Frustrating Masturbation

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Frustrating Masturbation

Post by nervous newb » Fri Oct 21, 2016 6:26 pm

This story is mostly fiction, I guess you could say it's loosely based on real life events, also on some sexy things my keyholder has said to me, most of which she hasn't done. -NN

It had been a few months since my wife found me masturbating. We'd been married over a decade before she had come into the bedroom and caught me by surprise when I thought she was in the shower. She was shocked. I think deep in her mind she knew that guys did that, but she chose to not think about it. Now she couldn't help thinking about it. It made her feel like she wasn't sexually satisfying, wasn't upholding her duties to me as a wife. I assured her that she was satisfying, and that it's just something guys do regardless of whether or not they're getting satisfying sex on a regular basis. She still didn't like it. She decided that the chastity games they had played for a day or two at a time in the past needed to become a lifestyle that broke me of the habit. She was serious. Not only did she buy a custom metal cage to replace the cheap plastic one we were using, but instead of locking it with a padlock and keeping the key, she put a rivet through the lock hole on the device. The only way to take it off was with a power drill.

At first it was a week, 10 days, maybe 2 weeks at a time between being let out. She didn't want to take any chances that I'd masturbate again, but she also didn't want to keep me in it and never let me out. She also wasn't into punishment, and she'd always felt self-conscious about being too heavy on the teasing, she thought she wasn't good at it or wouldn't be able to think of things to say to tease me. So she had me start keeping a journal in a google drive file of sexy teasing things she could say that would turn me on, or fantasies that I had that she could use to talk dirty to me to tease me. She assured me that no matter what, she wasn't going to do anything that either of us wasn't 100% comfortable with (like bringing home another guy and cuckholding me) but she was certainly ok with dropping hints about doing it and keeping me guessing if she actually was or wasn't going to.

She picked up on the fantasies about punishment quickly. She occasionally gave me a hard smack on my butt and then grinned at me, sometimes if I upset her she said "maybe I will have to start using a wooden spoon on your bare ass." But she never did any of it, until last weekend.

Friday night was teasing night. She'd keep me in my cage and make me finger her to an orgasm while I licked her nipples. Last Friday night, she took it a step further. She let me out of my cage while we did this, and she stroked me. It had been 22 days since she locked me up last, easily the longest stretch we'd gone. She said this was a reward for not masturbating for these past months she'd been keeping me in chastity. She stroked my throbbing cock while I fingered her to an orgasm that bent her in half. I thought this was going to be my lucky night, and that we were going to have sex. But she'd been reading that google drive file and knew my fantasies about getting to the edge and being denied and forced to put the cage back on. She quivered through the aftershocks of her orgasm and continued to brush her fingernails up and down the length of my cock. I waited for the moment she would tell me to get a condom and climb on top of me, but tonight that didn't happen. Tonight she said "ok, cage it back up." I protested! She had never done this before! What changed? She said "You've been doing good not masturbating, but you're just too clingy when you get horny. You need to work on being horny and not being clingy. No orgasm for you, this is why we've gone 22 days and we're going more."

She rubbed some lotion on my cock and started to work the cage back on. When it got close, she grabbed the base ring and forced the cage onto the post of the base ring, grabbed a rivet and the rivet gun, and I was once again all secured, cock still pressing against the cage, straining in unbelief.

The next morning I slept in. This was unusual. Even on a Saturday, I'm rarely up later than 6:30. It must have taken too long to fall asleep last night for me to sleep in until 8:30. When I got up, she was sipping coffee and working on her computer. I poured my coffee. She looked and me and said "look around, did you forget to do something yesterday?" I looked around. I didn't notice anything right away, but then I started to realize I hadn't done the dishes last night. But here they were, done. She must have done them when she got up this morning. I started to wonder where she was going with this as I said "yea, I forgot to do the dishes." She responded "yep, and I'm going to get rewarded for it, and you're going to be punished for not doing it." I smiled, she had never actually punished me. This was starting to sound like fun! "When do we get to get started on that?" I asked. She chuckled, later, after we get all the work done outside. Darn, it sounded promising.

