My Dreams - #2

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My Dreams - #2

Post by attentive_husband » Sun Nov 22, 2015 10:40 am

I'm asleep when my wife pulls my hand over. I'm barely half awake as I realize shes pulling my hand down to her pussy and is rubbing my fingers on her clit. I wake up enough to start rubbing her clit. She's already wet down there so obviously she just woke up from an erotic dream.

I spend a couple of minutes rubbing when she pushes the top of my head down. It's not that strong of a push but I get the idea and go down there and start licking her clit. I start doing the alphabet on her clit, then sucking, then licking her pussy, then back to her clit.

Occasionally my wife will gently move my head a bit to get me to the right location. This time she grabs my head and doesn't let go. Sometimes she makes a minor change in where I am licking, sometimes she'll move me down to her pussy and then after 10 seconds back up. I feel like a vibrator she's using in the way she wants.

She then lets go of my head and twists sideways. She twists back and is now using her vibrator. I start to move up bu she pushes toe top of my head so I stay down there.

During all this time I hear slight moans from her. And then as she gets close and then cums the moans get louder and I hear the moans that mean she has cum. She rolls onto her side to put the vibrator away and stays on her side.

I move up behind her and spoon. She moans contentedly and goes back to sleep.

During this entire process she never says a word. Not to me, not to herself. During this entire process she never does a thing for me. During it all I'm locked up of course, and her hands never touch me except for guiding my hand and then my mouth.

What does this mean?
I hope something like this happens soon and repeatedly. Because it signifies that she is going to focus solely on her needs at times.
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