Yet another fantasy while denied.

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Yet another fantasy while denied.

Post by AdoringHerAlways » Fri Mar 03, 2017 6:23 pm

It's Sunday night and another weekend is winding down. I gave her oral on Saturday and Sunday mornings which she enjoyed but I haven't cum in over a week nor do I want to. During the week her job keeps her pretty stressed out so there is little time or interest in sex for her. I on the other hand have a pretty high libido all the time. We both work out a lot and she has stayed very thin and sexy which just makes me want her more. So far she has taken my interest in male chastity pretty slow as I am sure it is a paradigm shift for her.

In any event, it's Sunday night, I still want to do sexy stuff but she wants to stay up and watch her favorite show. So this week I decided to go to bed early and "be ready" when she comes to bed. I went upstairs and started by clearing my bowels and giving myself three enemas until I was sure I was clean. Then I jumped in the shower and made sure I was shaved and clean. We have one of those waist high four post beds. I got two towels and put one half on the edge, half hanging over, and the other further up. Next out of my toy collection I pulled out my Aneros Progasm, some lube, restraints and a blindfold. I put on my wrist and ankle cuffs carefully tying my ankle cuffs to restraints on the bottom of the bed posts so my legs were spread. I shot some lube in my ass, lubed up the Progasm and slid it in. Since I was uncaged, I slipped a condom on over my growing erection (I didn't think I would cum, but I hoped I would leak profusely. Next I put in my headphones with my favorite binaural beats that include the sounds of women orgasming, slipped on the blindfold, laid my chest and upper body down on the towel on the bed, locked my hands behind my back and let the Progasm go to work.

As my ass muscles flex the Progasm starts to hit the right spot. At first it always seems unattainable, but then, just when I'm ready to give up it seems to take a life of it's own and my spasms become involuntary. The tip gently caressing my prostate and causing waves of pleasure to emanate throughout the region. I listen to the cresendo of the women getting off in my ears and as she breathes hard and says, "yea, right there, fuck me like that", I think the same about the Progasm. My body tenses and relaxes matching the waves I am feeling and I am soon covered in sweat. Absent having "normal" orgasms the Progasm is making an attempt to give me a prostate orgasm and the effort is intense. There are muscles that I don't normally use that will be sore tomorrow that will cause me to smile as I remember how they got sore.

Aparrently at some point my wife came into the room and watched me for some time. Then, as I had hoped, she crawled up on the bed after removing her pajama bottoms and panties and instead of sliding her pussy under my face, I was pleasantly surprised by her ass. Once she got into position and after a few minutes of working my saliva in and around her little rosebud she started pushing back and forth a bit so I could tongue-fuck her. I was sure that when she had enough she'd just turn over and let me lick her pussy to a nice orgasm...she had other plans first. After pulling away I felt her get off the bed. The next thing I felt was when she put her thumb on my taint and squeezed my balls with one hand and stroked my cock with the other. Normally during prostate play I only get half-hard at best, but with the added sensations she was providing that changed quickly. As my cock became rock hard, she switched her stroking hand to the Progasm for a bit and pulled it in and out a few times which really put added pressure on my prostate and I began to feel the familiar tingle as if I had to pee. She made me leak into the condom, but that wasn't enough as she let go of the toy and grabbed my cock and really started stroking it. I new two things, she was on a mission to make me cum and I wouldn't last long. The orgasm that rocked me was mind-blowing. She tightened her grip on my balls and forced the cum out into the condom. I'm sure it was quite full when the spasms finally stopped. I was half-passed out when I felt her squeeze down the length of my shrinking member and remove the condom. When I felt the bed shift again I kinda knew what was "cumming" so to speak. She got in front of me and emptied the rubber's contents all over the lips of her pussy, then slid back under my face.

Like most men the idea of eating cum seems much hotter before climax, however my wife thinks it's pretty hot and usually cums faster when I do it. Since my orgasms are now few and far between when she does actually let me cum it is understood I am to immediately "clean up" so, I won't say I've procured a taste for it, but I've grown more accustomed to eating her pussy with my cum in it or on it. At this point I was happily licking my cum off her lips with long slow lapping motions and her orgasm built rather quickly (for her) and before I knew it she was writhing on the bed with one hand on the back of my head and the other clenching the sheets as her orgasm hit. "Fuck, fuck, fuck " was all I could hear over the woman in the headphones. When her hips finally stopped bucking she put her clothes back on and undid my hands. I quickly cleaned up and joined her in the bed where she was blissfully falling asleep. As we spooned and cuddled, she said, "I want you locked up again in the morning". She knew I'd be replaying the scene in my mind for the next few days and would be too tempted to masturbate...but for now, I am quite literally drained and still in love with this woman.
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