Later that afternoon we had gotten the yard cleaned up, mowed, and cleaned up brush piles. We had a late lunch, and she asked me if I wanted to take a bath with her before she got her reward and I got my punishment. I agreed, if we were going to get "naughty" it would be good to get cleaned up first. In the soaker tub together, she played with my cage with her foot. We sat and talked and enjoyed each other's company. As she decided the bath was ready to be done, she told me that for her reward and my punishment, we were going to masturbate together. I knew she wasn't going to keep denying me, although I was a bit shocked that she was going to let me masturbate since that's why she's been keeping me locked up in the first place. She told me to get dried off, and to go get her office chair and put it at the foot of the bed and to put her hitachi wand on the bed. I did. I was so excited I was practically dancing! I was going to get to jerk off, and she was going to masturbate too! We had never masturbated together before! She came out of the bathroom. "Grab the strapon too, the one with the 9" cock on it." Curious, I thought...why do we need that for masturbating? I fetched it anyways and brought it to her. "Put it on" she commanded. I did. We'd done this before, where I got to pound her after I fingered her, but it was never her favorite, so this was really starting to confuse me. "Sit in the chair" she ordered. I obeyed. She took some zip ties off her desk and zip tied my wrists to the chair arms. She was going to make me watch her masturbate! She also zip tied my ankles to the legs of the chair. Then she zip tied my right elbow to the back of the chair. I couldn't have been more excited!

What she did next made me start to understand what my punishment was going to be.

She said "I still feel really self-conscious about you seeing me masturbate, so I need to blindfold you. I nodded and agreed. She grabbed a black washcloth out of the bathroom, put it over my eyes, and used industrial package wrap to secure it to my head. "Can you see anything?" she asked? I replied honestly "I can't see a thing!"

"Good" she said. "But, I don't think I'm going to be able to get into this if I can hear you, so I need to keep you quite while you're masturbating. Open your mouth and let me put my panties in your mouth for a gag. I gladly opened my mouth, she took her panties and started to put them in my mouth. "Open wider" she commanded. I complied. Not only did she put her panties in my mouth, but a ball gag on top of that! She strapped it down tight!

"Are you ready?" she asked. I nodded, intent on keeping very silent. She took a pair of diagonal pliers and cut the zip tie on my right wrist. The one around that elbow still kept my arm secured to the back of the chair.

"Now, hold your palm face up." I did, and she poured a healthy dose of ky jelly in my palm. "This is how my reward and your punishment is going to work. I'm going to lay down and enjoy myself with my wand, and you're going to pump that strapon like it's the last time you're ever going to masturbate in your life. That's your punishment, you get to masturbate with that strapon. You're staying in your cage, you can' t see me, and I don't want to hear a sound out of you, and I don't want you to stop pounding away on that strapon with your hand. Enjoy your masturbation, I know I'll enjoy mine."

So I wasn't actually going to get to masturbate, just pump the strapon while she did get to masturbate. I slowly started up and down the shaft of the 9" strapon. She said "Don't be shy, I won't be" as I heard the hitachi turn on. She moaned softly, I pumped a little harder...maybe if I was vigorous enough I would actually have an orgasm. She moaned a little louder. I pumped a little faster. The lube made a squishing noise...I heard her giggle, she must have looked at me and seen a tortured look on my face as I desperately tried to convince myself I could have an orgasm this way. She gasped and moaned loudly, then held her breath for a few seconds followed by some panting. "It gets me soooo hot to pinch my own nipples while I"m masturbating" she gasped. She inhaled sharply and let out a long groan. I was pumping that strapon furiously listening to all this. My cock pulled so hard against the cage trying to get to full erection, I could feel it pulling and stretching my balls. She started panting really fast, and then took a deep inhale. I knew that sound, she was getting close. I pumped as fast as I could on that strapon, I knew if I didn't orgasm at the same time she did, she was going to be done and this was going to end, and I wasn't going to have an orgasm. I pumped that strapon as fast as I could! She had a few more fast breaths, then a long breath in and held it...I knew it was coming for her real soon, I kept pumping the strapon.

"OOOOAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH" she cried as the wave of orgasm swept over her. "OH Yeah, Oh yeah, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" as the subsequent waves washed over. I pumped the strapon for everything I was worth, but I couldn't feel a thing. It became clear I wasn't close to being able to have an orgasm, and wasn't going to either. I heard her turn off her wand. I heard her footsteps coming towards me.

"I'm going to read for a little bit" she said as she brushed the wand under my nose, leaving her scent on my upper lip. "You keep pumping. Don't stop until I say you can. You used to love to masturbate. Now you're going to do it until you hate it. Hmmmm, maybe War and Peace? The Complete Works of Shakespeare? We'll see how long you can go until your arm can't even lift up to masturbate on that strapon anymore. Oh, and it would be a good idea not to forget to do the dishes this week" she chided as she lay back on the bed with her book. My arm was already getting sore, but I kept pumping away, wondering how long she'd really make me do this...
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