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Peg me like this please

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It started out as any other evening. I got home first, let the dog out, threw wood on the fire because she likes it toasty warm in the house when she comes home. I got something to eat and cleaned up all the dishes so there were less things for her to do when she got home. She was a bit later than usual no doubt taking a Zumba class after work. She got home drenched in sweat and ready for a shower. Feeling out her mood I asked if she wanted company and she said, "sure". Even though I already took a shower after I left the gym this afternoon I never pass up an opportunity to get naked, wet and soapy with her. After the initial cleaning she soaps up her hands and uses one to grab and stroke my hardening shaft as the other hand massages my balls and perineum. I am more than delighted when she reaches further back and strokes her fingers across my anus as she asks, "how long has it been since I've let you cum"? "Fifeteen days", I answer. "And how many orgasms have you given me during that time? "Seven", I reply. "And you haven't had any "accidents" during that time"? "No my love" I said. "Well then, I suppose you deserve some kind of reward" she says as she stops stroking my cock and slips two fingers just inside my ass and begins slowly fucking me. She does this for several minutes without going too deep then she stops and rinses her hands off.

I am going downstairs to get something to eat. I suggest you get "squeaky clean". This is our predetermined code phrase. It means I am to make sure my bowels are empty and clean and shave my balls and below. I had already shaved earlier so after several warm water enemas I finish getting cleaned up and got out our toys. I place the chastity cage around my cock and locked it leaving the key on her night stand. It's her decision whether or not to leave it on. I lay out all the other toys so they are visible and within reach being sure to put her Realdoe the closest to it's target. Then I lube my ass and my Aneros Progasm prostate massager and slip it in. I place a towel on the middle of the bed, put the restraints on my wrists and ankles and attach the ankle straps to the nylon straps already tied to the bottom of our four poster bed. I am on my stomach, my caged cock is pulled down between my legs, I slip a blindfold on and I clip the restraints on my wrists together behind my back. That way she has something to grab onto.

We are fairly new to pegging and it's something I've wanted for years. I don't get off on the sissy stuff which I think is a relief to her because when I initially told her I wanted her to fuck my ass I think she thought I might be gay or bi (not that there is anything wrong with that, to each his own). I also don't like the majority of the videos I see on the internet...girl fucks guy, guy or girl strokes cock, guy comes, game over. I prefer my woman to fuck me because she wants to and she likes it and if at all possible for her to cum if not once, several times without touching my cock. Also, if I cum it should be from prostate stimulation alone and is inconsequential to her. She doesn't stop because I've cum, she stops when she is damn good and ready.

So, as I lay there waiting for what felt like an eternity I am moving the Progasm in and out with my anal muscles. It feels nice but it's nothing like her lifelike dildo. She is in no way obligated to come in and fuck me. She may just come in and grab a vibrator and make herself cum without touching me. One time after telling me to get "squeaky clean" she added "sensory" which means not only am I to be blindfolded, plugged and caged, but also gagged and headphones in listening to women orgasming over and over. I never heard her come in, after a very long time she removed one headphone and said, "I am done". Which means we are done and I am again left desperate and frustrated. Fortuneatly this time she came in and put her panty-covered pussy under my face and told me to rub. Her fragrance filled my senses as I rubbed my nose, lips and the rest of my face on her mound. After several minutes she pulled her panties aside with one hand and held the back of my head with the other and I dove my tongue right into her now wetter hole. When she had raised her sexual energy high enough she pulled away and went to the back of the bed. She slid the Realdoe in place within her and then reached for the Progasm which was rapidly pistoning in and out by this time. After removing it she applied more lube to my ass and some to her cock and placed the head at my opening. She watched as my hungry ass tried to back up on it and suck it in like a cock starved whore giving a blow job. After teasing me with "just the tip" for some time she abruptly stopped. I felt her grab the cage and she freed my shaft leaving the base ring on. Then as I hardened after a few strokes she rolled a condom over me and resumed her position between my legs. She must've realized I would more than likely cum. I again felt the tip slip in only this time she went deeper. She started to fuck me a few inches deeper each time still going slow, no doubt feeling the nubs on her end of the dildo rubbing against her clit.

To get a better angle and to go deeper she unbuckled my hands from behind my back and told me to put them over my head and keep them there. At this point she stretched out laying her stomach and upper body down on my back and she pushed her cock home. I immediately came very hard and screamed "Fuuuucccckkkkk" as she held her cock deep and felt me quiver and shake through a full body orgasm that lasted several minutes. When I stopped moving she reached down and removed the condom from my softening cock and told me to open. I turned my head and opened wide like a newborn starling reaching for a worm from his mother. She placed the condom on my lips, turned it inside out and deposited the whole mess into my waiting mouth. Next she started grinding her hips into me no doubt causing the Realdoe to simultaneously push back and forth on her g-spot and rub her clitoris. I was hers to use.

It was then I was treated to seeing, or rather feeling her full dominate side. "I'm going to show you how I need to be fucked" she whispered as she licked my ear. For the next 20 minutes she fucked my ass with long, hard strokes as sweat started to form on us both. "Take my cock, yes you like that don't you", she yelled. I'm not sure if it was the fact that she knew I had two weeks of my own cum in my mouth or that she was the one penetrating me that sent her over edge (or both) but not long after she started really grinding into me she had her first powerful orgasm. It was very hot to be the one that just laid there and got used for her pleasure.

She calmed down somewhat and laid flat against me without removing her cock. She was still gently rocking her hips. "I am soooo glad you introduced me to this because I really like fucking you", she said softly as she got comfortable. "I'm really glad you like it, you can fuck me whenever you want", I replied. After she pulled the covers over onto us we both drifted off into a nap and when I awoke an hour later her dick was still in my ass and I was ready for more.
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