Opening Pandora's Box

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Opening Pandora's Box

Post by wishful4 » Sun Aug 07, 2016 5:32 pm

Josh had finally done it. For a shy, introverted guy, it had been a major step. He was finally going to meet the lady of his dreams in person. They had been in an online courtship, of sorts, for the better part of a year and finally he was opening Pandora’s Box. That’s the way it seemed to him, at least. Josh had pictures of her all over his small apartment and thought of nothing else most days.

Her name was Elana. Ms. Elana, as she preferred to be called. She was older than Josh. By how much, he wasn’t sure and really didn’t care. Josh thought she was strikingly beautiful. She also had the look of authority and strictness, a dominant woman who knew what she wanted. After months of online chat, phone calls, and texts, she knew much more about Josh than his own mother did. She seemed to be able to coax it out of him. Her voice was so soft and reassuring, almost hypnotic. As time went along, Josh couldn’t help himself. He divulged everything to her, even his sexual interests in great detail. In return, it seemed she probed even deeper and deeper, finding out that Josh had an interest in enforced male chastity, owned his own device, and even self-locked from time to time. The next time they communicated, Elana had asked Josh the magic question. Did he want her to be his KeyHolder? So it began. Josh remained locked in chastity and Elana held the keys. She would send him the key and insisted that any releases be supervised by her while on FaceTime. Any ejaculations and re-locking were closely supervised and observed by her and the key prompted returned afterwards.

As Josh walked into the restaurant, his heart was pounding and his little penis was doing its best to bust out of the cage it had been locked in for the better part of a month. It was the longest he had ever gone without a release. He asked for a table in the quiet corner of the dimly lit eatery as she had requested. He recognized her immediately when she walked in. She walked over to him straight away. Josh promptly stood and handed her a beautiful, single rose he had bought for her and said, “Ms. Elana, you are even more beautiful than your pictures”. “Why, thank you Josh. You really know how to make a lady feel special”, she replied. The time flew by as they had drinks and Dinner. They talked and talked as if they had been a couple forever. Josh couldn’t stop looking at her beautiful eyes, and also the key hanging from the necklace around her slim neck.

As the time grew late, Elana looked at Josh and said, “I want to be perfectly honest with you. I have been looking for a submissive young man to serve and be completely obedient to me. These last few months, I have been vetting you for that position and I think you are that man. Are you that man, Josh? Will you submit completely and obey me? Josh was completely in her spell. “Yes, Ms. Elana, I want nothing else in this world more,” he said. Elana continued. "I’ve known you long enough now that I think I know what's best for you and for us, don't you?" With heart pounding, Josh offered a whisper-quiet "yes, Ma’am." She reached out and took Josh’s hand before speaking again. "In this relationship, I expect total control when it suits me. I don't know where that will lead in the future and I know that things will change and evolve over time, but for now I have a few rules that you must accept, beginning with chastity. You will continue to be kept in chastity and denied release for as long as I choose. And that includes breaks from the cage. I do not want limits placed on this. Up until now, we having been playing. There will be no more thirty days or two more weeks or anything of the sort. You should expect the cage to be a permanent fixture and it will be removed by me when I choose and only when I choose. You must trust that I know what's best for you in this regard and know how best you can please me, is that understood?" Josh nodded. “I do so adore having that cage locked on you. I adore it so much that I can easily envision never taking it off". She paused before continuing, "From this day forward, you may not give any sexual pleasure nor receive any sexual pleasure unless I decide it to be so. Is that understood?” Again, Josh nodded. She continued with a slight smile, “We will continue to live apart at present, but eventually, you will move in with me. Until then, you will not see any other women and will be available to me immediately when I call and need your services”. With that, Elana dabbed her lips with the napkin and stood up. She leaned over towards Josh and kissed him deeply on the lips. Then she turned and disappeared out the door into the night.

Josh sat there mesmerized in his seat. He thought, “Was this a dream? Did it actually happen?” He sat for a while in deep thought, then paid the bill and left. As he walked slowly towards home, he was still in quite a state of confusion, but the feel of the chastity cage in his pants jolted him back to reality. He thought, “This really did happen”. As he approached the door to his apartment, he noticed a note attached to a single white rose on his doorstep. Josh opened the note and read, “My dearest Josh, you have made someone a very happy woman tonight. Welcome to your new life.” It was signed, Elana. As Josh went inside, his final thought was, “I really have opened Pandora’s Box”.
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