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Was This Review Helpful?

Post by tammystoy » Thu Oct 13, 2016 12:08 pm

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TrainingHeeler 500 Male Chastity Device (Circumvent Industries)
Purchased at The Velvet Glove, 722 Government St.

When I wandered into The Velvet Glove a few months ago, I had no real intention of buying a male chastity device. My wife Kelsey and I had always incorporated a little teasing into our sex life, and lately had even indulged in a little mutual orgasm control, but not very often or very seriously. I was really just looking for some lube and maybe a new cock ring when I came across the tasteful black box containing the TrainingHeeler 500.

As I was reading the product description on the back of the box, the saleswoman, whose name was Lynda, came over.

"May I answer any questions for you about the TH500?" she asked.

I hesitated and was tempted to squeak out a "No" and run out of there. Instead, I said, "Yeah, but I'm not sure where to start."

She smiled and gently took the box from me. "Let's take it all out and get a good look, hmmm?" she said. She had a casual, reassuring way about her that put me more at ease. But not completely.

"These are great," she said. " It really shows trust in the relationship, and in the other partner."

First, she took out two plastic O-shaped rings of slightly different sizes. The testicles and penis slip through one of these rings, which then goes up against the body.

"I think you'll find the TH500 will bring a whole new level of intimacy to your relationship," she continued.
Next, she took out a black tube, vaguely shaped like a circumcised penis. She held it up and the light from the window glinted on it. My heart skipped a beat; that thing was terrifying.

"Is that metal?" I asked nervously. It looked entirely too secure.

She smiled that reassuring smile again. "No, just plastic." She showed me how the tube -- she called it the "sheath" -- clips onto one of the O-shaped rings. The whole thing can then be secured with a small padlock, like the kind used for a small piece of luggage.

"At that point, only the 'key holder' can unlock the device to allow access to the penis," she said. I can only imagine the look on my face at that moment. "Relax, it's all supposed to be fun."

Another customer came into the store at that moment. Lynda told me to look the TH500 over, then went to help her. I held up one of the O-rings. Getting my cock and balls through there might be a little bit tricky, but it seemed like a friendly little toy compared to the "sheath" and the padlock. Eek.

The other customer went into a changing room to try on some lingerie and Lynda came back over. "Well, what do you think?" she asked. I wasn't sure what to think. But I bought it. "I'm sure you'll both be very happy with it," she said, smiling brightly as she put it into a discrete little bag.

I still wasn't sure what I thought, or what my wife would think, so the TH500 stayed hidden in a drawer for a few weeks. Eventually, though, Kelsey saw the charge on a credit card bill and asked me about it, so the truth -- and the device -- came out. She nodded thoughtfully as I told her about my long-held chastity and teasing and denial fantasies, but she didn't seem really surprised.

After talking for quite a while, she asked about the device. I showed her all the parts, and she inspected each closely. She asked me to show her how it worked. So I gave her all the other parts, pulled down my pants and boxers, and slowly (and carefully!) slipped my penis and testicles through the largest ring. That seemed too big, so I tried the small ring and it fit great. It is very important to get this part right; a correctly-fitted ring will be secure without being tight enough to cut off circulation or cause pain.

Kelsey then handed me the sheath. Some people use lube or a woman's stocking to keep the penis from bunching up in the tube. I just cut off a large piece of the Velvet Glove shopping bag, wrapped it around my penis, then pulled it (the bags, not my penis!) through the air and fluid vent at the tip of the sheath. Then I fit the two pieces together. Helpful hint: be careful to avoid catching on skin or pubic hair at this stage. Staying well-trimmed and moisturized makes this process much easier.

She then handed me the lock. I fit the hasp through the "locking pin" that held the two parts of the TH500 together.

"And that's all there is to it," I said. Then I had an inspiration. "You want to lock it?"

Kelsey’s eyes widened and she nodded. She reached out, slowly at first. Them she took the lock firmly in her hand and lined up the hasp. She paused, as if considering it for a second, then closed the lock smartly with a click.

