in the last two months you’ve lit a fire that you need to control for both your sakes. By controlling his cock and limiting his orgasms, you’ve demanded a huge contribution from Al towards saving your marriage. You owe it to him do your part even if it’s uncomfortable at times. You’re edging Al daily to keep him horny and training him to get sexual relief from your orgasms rather than his own. You’re keeping him in a state of extreme arousal so that he lusts for you all the time and that’s good. It sounds as though you’re allowing him to give you lots of orgasms; perhaps more that you necessarily want but that’s your contribution to maintaining the marriage. At the same time you need to keep your sanity, so I suggest some simple ideas that may help.

You can defer his attentions until later. Tell him how you’re looking forward to whatever, but other stuff needs your attention right now. Make a date for later.

You can tell him how much you love him lusting after you, but channel his energy into something non-sexual. Ask him to cook dinner for you, vacuum, clean the bathroom and when he’s done reward him by playing with his balls for a minute or two.

Maintain the erotic tension by dressing sexily for him. Flash him now and again and tell him he can look, but not touch. Take a day or two off now and again but be sure to share with him how much you love all the erotic touch. Be honest and tell him you need some down time to recharge you batteries.

It only takes a second or two to orally tease him. Tell him how it turns you on to see him lusting after you, how grateful you are that he’s willing to put so much into maintaining the marriage. Ask him how he’s doing with all that pent-up sexual energy. Be sympathetic and appreciative.”

“Those sounds like good ideas Lynne. Some of that stuff I’ve started doing already. You’re right that we’ve come a long way. Both of us are determined to make the marriage work and we are much closer than we’ve been for years. The other thing that bothers me a bit is that I feel kind of bad that I get so turned on by denying Al, especially listening to him moaning and begging when I let go as he’s just about to cum. He pumps the air desperately trying to get some friction and it just turns me on like crazy. Making him give me orgasms while denying him is such a rush but it makes me feel like such a bitch.”

“Oh yes, I know what you mean. That control over something as powerful as the male need to orgasm is a real turn on. But why would you feel guilty? Al could demand you unlock him or cut the lock off his cage with no trouble at all and have all the orgasms he wants. The fact that he doesn’t means he wants your control, even if there are brief moments when he hates it. If he’s anything like my Joe, he loves the way your control has changed your relationship. He’s desperate for your touch and this makes him want to please you. He’ll work hard to romance you and get you in the mood because he needs the relief that your orgasms give him. As well, I’m sure he loves his own mind-blowing orgasms when you finally allow them.”

“I guess that does make a kind of sense. Al certainly seems to be happier than he’s been for years and I love how we spend so much time talking and doing things together.”

Dinner at Lynne and Joe’s place 4 months later

“Ooh good! Champagne. Thank you Joe.”

“You’re welcome Jen. One for you Al, one for Lynne and one for me. Now why don’t you propose the toast Al?”

“Sure! Why not? Here’s to marriage.”

“It sounds as though things have improved in the marriage department for the two of you.”

“They certainly have for me. How about you Jen?”

“I’m absolutely thrilled. Something very special happened this morning that Al says I can share with you. We had our 6 month anniversary fuck and of course I allowed Al to cum too. As we snuggled afterwards, we both agreed that we were very much in love and a great deal happier than we’ve been for years. We got up and showered together and Al started putting on his cock cage. I told him he needn’t bother with it anymore, but he said he hadn’t yet reached the point where he could trust himself not to masturbate. He really didn’t want to go back to the way things were and until he was surer of his self-control he wanted me to continue to be his keyholder and cock mistress. That kind of courage and commitment tells me we’re definitely going to be OK.”

“Here’s to our men… to courage, commitment, lots of sexual frustration.”

“Here’s to our women whose cock teasing makes all of us so horny!”

“Cheers! We’ll all drink to that.”
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