"Oooo, I like that," she said. "That part is fun!"

I laughed. "I'm glad you think so. I guess that's about it. Then when you're ready, you just unlock the lock with the key."

"Okay," she said, nodding with understanding.

I waited expectantly for a few moments. "You do have the key, don't you?" I asked.

She nodded again. "Oh yes, all safe and sound."

I waited again. "Well..?"

"You said unlock it when I'm ready," she said. "But I'm not ready yet." She got up, kissed me on the cheek, then went off to make dinner. I just stared after her -- I could swear she was skipping -- wondering what I'd just got myself into.

During dinner, we talked. Also, I learned to sit wearing the device. Even simple movements may have to be re-learned to avoid pain or injury from the device.

"So, while you have that on you can't get a full erection, you can't touch yourself, and you can't masturbate?" Kelsey asked. All true. Even though the plastic sheath becomes slightly flexible when warmed by body heat, no sensation can pass through it.

"And you can't get out unless I unlock you?" Also true. The TH500 gets consistently higher security ratings than any other cage-style male chastity device on the market.

"That kind of gives me a lot of power, doesn't it?" Kind of? Definitely. Suddenly, I was nervous again.
That night we had some of the most incredible sex of our lives. Kelsey was cumming so hard I thought I'd hurt her a couple of times. Eventually -- eventually -- she let me out for an orgasm of my own.

I had bought the TH500 thinking it would be for occasional use, but I found myself locked into it much more frequently than expected, and sometimes for several days at a time. I was wearing it so much that my body got used to it, and it became easier and easier to slip out of it. Circumvent makes smaller rings that you can order and get in four to six weeks. My wife discovered we could order them through Velvet Glove for a three-day rush delivery charge of $30 so she insisted we do that. While we waited she prowled and paced the house like an expectant father outside a delivery room. When the store sent me an email saying the rings were in I called her.

"God! Finally!" she exclaimed.

I told her I'd pick them up right after work.

"No, don't bother," she said. "I'll go get them now."

When I got home Kelsey had already opened the box with the smaller rings and was practicing fitting them out with the rest of the device. It seemed like I barely had my coat off before she was maneuvering my poor cock, which had just enjoyed three glorious days of freedom, back into its cage.

The new rings worked great. Soon Kelsey was only letting me out a couple of times a week for cleaning and once a week for cumming. If that is, she was feeling generous. I frequently incurred "penalty days" if I did something to annoy her. Or if someone at work did something to annoy her. Or if someone played a song on the radio that annoyed her. ("But I had nothing to do with them playing REO Speedwagon," I protested. "I know, hon, but someone's got to pay," she said).

One time, for no apparent reason, she made me go two weeks without cumming. She did take me out of the cage a few times, but only to tease me and make think I was going to cum. Then she locked me back in even more frustrated than before. It finally got to the point where I pleaded with her to let me cum. "Okay," she said. "I was just trying to see if I could get you to beg."

As my periods in the cage increased, it became apparent the TH500 was not really suitable for long term wear. As Kelsey put it, "It's too much work." So now we're off to The Velvet Glove to look for something in metal.

The TH500 lived up to its billing. Trust? Intimacy? Fun? Maybe.

Horniness? Frustration? Even desperation? Definitely.

Are we "very happy" with the TH500? Kelsey certainly is. My feelings are more...complicated. Of course, after Kelsey gets me in a metal cage, with a little help from Lynda and The Velvet Glove, I may start remembering my time in the TH500 as "the good old days!"


This story is fiction, although it's based on actual events. I was indeed nervous the first time I bought a male chastity device for myself, and there was indeed a saleswoman like Lynda at a store like the Velvet Glove who tried very hard to help me relax and feel positive about the purchase. When I told my wife about the experience later she said, "Good God, I owe that woman big. Remind me to send her a box of chocolates!"
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Re: Was This Review Helpful?

Post by Tom Allen » Thu Oct 13, 2016 12:13 pm

I read this and thou0ght to myself 'That's not too different from my own experiences."

Nicely written.
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